Big Brother 2010: Day 41 highlights – Caoimhe Guilfoyle wants to leave

Highlights of tonight’s Big Brother show at 10pm on Channel 4


Rachel and John James are in the bedroom. Rachel tells John James that it is the big day today – nominations. John James asks Rachel if she is stressing. Rachel tells him that she is more nervous about the reasons she has to give to Big Brother. Rachel says John James it must be harder them because they are already friends.

Mario and Ben are in the bathroom. Yesterday, Ben and Rachel swapped beds so Ben could sleep better.

Ben tells Mario that he needs tactical advice from him because he thinks Rachel might want her bed back. He says the bed is much better for him because he whinges less and “Keeley and I can get to sleep with the light onwithout it being an issue.” Mario tells him to avoid the subject and if Rachel brings it up then again advises to tell her “to kiss his arse”.


Josie is in the bathroom with Corin and Rachel talking about John James and how they have resolved things between them. Rachel says “I’d love to know what he is thinking.” Josie replies with “I don’t think he fancies me, I think he just likes me. I think I make him feel safe in here.”

In the bedroom Ben tells Keeley and Andrew that he thinks Steve is a bit of a jobs worth because he’s so meticulous about rules: “if there was a hosepipe ban Steve would be the one going round checking up on everyone”. Keeley and Andrew say that is because of his army training. Ben says he thinks Steve interprets rules how he wants. Keeley tells Ben that she thinks he is wrong because in the army you follow rules. Ben tells Keeley and Andrew that he has had Officer Core training and went for a year for the free food and drinks.

Josie is still in the bathroom with Corin. She tells her that Caoimhe lied and told John James she didn’t know Josie liked him. Corin says she still feels a atmosphere between the two of them. Josie agrees and says that Caoimhe told her that she doesn’t look at him like.


Today housemates will nominate for the sixth time. New housemates Andrew, Rachel and Keeley will nominate for the first time.

Andrew nominates Corin and Rachel.
On Corin: “Her conversations are quite shallow.”
On Rachel: “Her voice is very loud. She is impatient and loud.”

Ben nominates John James and Steve.
On John James: “He is aggressive and angry… he gets personally offended by people’s views.”
On Steve: “His snoring is significantly worse.”

Caoimhe is not allowed to nominate because she broke the rules by asking to be put up for nomination by her fellow housemates.

Corin nominates Caoimhe and Rachel.
On Caoimhe: “Her attitude towards people brings the group down.”
On Rachel: “She is really loud in the bedroom.”

Dave nominates Caoimhe and Keeley.
On Caoimhe: “I’m concerned how volatile and negative she can be.”
On Keeley: “She has a strong element of competition that borders on control and manipulation.”

John James nominates Keeley and Corin.
On Keeley: “First impressions stick…she’s a bit bossy around the house.”
On Corin: “She sings too loud.”

Josie nominates Caoimhe and Dave.
On Caoimhe: “I feel let down by the whole John James situation.”
On Dave: “He called me a size 18.”

Keeley nominates Caoimhe and John James.
On Caoimhe: “I find her ignorant. I’m wary of her.”
On John James: “He’s Mr Dramatic. He needs to lighten up.”

Mario nominates Josie and Caoimhe
On Josie: “She’s going out of her way to avoid Caoimhe.”
On Caoimhe: “She’s not putting an effort in to patch up her friendship with Josie.”

Rachel nominates Ben and Caoimhe.
On Ben: “He hasn’t offered to give me my bed back.”
On Caoimhe: “It’s not good if your flirting with people hurts others.”

Steve nominates Caoimhe and Rachel.
On Caoimhe: “She has a face like thunder.”
On Rachel: “She is loud and childish.”


Rachel is talking to Keeley and Steve in the garden about the way men act on “Lad’s Holidays”. Steve tells her that he is not like that. Rachel blames the women that will be willing to sleep with men that are married. Steve says he is only interested in harmless fun. Keeley asks him what he means by that and says he must be doing something wrong is he calls it harmless fun. Steve says there is nothing wrong with flirting. Rachel agrees saying everyone flirts.

John James is in the nest with Dave talking about Keeley. John James tells Dave that he thinks that Keeley is there to win and doesn’t care who she treads on to get there. Dave says “She wants to take over Steve’s place as the Baron. Why would she care about Steve?” John James says he thinks she “chases after people.” “She knows out there what the deal is and thinks if she joins the Baron she’ll go all the way to the top. It’s one thing to play the game, it’s another thing to use people.”


For today’s task housemates are to be paired up against each other in a Pantyhose Tug of War. As the adjudicator, Steve has chosen who will compete against whom. Caoimhe will go up against Keeley.

Keeley tells Caoimhe that she reckons she is going to beat her. John James tells Caoimhe to make sure she wins. Keeley asks Caoimhe if she will be careful not to rip off her eyelashes. Caoimhe replies no she won’t and she will be going straight for them. John James tells Caoimhe that is “the fighting spirit that he likes to hear”.

Dave tells John James in the living room he is looking forward to the task. John James says he hopes Caoimhe flings Keeley over the fence. Caoimhe walks in saying that Keeley’s comment has “set me right off big time, the f****** b****.”


For Pantyhose Tug of War, housemates must pull a pair of tights over their head and tug against a competitor. The winners will win a pampering party later this evening.

John James and Mario compete. Mario loses and is angry and refuses to sit on the losers bench. Rachel and Corin compete. Rachel loses and also refuses to sit on the losers bench. Dave and Ben compete. Dave wins. Josie and Andrew compete. Andrews wins because Josie can’t stand smelling the gusset of the tights. Caoimhe and Keeley compete. Caoimhe wins and sarcastically says sorry honey to Keeley and they hug.


Big Brother has called John James and Josie to the diary room t punish them for turning off their microphones on Sunday. Big Brother issues them with writing lines – “I must not turn my microphone off” to be written 10 times on each others bodies.

John James shows his thigh to BB where Josie has drawn a penis. Josie tells BB that she thinks John James is happy to see her.


Caoimhe tells John James that she has never wanted to win so bad because of Keeley telling her she was going to beat her. John James tells Caoimhe that he hates people that are here for themselves and she deserved to lose. Caoimhe says she would have loved to see Keeley’s face during the task. “I had to win that. That little b**** is not gonna speak to me like that!”

Josie is at the carousel with Corin. She says she feels sorry for Caoimhe because she doesn’t connect with anybody in the house. Josie then continues saying how can you not connect with 11 people.

Keeley is in the bedroom telling Steve that he has only refereed tasks and not got involved in any. Steve tells her the housemates choose him to be the barman and asks Keeley if she is jealous. John James tells Keeley that she is not a team player. Keeley tells Steve that he is not being a team player and he should try harder and get involved. Steve says I bet I know who nominated me. Keeley tells him that she would never nominate him. John James doesn’t hear her and says you did nominate him. Steve asks Keeley what she is saying. Keeley says she has been thrown off course by Captain Drama. John James replies calling her Mrs Take Over Everything, and Mrs Need To Win. Caoimhe tells Keeley that it felt good to win. Keeley tells Caoimhe that she only won because she has got a bigger head. Caoimhe replies saying “oh are we taking it further now are we.” The housemates all laugh.


Big Brother has provided the pantyhose tug of war winners with a party of champagne, party food, and a pampering kit. The losers have made up a game called Hide the Cat.

The winners are in the living room dancing. Corin tells the winning housemate’s that se wishes she could dance and sing. Caoimhe tells her that she can dance. John James tells Corin that she looks like she can but is taking the mickey. Corin says she is “as stiff as a board” when she dances.


Some of the housemates are at the carousel. Caoimhe is telling Corin and John James that she wants to walk out the doors and tell her boyfriend Dave how she feels about him and how much she wants to be with him. John James tells her the unknown is hard and if it was him he would have to leave.

Corin is in the bathroom spraying Andrew with fake tan. Corin tells him he won’t see a difference till the morning. Dave tells them he can see a difference now.

Caoimhe goes to the Diary Room to tell BB that she wants to leave tomorrow morning. She tells BB that her experience in the house is not worth losing what she has on the outside and she wants to talk to her boyfriend.

“I’m in love with someone on the outside and I can’t be here anymore. The Big Brother experience is not worth as much as what I have on the outside.”


Andrew is in the toilet with Dave spraying fake tan on him in cross shapes. Andrew tells him it looks fine. Dave sarcastically replies “I can see that”

In the garden Corin asks Caoimhe what her reasons are for wanting to go. Caoimhe says “various different reasons. My head is wrecked and I don’t want to be here. I’m not happy in here generally.” Corin tells her she understands and life is too short to be spending time doing something that makes you unhappy. John James asks Caoimhe if there is anything that she can do to feel better.

Caoimhe tells Corin that she can’t do it any more and she doesn’t mind if she regrets leaving.


In the bedroom John James asks Caoimhe why she came on the show. Caoimhe tells him to get mad but says that the people in the house are so cautious and it is pathetic. She tells John James that Steve understands how she is feeling because he is finding it difficult as well. Keeley asks Caoimhe and John James to have their “bitch” somewhere else because it is making her feel uncomfortable. John James asks her why it is making her feel uncomfortable. Caoimhe tells Keeley that she will say how she feels in her own bed, and to go to sleep and stop ear wigging as it has nothing to do with her. John James continues to stick up for Caoimhe telling Keeley that she was not being bitchy. Keeley says she is not involved it was making her feel uncomfortable and didn’t want to listen to it.

John James tells Keeley that she has massive issues. Keeley tells John James to leave her alone. Ben tells John James that to be fair the bedroom was not a good place. Keeley says all she did was ask them to take it somewhere else.

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