Big Brother 2010: Day 42 highlights – Keeley gets hurt, Josie confesses to John James, Caoimhe leaves!

Highlight’s on tonight’s Channel 4 show….


Caoimhe and Mario are in the Kitchen. “Feeling any better?” Mario asks her. “Not really”, Caoimhe responds. Keeley walks into the Kitchen and apologises to Caoimhe for their argument the night before. She tells her Caoimhe that she got it wrong and they hug. Caoimhe tells her that she is fine about it and goes to the Garden. “You’ve had your first argument in the house”, Mario tells her. Keeley says that she hates being wrong but Mario tells her that this will happen because the house is full of Chinese whispers.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Corin asks Caoimhe what her mum would say about the situation. Caoimhe tells her that her mum would tell her to “get the f*** out of there”. “It’ll be all none smokers” says Corin but Caoimhe tells her she will leave her the tobacco if she does leave the house today.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Keeley apologises to John James for their argument last night. John James tells her not to worry and that if Caoimhe was bitching he wouldn’t have stuck up for her. Keeley tells him that she hates it when she doesn’t get her facts straight. John James tells her not to worry and everyone makes mistakes.


Most of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave pulls down his pants and shows Andrew his fake tanned bum. “I know you are holy but that is taking the p***”, jokes Josie.

Big Brother has called Keeley to the Diary Room. “Last night in a conversation with Steve you said the following, ‘I wouldn’t nominate you'”, Keeley acknowledges her mistake of discussing nominations. Keeley is informed that her punishment will be that her nominations have become null and void.

Some of the housemates are at the Carousel. Caoimhe tells John James that if he is evicted on Friday she will be there to meet him and have a drink. Mario asks Caoimhe if she was allowed to walk back in the house Friday would she. “No chance”, says Caoimhe. “This is the tackiest thing I have ever done in my life, I’m sophisticated”, she adds.


Most of the housemates are in the Living Room, waiting by the Diary Room door for Caoimhe to leave. Big Brother calls her to the Diary Room and the housemates cheer and hug her.

Caoimhe enters the Diary Room. “Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity”, she tells Big brother before leaving the house.


Josie and John James are in the Garden. “Are you alright?” she asks him. “Yeah”, says John James, wiping tears from his eyes. John James goes to the Nest alone and cries.

In the Kitchen, Keeley is telling Steve about her punishment. Steve tells her if they are all up he won’t be happy. Keeley asks him why and tells him that it is not her fault and he shouldn’t have led her down that path of conversation.

In the Nest Josie asks John James if he is feeling better and tells him to remember that it is only a game show. “As much as she was a cow to me, I do hope she’s alright”, says Josie. John James tells her he knows but the show means a lot to people so for a housemate to leave they must be really sad. Josie tells John James that Caoimhe wanted to leave ages ago since Shabby was there and tells John James that she doesn’t hate Caoimhe and she really hopes that she is alright and she knows John James was her mate. John James says it is not nice to see anyone leave especially one of your friends. He tells Josie that although they were only friendly for two weeks it felt like two years in the house. Josie tells him that she thought Caoimhe was nice before realising that she was a bitch. John James said he felt exactly the opposite.


Rachel, Josie and John James are in the Nest. Rachel jokes that there is a love triangle between her Dave and Ben. Josie tells John James that he looks like David Beckham today.


Housemate’s have been gathered for this weeks nominations reveal. John James tells the housemates that he thinks at least six people will be up for nomination. Josie, Dave and Steve think they will al be up. Rachel is revealed as the first housemate and shouts “what?!” When Big Brother says “and” Andrew reacts because he thinks they are saying his name. Corin is revealed as second housemate up and Keeley is revealed as the third housemate up.

At the Carousel Corin tells Ben that she’s not happy about being up. Ben tells Corin he thought it would be him and Dave up. Corin tells him that if she doesn’t win the save and replace task she will be at a disadvantage because she has been in the house longer and therefore will have had more time to piss the public off.


Nominated Housemates have been given spider costumes for this weeks Save and Replace task

Keeley and Rachel are at the sofa’s discussing who they could put up if they win the task. “It’s going to have to be John James”, says Keeley.

Corin is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she is gutted but she is going to get over it and do her best at the task because she really wants to win. “Every nail on my hands can ping off”, she says of her determination to win.


All of the Housemates are in the Garden for this week’s Save and Replace task – Spiders in the Bathtub.

Nominated Housemates, Corin, Keeley and Rachel will be scampering for survival. The first spider to make it out of the bathtub will be saved from eviction and must choose a housemate to replace them to face this week’s public vote.

The task starts but Keeley falls down, and says she has hurt her ankle. Rachel stops to help her out as the other housemates gather round. “This looks really bad but I’m going to have to keep going”, says Corin.

John James and Dave carry Keeley to the Diary Room where John James stays with her. Keeley explains that she thinks she’s sprained her ankle.

In the Garden Corin tells Mario she will definitely be evicted now because it will look bad that she kept going. Mario tells her that he would have done the same and kept going.

On Big Brother’s advice Keeley is resting in the Bedroom with ice on her ankle. She apologises to the other housemates who all tell her it’s not her fault.

Ben is lying on the bed and Dave asks him about dinner. Ben says there is no point making anything now after Keeley’s accident. John James tells Ben that he doesn’t care about others.


Keeley is waiting for Big Brother to call her to the Diary Room. On the doctor’s advice she will be leaving the house to visit a hospital for an x-ray. Dave jokes that they might have to chop her leg off and she will have to borrow one of Steve’s.

Josie jokes that Ben is delighted because he will be thinking he now has a double bed to himself. John James tells Ben that all he cares about is his cucumbers on his eye lids. Ben retaliates saying he hates “ambulance chasers” and thinks it’s funny that the people swarming around her are the people that were “reviled” by her before.

Mario and Corin are in the Bedroom. “I feel guilty that I just carried on”, says Corin. Mario said he would do the same because no one knew what would happen.

Ben and John James are arguing in the Kitchen over Ben’s comment. Mario is telling them not to argue. Mario tries to take John James out of the kitchen but John James says he is staying.

Back in the Living Room Keeley is carried to the Diary Room by John James and Dave.

In the kitchen John James and Ben hug and make up. John James says he feels sorrier for Andrew because he gets so upset over disputes in the house. Ben apologises to Dave and tells him that Dave will back him up on disputes having to happen sometimes. “To be honest with you Ben, you could have handled that a bit better”, Andrew tells Ben.


All of the Housemates are in the Kitchen. Josie comments that it is the third eviction that all girls have been up. Corin says she is at a disadvantage because she’s had longer to annoy the public.


Andrew is in the Diary Room. “I’m really, really stressed. The pressures gotten to me. It’s not been a good day. It’s a really intense situation”, he says. Big Brother gives Andrew his exam results. He is one point off a first. “This is amazing”, he says.

Andrew leaves the Diary Room and tells the housemates his exam results. They congratulate and hug him. “Are you buzzin?'” asks Corin.


Corin, Rachel and Steve are in the Kitchen. “I’m here to have fun and that wasn’t fun today”, says Rachel.


Josie and John James are lying in bed together. “You haven’t got feelings for me?” Josie asks him, adding “I’ve got feelings for you”. John James asks her what sort of feelings but Josie says she can’t explain. She tells him that when he was in the task room she couldn’t wait to get him out and when she saw him she had butterflies in her stomach. John James asks her how she knows if her feelings her real. Josie tells him that after the he came back from the task room she couldn’t look at him in the eye and she wanted the ground to swallow her up but you don’t know if anything is real in the house.


John James has comes to the Diary Room. He tells Big Brother that he can’t sleep because of his conversation with Josie. He admits that he may have feelings for her but is unsure because of the situation. He says he must like her because he was worried about her not speaking to him in the house. But adds that he has never looked at her that way and sees her more in a sister role. He says it is a difficult situation because he doesn’t want to lead her on and he cares too much to risk upsetting her and thinks he should leave the Big Brother house. Big Brother advises him to talk to Josie to resolve the situation as they are friends.

– ends –
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