Big Brother 2010: Day 43 highlights – John James Parton sings Hero!

Day 43



For this week’s shopping task, housemates are attending Big Brother High and will be joining the school’s show choir.

To pass this week’s task, Housemates must complete two challenges. They must create a music video which will be revealed live to the nation on Friday morning. The video must receive 100,000 web hits by 8pm that day for them to pass this part of the task.

To complete the second part of this challenge, two housemates will also be chosen to perform a special duet.

Housemates wake up to the Fame music. Rachel is the first housemate to jump up dancing and singing along. Andrew is rubbing his eyes and Ben is squinting. Corin, Rachel and Mario dance. “That is a good way to begin”, says Ben comments.

All of the housemates are called to the Sofa’s where they are shown a VT of Pineapple Dance Studio’s Andrew Stone who will be helping with this week’s task. “Who is it?” Corin asks. Housemates cheer and clap as Andrew enters the Living Room.


Housemates are in the Living Room talking to Andrew, “Six months ago I wasn’t even famous. Now I am”, he says. Corin tells Andrew that this is the perfect task because she loves to sing and dance but she can’t do both, “I have no rhythm and I’m tone deaf but I love it”, she says.

Josie and Corin go to the Carousel for a cigarette. “He’s that one off of Steps”, says Josie.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Mario tells Ben that he really doesn’t need to wear a jumper over his shoulders whilst they are wearing their Geek costumes. “You really know how to boost someone’s confidence”, Ben tells Mario.

Steve is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about how he feel’s about the task. “I think it’s gonna be a bit of a weird day. Out of my comfort zone”, he says. He tells Big Brother that all the girls are looking forward to the task apart from Josie. He thinks Ben will find the task bizarre but hopes he tries hard telling Big Brother that he needs to be a team player on this one.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. “I do love Ben but I think I’d prefer he stood out of this task”, says Mario. Andrew tells Mario he will be terrible. Mario tells him he might surprise himself and be a “Billy Elliot”


Andrew Stone has called students to the dance studio for their warm up session.

The housemates are stretching. “Get your leg’s closer together”, Andrew Stone tells Josie before adding, “Old habits die hard”.


Mario, Ben and Andrew are in the Bathroom styling their hair as ‘geeks’, the role they must play for this week’s task. Mario tells Ben that he needs to make more effort with his hair. Ben tells him Big Brother will tell him if it’s not right. “I’ve had to accept you only give p*** poor attempts at things”, says Mario.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. “I think two people will have to do a duet in front of the crowds”, says Dave before joking that it will be John James and Josie as this is who the public will want to see.


One by one the housemates are being called to the task room to audition for Andrew Stone. Andrew is the first housemate to sing. He chooses Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

The next housemate is Ben who sings Greatest Love by Whitney Houston. “That was astonishingly awful”, he tells Andrew Stone once he’s finished.

Third up is Corin. She also sings Greatest Love. “I weren’t that bad, actually”, she tells Andrew Stone.

Dave has chosen Robbie Williams Angels and John James sings Hero.

Josie sings Beautiful by Christina Aguilera as John James listens at the door. In his audition Mario sings I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly.

Rachel is the seventh housemate to sing and chooses Angels. Mario is listening in the Garden and says that she has a beautiful tone to her voice. Ben says that she sounds like Chaka Khan. Andrew Stone tells Rachel she is a pleasure to listen to and should take up singing seriously.

Steve is the last housemate to sings. He has chosen Flying Without Wings by Westlife. Once finished Andrew Stone tells him that it was “wicked” and it moved him quite a lot.


Last night Josie told John James she had feelings for him. Immediately after John James went to talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room. The pair of them are in the Nest. “I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t want to make you feel awkward”, says John James. Josie tells him it is not awkward so he shouldn’t be going in the Diary Room to talk about it. John James tells her that he was not slagging her off. And he is not going to worry about it anymore. “I already look like an idiot”, says Josie.

In the Kitchen Mario is telling Corin that he hopes she stays. Corin thanks him and tells him that himself, Ben, Dave and Steve are her closest friends in the house. Mario tells her then when she survives the vote she will still have all her close friends in the house.

All the housemates have been called to the Living Room. Big Brother announcements that due to Caoimhe leaving and Keeley’s accident this week’s eviction has been cancelled. “Does that mean I’m staying?” asks Rachel. The housemates all cheer and clap at the news.


The housemates have come to the studio for rehearsals. They are practising singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. “You guys are going to kill it”, Andrew Stone tells them.


Dave and Corin are in the bedroom. Dave says that if he has to sing the Journey song in front of people he will probably cry and wont be able to do it. Dave tells Corin that it is a powerful song and he married his friend to it. He adds that he sees beauty and innocence in people and starts to cry. Corin tells him that she could tell the song meant something to him when he was singing it.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Dave tells Josie and John James they will be picked for the duet because they look good together and are the new Kylie and Jason.

Mario is in the Bedroom complaining that the head roles for the task will be based on looks and that it is unfair. Mario says that he has just realised how fake it is because John James and Josie are going to be picked no matter what. Ben tells Mario that he is a “wise man”.

Josie is in the Nest telling John James that she doesn’t mind having the p*** taken out of her but that the situation between the two of them is different. “It’s not like you’ve come out to say you’re in love”, says John James.


All the housemates are in the task room waiting for Andrew Stone to announce what roles he has assigned everyone for the task. Andrew tells them that deciding the lead role was a hard decision. The roles are assigned as follows:
Lead male: Steve
Lead female: Rachel
Second lead male: Mario
Second lead female: Josie
Support singers: Ben and Dave
Backing vocals: John James and Corin
Guitar solo: Andrew

In the Diary Room Andrew tells BB that Jimmi Hendrix was famous for guitar playing but “wait till you see me.”


As lead male vocalist Steve is the first student to record his part in the Big Brother High recording Studio. He records his part of the song and Andrew tells him he has done well.

Some of the housemates are in the Nest. “I can’t believe the baron got the lead role”, Dave says of Steve. Ben tells him he his is happy that they are ahead of John James and Corin. Dave tells them that isn’t a big deal and says if he put chilli on his cat’s tongue it would sing better than Corin.


The housemates have been taking it in turns to lay down their vocals. Mario records his part and Andrew Stone tells him it sounds good already, and that he has a nice different quality and tone to his voice.

In the bedroom Josie and John James are cuddling each other in bed. “You’re so good at snuggling”, says Josie.


Josie, Ben & Corin are at the Carousel. Josie asks Ben if there is a romance going on between him and Rachel. Ben tells Josie that is nonsense. “She keeps saying ‘me and Ben had a romantic moment'”, Josie tells him. Ben tells Corin that he is happy she is not nominated anymore and she is like a sister to him. Ben complains to Corin and Josie that some days he gets bored talking to the same people that just talk about the same things all of the time.

In the Living Room John James asks Dave what is up with Ben. “He can’t keep having bad days”, says Dave. Dave tells John James that Ben doesn’t like it when the group is bonded as a whole and liked it better when it was the housemates against him and Dave.


Ben is at the studio recording his piece with Andrew Stone. Andrew tells him not to shout and tells him he is trying too hard.

Mario and Andrew are in the Garden talking about what tasks they would like. Mario says he would like a fashion task. Andrew tells Mario that he wants to be Jack Bower in a task and have Carol Voderman come in. Mario tells him that Carol is too old for him and he should stick to someone his age like Josie. Steve tells Andrew that he noticed he liked Caoimhe but Andrew tells him he only liked her as a friend. Mario says he thinks Caoimhe was the most beautiful housemate of the series. Andrew says that he thinks Josie has the edge. Steve and Mario comment that she is beautiful but doesn’t know it.


Andrew is at the Carousel with Josie telling her that it is scientific fact that long distance relationships country to country don’t work, but Bristol to Oxford does. “I think you and me are better suited”, says Josie. “To be honest, who’s the better looking?” Andrew asks comparing himself to John James. “You”, says Josie.

Andrew Stone is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about Steve’s performance. He says it’s touched him because he was singing about his children. He adds that Rachel has a great voice but it needs training. When asked to give a motto Andrew says, “sing like no one can hear you. Dance like no one can see you.”

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