Big Brother 2010: Day 44 highlights – Andrew flirts with Josie

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


For the first part of this week’s Big Brother High shopping task, Housemates will be creating their very own music video.

The video will be uploaded to the channel four web sites where it must receive one hundred thousand web hits by 10pm Friday in order fro Housemates to pass.

Mario is in the Living Room speaking to Ben. “I want to speak to the Director right now”, says Mario, joking that he is not happy that Ben gets to muscle in on his lines in the song.


Some of the cast and crew are in the Living Room. Andrew is running through some of the choreography with Dave and Ben. “Just love the camera, man, cheese it up”, he tells them.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Mario, John James and Josie are talking about Ben. Mario says that he is not happy that Ben has muscled in on his part in the song. “Just to help you”, jokes John James. Mario replies that he doesn’t want their help. Josie tells Mario that John James is winding him up.


Most of the housemates are in the Garden. Mario is performing his part for the music video. After he finishes he says to Ben, “I’m gonna cut you out of it”.


Josie is running through her part with Andrew Stone in the Bedroom. “Everything you do must have a moment, he tells her adding that she needs to see it as a job and live in the moment.

Ben, Dave and John James are in the Nest talking about Mario. Ben says that he’s annoyed with Mario because of the “jibes” he keeps making. “Has he ever been in a film? Has he ever been in a TV show? No”, he says. He thinks that Mario lacks humility and dignity. “He’s an only child and has probably always got what he’s wanted” says Dave. John James agrees stating that Mario’s not competitive but he wants the limelight and that he was an only child.


Corin and Ben are in the Garden pretending they are conducting an X Factor audition. Corin is the contestant and Ben is Simon Cowell. Corin sings Angels by Mariah Carey. Andrew joins them as Piers Morgan. Ben tells Corin that she has not gotten through the audition.

John James and Josie are in the Bedroom lying in bed together. “I’ve never seen you looking so fit in my life”, laughs Josie adding that he is less David Beckham and more hill Billy today. She adds that she feels better about their situation.

In the Kitchen some of the housemates are moaning about John James. “Does he do anything in this house other than start arguments?” asks Dave.


For the second part of this week’s Big Brother High Shopping task Andrew Stone must choose two housemates to sing a duet in front of a live audience outside the Big Brother House.

Housemates are practising Dirty Dancing’s Time of Our Life in various pairs.

Housemates are in the dance studio dancing with one another to. Corin is dirty dancing with Andrew. After the song finishes Andrew Stone asks, “Are you alright Andrew?” Andrew replies “I’ve never felt that way before”.


The housemates have been called to the sofas for Andrew Stone to announce who he has chosen to take part in the duet. He chooses Corin and Andrew. All the housemates clap and cheer.

In the Diary Room Corin says that “I can’t believe it, I’m buzzin’. I was supposed to be up for eviction and now I go out and sing instead”.


John James and Josie are in the Bedroom. “I’ve just been following you around”, says John James. Josie asks him why and he says “I like being around you”.

Mario, Dave and Ben are pacing in the Garden. Dave asks Mario if he would have liked to do the duet. Mario replies that he would have liked to but he is glad that Corin and Andrew got it, and he is happy with having his own line in the performance. They talk about John James and Josie and Mario says that as a couple they are not going to happen. Dave talks about Big Brother wanting to make it happen but John James and Josie have no talent.


John James and Josie are in the Bathroom. “People are staying away from us”, says John James. “They think that something is going on”, says Josie. John James says that he thinks the other housemates get the “vibe” that the two of them want to be alone. Josie replies that before she wanted to stay away from him but now she likes spending time with him, “You’ve changed. You’ve become a much nicer bloke”. John James says that he is not interested in talking to anyone else as he is sick of discussing evictions.


Rachel, Andrew, Steve and Corin are in the Kitchen. Rachel is telling Corin and Andrew that during their duet there is nothing to be afraid of and it will be amazing to perform in front of the crowd.


Ben is in the Nest talking to Dave. “I’m struggling a bit today”, he says adding that he finds time goes very slowly in the house. He states that the group is happier and better as a smaller group especially now that certain people have left. However as the group has been “cleansed” he feels that he fits in less.

Andrew and Josie are sitting on the Sofa’s. “If you weren’t 19, you’d be in a lot of trouble, young man”, says Josie. Andrew responds “I wish I was more attractive”. Josie says that he is attractive and swears on her family’s life. Andrew pokes Josie’s breasts with the aerial of his microphone. Josie says to Andrew that he is not a virgin. Andrew admits that he has “had one” but he can’t remember because he was too drunk and he never saw her again. Josie tells him that confidence in a man is a turn on and that if he is lacking confidence he is lacking sex appeal.


Josie and John James are in the Bathroom. John James is talking about his female friends at home. He says that he has got a female friend very similar to Josie except she doesn’t get as angry as Josie. Rachel enters and shouts “oh my god the sexual heat in here!”

Andrew is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. “I’m struggling a bit with how I feel about Josie”, he says. He adds that he’s confused as he knows she likes John James. . He speculates that maybe it’s his own fantasy and says that she is the best female friend he has ever. He says that nobody is going to make him feel “more happy”.

John James, Josie and Rachel are in the Bathroom discussing how the public perceive their friendship. Rachel tells them both to relax. John James says that he can handle it.

Andrew is still in the Diary Room talking about his duet with Corin. He says that when he entered the house the audience probably thought he was a nerd but now he is dancing with an attractive woman. He says that it will either go down in the history books or people will forget about it in two weeks.


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