Big Brother 2010: Day 46 highlights – Josie flirts with JJ in front of John James!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4

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Jo and Corin are in the Bathroom. “You’ve got a wicked figure”, says Jo adding that Corin looks better without make up on.

Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Josie tells JJ how she is on always on the losing team during tasks. JJ tells John James that it would be good if they were on the same team during a task. “I can’t wait until you’re against each other… is that wrong?” says Josie.

JJ talks about having a mole removed from his back. Josie refers to it as “freaky” and “not right”. She then suggests that JJ and John James should compete to see who can do the most sit ups, stating that she “can’t wait to see this”.


Most of the housemates are in the Garden. Mario, Dave, JJ, and John James are doing press ups, whilst Josie watches. They talk about how many they have each done. “Yeah you win”, John James tells JJ.

Andrew is talking to Josie about feeling awkward around Laura. Josie tells him to pretend it’s her. Andrew tells her that when they were in the bedroom alone together, there was silence for the whole five minutes. Josie asks him if everyone he meets understands his sense of humour.

Dave, Mario, JJ and John James discuss what they eat for breakfast. JJ says that he eats a lot of pasta, chicken and fresh fish but he doesn’t eat a lot of red meat.

Josie is watching them and says to Andrew that she is waiting for John James to get his head out of JJ’s arse. She says that if she is in the house until the end she could just hang around with him (Andrew).


Laura and Ben are in the Garden talking about Laura’s boyfriend. She tells him that her boyfriend is a sub mariner and that his job is to look for other submarines and defend the ocean against pirates.

Dave and Jo are in the Bedroom discussing their religious beliefs. Dave tells her that he found God two years after he’d been with his wife, and that he’s been born again for 18 years. Jo tells him that she was also brought up by the Pentecostal church. Dave talks about his focus on the mystic realm and the supernatural and how he has come into the house to break stereotypes that God is judgemental when in fact he is fun.


Steve, Andrew and Mario are in the Kitchen completing this week’s shopping list. Andrew tells them that this week’s shopping list has been easier to compile than last week’s where everyone was panicking. Steve says it was because there were too many people trying to do it.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. The girls are talking about JJ and John James. “It don’t get better than this, two fit blokes waiting on us”, says Jo. Josie tells her that you know when a man likes you as he’s prepared to give you a foot rub. She asks JJ if he would ever give a woman a foot rub and he says no. Josie then asks him if he would suck a woman’s toes and he says yes. “I’ve got lovely trotters”, says Josie.

Dave and Ben are in the Nest talking about the new housemates and how John James will become friends with JJ, Jo being fun and Laura fitting in.

Dave is talking about feeling disappointed with Josie’s about how John James will be happier now that JJ is in the house as he’s got someone to talk to about football. He says that he would love to talk to John James about football. Ben talks about the girls saying they have now got a hunk in the house and how this implies that the current male housemates are ugly and that he has done some modelling before. Dave tells Ben that he is beautiful.


All the housemates are in the Garden playing games organised by Jo. Jo tells JJ and John James that they have to house wrestle. John James tells her to “f*** off” as JJ’s arms look bigger than his. JJ says that he’s not good “at this”. Andrew says to Josie that it’s like “gladiatorial times”.

John James and JJ arm wrestle and JJ wins. JJ calls it a drawer. John James tells JJ that he made him look good. “I like a challenge but I don’t want to battle against you yet” says JJ.


JJ, Laura and Jo have been called to the Diary Room where Big Brother is giving them a secret task that could win them a party for the housemates. In order to complete the task they must each tell Dave a story three times including particular words;

JJ’s story must include the words “Merthyr Tydfil”.
Laura’s story must include the word “elephant”
Jo’s story must include the words “swimming trunks”

When they leave the Diary Room Mario asks each of them why they were called to the Diary Room. They all tell him the same story and he tells them he was checking if they were on a secret mission.

The new housemates do the Dave Ja Vu task.
Laura takes Dave to the bedroom and tells him that whilst she was travelling in Kenya and she rode on an elephant and fell off. JJ tells Dave that whilst he was in Merthyr Tydfil he got a tattoo. Jo tells Dave about an occasion when she was having her water baptism and she didn’t have anything to wear besides a pair of swimming trunks.


Mario and Andrew are talking about the new housemates. Mario says that he thinks JJ fits in with Josie and John James, and that Laura and Rachel will “buddy up”.
Andrew replies that he thinks he is out of the trio with John James and Josie because he doesn’t have much in common with JJ. On Jo Mario says she’s like a “butterfly like myself”.

Steve and Mario are in the kitchen. “I want to go home”, says Steve adding that he’s tired and misses his family.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Corin asks John James if he’s seen Mario. John James replies that he hasn’t seen Mario and says that he hides sometimes.

Mario is in the Diary room. He asks Big brother if he can give him something to do as he is feeling restless. He says that he doesn’t want to engage with the housemate. Today he feels like he doesn’t fit in and Steve feels the same way. He adds that although he is very social, there are some days that he just wants his own company. He refers to the mood in the house as jovial but strange.


JJ is in the Diary Room. “I feel an immediate bond with John James”, he says. When asked about his other housmates JJ says that he has least in common with Steve.


Big Brother has gathered housemates for this week’s You Vs the housemates challenge. They have chosen JJ to face a “full of beans” challenge.

Housemates watch the viewer’s attempt on the plasma screen.

JJ does the task. He has 30 seconds to transfer as many beans from one bowl to another, using chopsticks. Housemates cheer him on.

Big Brother confirms that the viewer got 13 beans however JJ got 16 beans and has therefore won the challenge.


All of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Ben is talking to Laura. He says that he is getting down because people in the house just want to gossip about each other and he would like to talk to someone that has “an authority” in something such as fashion.

Steve talks to Dave about wanting to leave. “The highs are really high and then you just crash”, says Dave.


All of the housemates are in the Bedroom

Big Brother reveals that the three new housemates have been on a secret mission today and that they have passed their task. As a result of this they have won housemates a party. All the housemates cheer and run into the Living Room to see their sweet themed party.


Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. “So, are you single? Andrew asks Jo. She tells him she is. Andrew says “that’s interesting” and Jo replies “don’t make me laugh Andrew”. She then ask Andrew if he is single. “Tragically yes”, says Andrew.

Andrew tells Jo that he wouldn’t know what to do with a Cougar and he would be very scared. Jo tells him that she is not offering her services.


Mario has been alone in the toilet for 14 minutes.

Housemates are dancing in the Living Room to Gun’s and Roses “Sweet Child of mine”. “Where’s Mario?” asks Dave. Some of them go to look for Mario and find him in the toilet. “You ok Mario”, Rachel asks him through the door. Mario replies “Oh for f**** sake can I just go to the toilet!” when Mario comes out Ben tries to hug him but Mario tells him to get off him.


Steve is in the Diary Room. “It’s sort of upset the dynamic”, he says on the new housemates entering the house. “At the end of the day, that’s what the games about”, he adds.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom talking about Mario. John James says that he has never seen Mario this down before. Josie says that she doesn’t know how to even make Mario feel better.

Rachel and Mario are in the Bathroom. Mario says that the house fills him with “undeniable cynicism”. Steve joins them and Rachel tells them that she is finding it hard in the house especially when you are feeling lonely. She says that she doesn’t fit in and she feels like she is getting on people’s nerves. Mario tells her he thinks she’s being paranoid and Steve adds that it’s not easy being a housemate.

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