Big Brother 2010: Day 48 highlights – John James and Josie share first kiss!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4

10.25 am

Ben and Steve are at the carousel. Ben says he feels out of place. He feels that he had earned a place in the house but now it is all thrown up in the air. Steve agrees “the dynamics have changed”. Ben adds: “the need to attach yourself to someone is much greater than ever before.”

In the bedroom, Josie tells Jo and Corin that John James told her “I just love everything about you.” Josie says it was horrible when it was unrequited and that she is worried that she’s come across as a “jealous, desperado, minge b****”. Jo says that’s not in her character and that everyone has the potential to feel the same way Josie felt.

12.22 pm

Laura is in the Diary Room. She tells Big Brother she is feeling better in the house than she did yesterday. She says hearing from the other housemates that the first week is really hard helps her know that it’s okay, and if she needs to cry just let it all out. Laura says if she had left she would have regretted it.

In the nest Ben tells John James he thinks Josie is in love with him. John James is worried that he’s leading Josie on like with Shabby and Caoimhe. John James says he would rather talk about it with Josie than ignore things like Caoimhe did. “It’s more comfortable for me to talk about it to her. I do like being close to her.” Ben says that he notices that Josie has started dressing in a way that “isn’t her” like she has begun wearing tighter tops that she can’t get away with like the other girls, because she’s a different shape.

12.48 pm

In the kitchen John James asks Josie if she wants to permanently swap sides of the bed. Josie says she doesn’t mind, and that she only moved because she wanted to let John James be closer to JJ. “It’s good you had a bit of male bonding, you enjoyed yourself last night!” John James says he just doesn’t want to fence himself off, only spending time with JJ and Josie. Josie “as long as you’re enjoying yourself who cares.” John James and Josie hug and stay very close to each other. John James says he wouldn’t give up what the two of them have for anything.

2.10 pm

Big Brother announces that nominations will occur and that the new housemates may not nominate or be nominated. Big Brother says that because Dave broke the rules about talking about nominations, he will not be able to nominate and will automatically be up for nomination therefore housemates cannot nominate him. Josie jokes and says “wow, I don’t know what I’m going to do now”.

2.35 pm

Josie and John James are in bed together. Under the covers, Josie kisses John James on the head. She asks for a kiss back, and he gives her one.

Today Housemates are nominating for the sixth time. Andrew is the first to nominate.

Andrew nominates Rachel. He says she is annoying and intrusive in conversations. Andrew nominates Steve because he feels intimidated by him.

Ben nominates Steve. He says his snoring has gone to a whole new level, like “helicopters and hovercrafts”.
Ben nominates John James because he ‘overanalyses and over-thinks everything” and “runs the risk of driving himself insane as well as those around him.”

Corin nominates Rachel because she is loud, and interrupts people’s sleep in the morning.
Corin nominates Andrew because he can be too authoritative.

John James nominates Ben because John James did not like Ben’s comment about Josie wearing too-tight clothing.
John James nominates Andrew because he can be awkward at times and a bit moody.

Josie nominates Ben because Ben always complains about it and is moody about her whispering in bed.
Josie nominates Mario because he hasn’t been himself lately and gets into frequent strops.

Mario nominates Ben because he has a “cloud of discontent” around him.
Mario nominates Steve because he leers at the girls too much and can come across at “slightly pervy”.

Rachel nominates John James because she doesn’t think he can handle the nominations process.
Rachel nominates Ben because he is selfish, ungenerous and not a team payer.

Steve nominates John James because he is on edge and not happy.
Steve nominates Josie because she only ever wants to spend time in bed.

Ben received 4 nominations. John James and Steve received 3 nominations each. They join Dave as nominated Housemates. Corin received no nominations.

3.01 pm

In bed, Josie says to John James that she fancies him but she knows he just cares about her. “I feel 100% comfortable around you and I don’t feel awkward at all.” John James and Josie talk inaudibly, and Josie then says that she doesn’t want to be compared to Caoimhe and Shabby, and that John James should now sleep in Mario’s bed. John James becomes upset and asks why Josie is being like that. He says he wants to sleep with Josie, Josie says she does not want to sleep with him anymore. Josie gets out of bed and leaves the bedroom. John James tells her not to walk out. Josie says she isn’t angry.

John James follows Josie in the kitchen and apologises to Josie and wants to talk to her. John James says he never meant to hurt her, and Josie says he hasn’t hurt her, so why is he carrying on?

John James goes to the bedroom to talk to JJ. He explains the situation and JJ understands. JJ says that John James just wanted to find out how Josie feels about the situation. JJ says he’s here if John James wants to talk about the situation. John James says he doesn’t want to “cuddle up to Josie at night” if it’s going to be leading her on.

John James walks out into the garden, and Josie is by the smoking area. She asks if he’s alright. Without a word John James goes to the door and breaks open the fire exit. Josie asks what he’s doing. Various housemates gather at the door and eventually Dave and JJ go after John James.

Backstage, Dave and JJ talk to John James. John James says he’s going. JJ tells John James he can’t leave it like this. In the garden, Josie says “if he leaves I’ll go ballistic and never speak to him again.” John James says to JJ “please understand”. JJ says he can’t understand. In the garden, Josie says that John James is “making a show of me”.

John James speaks to the producers who tell him to take a minute. John James says he feels like s***. He says “I love her and don’t want to hurt anyone or make them seem stupid” and thinks it would be better if he left. The producers recommend John James take a breath and walk back to the diary room.

John James comes back to the house. The other HM applaud when he returns. John James walks straight to the diary room. Josie asks John James not to go to the diary room. Josie begs him saying “please stop it now, please. We’re friends.”

In the living room, Josie and John James laugh a bit, and agree not to say another word about their situation.

4.30 pm

In the garden Ben says to Dave that he feels like he’s lost his role in the house. Dave says he is not enjoying it as much as he used to. Dave says that he’s still having a good time but there is a new dynamic in the house.

Back in the bedroom John James apologises to Josie for everything. Josie says she feels stupid and John James says she has nothing to feel stupid about. Josie “I look like an idiot John, especially now” and John James says he has been selfish. Josie says she knows what John James is going to say next, so there’s no need to say it. John James begins to cry and reaches for his handkerchief. “You’ve still got your hanky, can you stop all the crying now please?” The pair hide under the duvet and it sounds like they share a kiss.

8.32 pm

Some of the girls are in the bathroom with Josie talking about John James. Corin says that because John James is so touchy feely with Josie she is getting mixed messages. She says that looking at the two of them it seems like they both feel the same way, but then they say different things.

In the nest some of the other housemates play a quiz. Ben suggests that everyone try to name the last five first ladies of the United States. Mario says he doesn’t know them, but Andrew manages to list them off. Mario and Ben then bicker about the quiz and how their likes and dislikes differ with Mario making digs about Ben’s love of ‘random history’.

9.01 pm

Ben and Laura are in the bathroom talking about Mario.

Ben says of Mario “little bitches like that” always want to be the centre of attention. Laura says it is because Ben and Mario are so close that their insults become quite personal. Mario comes in the room and after calling Ben a “work of art” says that he wanted to see if Ben was alright. Both think that the other one snapped at them first. Ben says that Mario is awful to him, and Mario says “I keep forgetting you’re a 12 year old trapped in a 30 year olds body”.

Ben attempts to change the subject by asking Mario what he would normally be doing on a Monday night, and Mario responds with silence. Ben tries asking Mario a couple more questions and Mario just stares at Ben and does not respond. Laura says it is making her feel awkward and offers to go. Mario says that he will leave instead and that he doesn’t want to interrupt their conversation. After he leaves, Ben says “he is a first class s***”.

10.17 pm

Ben, Steve, and Jo are in the bedroom talking about Mario.

Ben says that Mario came into the house and declared his undying love for him within the first four days of the house. Jo asks if Ben was “fluffing him up”. Ben denies it and Jo appeals to Steve, who says “they’re as bad as each other” and that Ben even flirts with him. Ben says he made clear that he wasn’t interested in Mario and Jo says that if you continue to play it up, that Mario will start to think that even though that’s what Ben says, that he might feel differently. Ben asks if he flirts too much. Jo says to be himself, but that if people are too into it than he shouldn’t “lead them up the garden path”. Ben says that he feels like he’s been told off, and Steve says “cougar’s scored one point”.

1.09 am

Laura is crying in the toilet and Corin is comforting her. Laura says she loves everyone in the house but she feels like she wants to leave. Corin tells Laura to put it into perspective and asks Laura why she wanted to come into the house in the first place. Laura said it was to have fun and meet everyone, and to do the tasks. Corin reminds Laura that she’s not even done a task yet.

Laura also tells Corin about her boyfriend and that he has been unfaithful to her in the past.

“Things came out before the show, that he cheated on me, but I miss him loads and really love him.”

1.55 am

In the diary room Laura says she wants to go home. “I feel like I’m not being myself, and I’m nervous all the time.” She wants to be with her family and thinks that everyone in the house is a lot stronger than she is. Big Brother recommends that she sleeps on it and returns tomorrow.

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