Big Brother 2010: Day 49 highlights – Josie spills the beans about John James!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


Josie and Corin are in the Bathroom. Corin tells Josie that it looks like her and John James. Josie tells her that she’s still in shock and, although she promised not to tell anyone, John James told her he feels the same way. “F*** off”, says Corin adding that they should “snog” under the covers. Josie smiles and Corin says “Shut up, shut up, shut up. Did you two snog?” Josie explains that it wasn’t a full-on snog, and does an impression of the kiss. Josie says that John James said “I told you what I’m like with girls” and that he’s shy, and will only go out with somebody if he knows their feelings are real. Josie says she’s not really allowed to talk about this, but that she has the “biggest mouth in Bristol”.

Corin and Josie go to the Garden to speak further. “He don’t reckon my feelings are real”, says Josie, adding that they might not be, and that it’s hard to tell in this kind of environment. Josie wonders if it will be the same when they get outside. Corin says they’ll just have to wait and see. “When I gave him a long lingering kiss my breath smelt like a portaloo”.


Laura and Corin are in the Bathroom discussing a conversation Laura had with Big Brother about wanting to leave the house. “You’re gonna have a mint day” says Corin. Laura says that she doesn’t want to leave anymore and she doesn’t know what came over her. “I’m finding it really easy to get along with everyone here, it’s just the night time”, says Laura. Corin tells her that night time is always the hardest and that Laura should grab her or Jo or Rachel and have a good cry. “We’ll all have a bloody cry if it makes you feel better”, says Corin.


Dave and Andrew are in the Garden. As Dave broke the rules about discussing nominations, he was told yesterday he will become a nominated housemate. “Do you think I’ll go?” asks Dave. Andrew tells him it depends on who he is up against. Dave says Big Brother has actually done him a favour, and that halfway through he needs to know if the public still wants him in or not, since he hasn’t been up for eviction for the last three weeks. Dave speculates on who else he thinks will be up. “I think Rachel will have a hard week. There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s just a bit loud”, says Dave. He doesn’t think Andrew will go, and he thinks Rachel and Ben might have a few votes. Dave thinks John James is one of the favourites to win. Andrew adds that everyone loves a Big Brother romance. Dave says he does not think there is any romance going on.


Laura has come to the Diary Room. “Do you still wish to leave?” asks Big Brother. Laura says she wants to go but would like to have a couple hours to say goodbye to everyone. Big Brother confirms that she will be called back to the Diary Room in a couple of hours.

In the Bedroom, Ben tells Corin that she shouldn’t wear the top she’s got on because it’s going to be cold. Corin decides to change. Josie says it may be cold, but that Corin is looking “pretty darn fine” and should be issued a parking ticket.

In the Garden, Corin and Josie are still talking about John James. Corin suggest that Josie should take him back to Bristol to meet his friends. “I’d introduce him to my girl mates but not my boy mates”, says Josie. “They’ll call him crab eyes”, she adds.

Laura joins Corin and Josie in the Garden and tells them she’s leaving. The other housemates all try to convince her to stay. “Give it until Friday”, says Bn. Corin agrees and says she should at least try a task and get to the end of the week.

In the bedroom, Jo says she’s not surprised Laura is leaving. She says that Laura has got it in her head that she’s leaving, and she’s so absorbed that she can’t see anything else. “I can understand she’s struggling but I just don’t want her to go”, says JJ.


Mario, Dave, and Andrew are in the Bathroom. Mario is styling Dave’s hair. “You’ll have to teach Donna (Dave’s wife) how to do this every day. I can’t be coming to Newbury all the time,” says Mario. Dave reminds him that he lives in South Wales.

Laura has come to the Diary Room. “Deep down I want to stay”, she says. She adds that she’s making great friends and after speaking to them she knows that everyone feels the same before bedtime, and that it’s normal and will eventually go. “I’m not going to ask to leave again. I’m not”, she says.

Steve and Ben are at the Carousel. “Mine is family orientated. I wouldn’t walk out unless I was missing my wife and kids”, says Steve. He adds that this is the longest he has ever been away from them, but points out, that they are past the half way point and that after this, it’s just “count down”. Steve believes that bigger and better things are on their way.

In the Living Room, Laura tells Corin that she has decided to stay. “I’m well proud of you”, says Corin.


Big Brother has gathered all the housemates on the sofas to reveal this week’s nominations. Dave, Steve, Ben, and John James are nominated and there will be a Save and Replace task later in the day. “I can’t believe you’re up”, Josie says to John James. Laura comforts Ben who tells her he’s pleased he’s in good company against the other heavyweights.

Dave says that its weird being up with all his mates and that usually he is up against an arch enemy. He is concerned he’s up against all the other “heavyweights” and jokes that he wishes it was a bit easier for the public to choose. Rachel tells Steve that he can’t go anywhere, and that he’s got to try and win the task, and must “think of the bigger picture”.


For this week’s Save and Replace task nominated housemates Ben, Steve, Dave, and John James, have become blushing brides. They have each chosen a partner, who will catch their bouquet – the bride with the most bouquets caught will win and must choose another housemate to face eviction in their place.

The Save and Replace task begins. Ben has chosen Laura, Steve has chosen Corin, Dave has chosen Mario, and John James has chosen JJ. After five attempts each there is a tie break between Steve and John James. Steve throws his bouquet and Corin catches it. John James throws his and JJ just misses it. “You’ve a good throw on you”, Dave tells Steve.

Steve is instructed by Big Brother to choose another housemates to take his place for this Friday’s eviction. “I didn’t want to do this”, says Steve as he picks Andrew. Andrew shakes Steve’s hand and gives him a hug and says he completely understands. Steve says he “feels like s*** now”.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. JJ says that he likes to think that John James isn’t going. He says he likes him better than other people who are up.

Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Mario is shaving Ben’s chest and says that he thinks Andrew will have a legion of female fans outside. Andrew says he thinks John James probably has. Mario says it depends on the type of girl, and that Andrew will have all the “brainy girls, the young Carol Vorderman’s”.

Ben says that he didn’t see Andrew being chosen coming at all. Mario asks if Ben is nervous about being up and Ben says that he’s not, he’s just worried that his last week of being a bit down won’t come across as him being depressed. He’s had some great moments in the house and is pleased to have gotten to know Andrew. He says he doesn’t want to sound dodgy but enjoys sharing a bed with him. Mario asks if Ben enjoys sharing a bed with a 19 year old man, and Ben says “well not those demographics”.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Josie is wearing one of the wedding dresses and gets into bed with John James. She shouts out “I’m in bed with John James wearing a wedding dress!” They go under the duvet and begin to kiss. Dave says it’s like a porno shoot in here. “We’re just friends”, shouts Josie.

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. Ben is telling Corin and Jo that he picks his friends very carefully and that they are two of his closest friends. Corin says he said the same thing to Laura. “Oh shut up Ben. You’ve gone around using the same lines on everyone”, says Jo.

Andrew and Steve are in the Nest. “It’s going to be a tough one” says Andrew of this week’s eviction. Steve says he didn’t want to “chuck” the task, and that he wants to stay.


Josie and Jo are in the Kitchen. Jo is teasing Josie about wearing the wedding dress in front of John James. “You know what men are like with commitment”, she says.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave says that he is below John James on the pecking order but John James says he will definitely leave on Friday. Dave tells him that lots of young girls watch the show and that John James will be a heart throb.

In the kitchen, Josie pretends to walk down the aisle and hums “Here Comes the Bride” as Jo holds her train.

John James tells Dave that he told Josie not to stand at the door if he goes. He asks Dave to make sure she doesn’t, and to tell her that he was cheered even if he was booed. Jo and Josie join John James them in the Bedroom. “She’s ready man, I better get my monk suit on”, says Dave. “You gonna make an honest woman of me”, asks Josie.


Some of the Housemates are at the Carousel. JJ says he feels bad about losing the task for John James. “He’s not going anywhere. Got to this positively”, he says. Josie says she is preparing herself for the worst, but won’t act differently.

John James is in the Diary Room. “I know J’s upset because he fails like he failed me”, he says. “It’s hard to see Josie upset”, he adds. When asked about their relationship John James says it’s more important than anything and that he feels like he has already won.


Ben and Jo are in the Nest. Jo tells Ben she feels very strongly about being a woman and being of West Indian origin.

Some of the housemates are at the Carousel. Andrew and Mario are discussing Josie. Andrew says she is so pretty and so funny. “Josie is amazing”, he adds. He says if he had to list his top 10 attributes for a girl, she would hit all of them. He says that she said that if he had come in at the beginning she would be with him instead of John James, and Andrew wishes she wouldn’t joke like that. Mario tells Andrew he is not used to female attention which is why he has fallen into a crush.


Big Brother has provided the housemates with some alcohol from their shopping delivery.

Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. John James tries to sit on Josie’s lap. Mario jokes that he will go get his camcorder, and John James says it’s already being recorded. Josie says she would never have “a bang in the Big Brother house”.

Mario asks John James if he would. John James says no, Mario says he would. John James says he has “had a w***”. Mario says he’s had two.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Andrew tells Josie that he read that it’s a scientific fact that Australian’s are unfaithful. He also asks her what kind of name is John James, and if James is his last name. Andrew says that “Josie Edmonds” sounds a lot better than “Josie Parton”. Josie agrees and says “Josie Edmonds, I like it”. Andrew says “me too”.

Steve comes out of the Nest and asks Andrew if he’s feeling alright. “Woooo!”, responds Andrew before he jokingly slumps and pretends to pass out. Josie offers Andrew a glass of water. Josie notices she has a hair in her mouth. Andrew holds Josie’s mouth to try to get the hair, and then pretends to use the opportunity to go in for a kiss. Josie giggles and says “what’s wrong with you?” Andrew says he thinks Josie and John James will get together once they’ve left the house.


Dave and Andrew are in the Diary Room. Big Brother says he has noticed that Andrew has had a lot of wine and suggests that he drinks a lot of water. Andrew says it’s been a tough day.

2.02 am

Andrew is throwing up in the toilet. “Try and get it in the toilet, man”, says Dave”. He takes Andrew to the Kitchen and get’s him a glass of water. Andrew says he walks milk and cheese, Dave says he should just have water.

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