Big Brother 2010: Day 5 highlights

Highlights of tonight’s Big Brother show 9pm on Channel 4


Mario and Sunshine talk in the kitchen. . Mario says once he gets up he can’t get back to sleep. Sunshine says she’s the same, and everyone thought she was the mole because she always got up early. Mario says that when someone’s done something wrong, he always looks guilty even if he’s not. Sunshine tells him that everyone said he doesn’t have a guilty face and that another housemate said “he looks 100% not guilty.” “But you knew better” Mario says.

All of the other housemates are asleep in the bedroom Steve is snoring loudly.

In the kitchen, Mario and Sunshine discuss Mario being the mole. Mario says he wasn’t upset by Sunshine suspecting him and Sunshine said she knew he wouldn’t be. Sunshine says people were telling her to be nicer to him and that it’s annoying when people tell her how to treat people. Mario says those people who said that would say the same in her defence. Sunshine says she doesn’t think so. Mario says he has finally achieved his dream to become a fully fledged housemate.

9.59 am

John James, Steve, Josie and Dave are in the bedroom. Tomorrow the housemates will nominate for the first time.

John James congratulates Steve on another “award-winning performance” in snoring. Dave said he didn’t hear the snoring, Steve says that means he’ll have to try harder.

Shabby, Nathan, Rachel, Ife and Caoimhe are at the carousel discussing Steve’s snoring.

Shabby says that you have to go to bed earlier than Steve so you can fall asleep before he starts snoring. She says that if nobody says anything to him about snoring it might go from jokey banter to more serious. Ife wonders if Big Brother intentionally chooses someone who snores to go into the house when selecting housemates. Shabby says that going into nominations sleep deprived might make you decide to nominate somebody based on snoring.


Some of the Housemates are in the living room

Steve discusses his accident. Ben says that most people in his situation would be bitter and depressed, but that Steve is “lovely and charming”.

Sunshine agrees and says that she was upset and how nice it was that Steve came and gave her a hug. Ben asks Steve if his friends or family got him through it. Steve says it wasn’t so much other people but his positive attitude. “Just me inside”. Steve also credits the military attitude, and his current wife encourages him to do things. Ben says he was shocked by Steve’s legs for the first 15 minutes but now he’s forgotten. Sunshine tells Steve how Ben had wondered if it was wrong to make fun of Steve’s snoring, and Sunshine had said that Steve can clearly look after himself, and that it’s discrimination not to talk to him like everyone else.


Ife, Sunshine, and Caoimhe are in the bathroom.

Ife, Sunshine and Caoimhe are cleaning the bathroom. Sunshine says she loves cleaning because “it’s like art”, “she can show it off to people and they can see how she’s made something better”.

Shabby, Steve, Dave and John James are on the sofas.

Shabby says she’s excited about nominations because they can “fuck shit up and that’s fun” but is also concerned about them.

John James thinks it will be two people who no one expects. Dave thinks he will be getting between 6 and 8 nominations. He says he has not been acting like himself in the house and it has been taking him a while to settle in, but he doesn’t want to go home.

Shabby says that she has spoken to lots of people about nominations and everyone is worried. She says it’s a scary nomination because it’s not obvious who everyone will choose. John James agrees that this time it will be a bit random, and that as time goes on they will get more of a feeling who will be up, but he has no idea now.

1.38 pm

Ben, Ife, Sunshine and Mario are in the living room.

Sunshine and Mario sing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

John James, Rachael, Govan and Corin are in the bedroom.

Rachael talks about Sunshine singing and says “I can’t wait to get my voice back because I will sing the sh*t out of her”, and adds “it’s easy to impersonate Lady Gaga”.

In the living room, Mario and Sunshine continue to sing. Sunshine finishes with “Jazz hands”. In the bedroom, Rachael says she has never met anyone “so aware of the cameras” and says people should be natural in the house. Rachael continues to say that Sunshine claimed she wasn’t like the usual people on Big Brother “extroverts who crave attention” but “from my perspective she was describing herself”. Rachael continues “At least I am honest. I love attention”. loves attention, but isn’t going to go around talking to cameras to get it. Govan says that in a week’s time their numbers will be dwindling.

2.25 pm

Mario, John James, Josie, Shabby and Govan are in the diary room.

Josie comes into the Diary Room with a cushion in her jumper and pretends she’s pregnant. Josie says she’s “up the duffer” and that the father could be any number of the male housemates. Josie asks Big Brother if he saw any “funny business” during the night because “look at the state they’ve got me in”.

Ben and Corin are in the kitchen

Ben and Corin discuss balm cakes. Ben does not know what they are and Corin explains it to him. Ben asks what her favourite is. Corin says “bread” before Ben explains he meant sandwich filling. Corin says chicken salad. “I like chicken salad”

3.42 pm

Most of the Housemates are at the carousel.

Shabby is called to the Diary Room. “Oh, I’ll be in trouble again! I’m always in trouble, I don’t understand!” Shabby says as she walks. In the Diary Room Big Brother reminds Shabby about her discussion saying Steve’s snoring could get him up for nomination and quotes Shabby the relevant passages. “But I’m not nominating Steve” Shabby argues. Big Brother reminds her that she cannot discuss any potential reasons for nominations or any nominations in the future and tells Shabby she will be punished.

Shabby leaves the diary room angrily. “Don’t even, fucking don’t” Shabby says when John James asks her what she’s done now. “You alright babe?” Rachael asks. “No,” Shabby says.

Shabby talks to Caoimhe and Ife in the nest. They agree that Shabby was not trying to influence nominations. Shabby says it upsets her that Big Brother thinks she was trying to influence nominations. She said she used Steve as an example and that a slap on the wrist would have been better.

Mario and Ben discuss Shabby in the living room. They say she’s like a firecracker.

While Caoimhe teaches Ife Spanish, Shabby reads over the rules. She suddenly throws the book on the ground and shouts “I don’t understand!”

4.42 pm

Nathan, Govan, Corin, Dave and John James are in the bedroom talking about Sunshine

Govan says that since yesterday he hasn’t spoken to Sunshine yet and doesn’t want to. He doesn’t mind small talk if they’re in the same room but he’s not interested in having a conversation with her. He knows that she wanted to draw a line under their argument but he says there’s no way they’ll ever be friends. “I don’t want to be friends with someone like that”.

Shabby, Ife, and Caoimhe are in the bathroom

Shabby says the nominations punishment is affecting her a lot. She maintains she was only talking about Steve as an example. Rachael suggests talking to everyone and saying that she feels victimised.

Shabby walks into the kitchen and asks for everyone’s attention. She explains that she’s going to be punished for influencing nominations and she wanted everyone to know the context under which it was said. She says that what the housemates think matters more than what the outside world thinks because the outside world does not understand what it’s like living under the Big Brother rules. Shabby speaks to Steve, and Steve says he understands and that she did the right thing by speaking to them about it.

5.17 pm

Some of the housemates are at the carousel.

Shabby says she’s thought of a cruel punishment but won’t say what it is. Ife and Caoimhe try to guess. Shabby then says she thinks Big Brother might make her nominate one of them. Caoimhe says Shabby is making theories again, and that she should just “cool your jets and relax”.

Ben, Mario and John James are in the bedroom.

Ben explains that Mario has told him to be careful about not finishing the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl, and that some girls might hold it against him and use it as an excuse to nominate him. Mario agrees that at this point the little things that bug you might become a reason to nominate someone. Ben wonders if he’s done anything to irritate the other housemates. Mario says that everything you do in the house becomes magnified.

6.04 pm

Big Brother has gathered all the housemates in the living room for today’s task….

Shabby takes the task instructions which are in ice. They must play “Competitive Brain Freeze” and the winner will get their suitcase back. As her punishment, Shabby will not be allowed to participate, and Dave, Josie and Mario already have their suitcases so will not participate either. Shabby says “I don’t want my p*ssing suitcase.”

Nathan goes to the Diary Room first. He must drink as many shots of frozen drink in 60 seconds as possible.

As Nathan managed to drink all 10 shots he has won today’s task and will receive his suitcase of clothes.

8.37 pm

Josie, Corin and Steve are in the garden

Josie says she feels secure around Steve, even when he snores.

Govan, Ben, Mario and Rachael are in the kitchen…

Govan and Rachael discuss being mixed race. Rachael says everyone always thinks she’s only a quarter black. Govan says when he was younger he wanted to be darker like his father and brother, but now that he’s older he’s happy with the way he looks.

9.05 pm

Dave, Ben, and Caoimhe are in the nest.

Ben asks Caoimhe if Shabby only wants to talk to the girls. Caoimhe says that Shabby and her and Ife have just formed a very close friendship and they all have a similar experience in the house. Caoimhe says that Shabby has “found her comfort zone in us two”. Ben wonders if he did something to make Shabby not like him. Caoimhe says that Shabby has never bitched about him and offers to talk to Shabby about him. Ben wants to confirm that it’s not that Shabby doesn’t like him, but just that she doesn’t register him. C

10.11 pm

Ben, Mario, John James, Shabby, Caoimhe, and Ife are in the bathroom.

Mario decides to streak through the house. He runs through the living room and does a lap in the garden around Steve and Sunshine while Caoimhe chases him. When he arrives back in the bathroom he’s told “you’ve got serious balls”.

Sunshnie has come to the Diary Room.

In the Diary Room, Sunshine says that after the Govan incident she thinks Govan has been avoiding her. He leaves the room when she enters, and doesn’t offer her a drink when he offers other people one. Sunshine hopes the situation can be resolved.

10.24 pm

John James and Josie are in the bathroom.

Josie tells John James she is unlucky with men

Rachael has come to the Diary Room.

Rachael notes that the house is becoming increasingly segregated. She says that people are feeling tense because of upcoming nominations. It’s no longer all fun and games.

Back in the bathroom John James tells Josie that he doesn’t normally like girls with fake boobs, and he said that he doesn’t go for stunning girls. Josie jokes “So you’re saying there’s a chance” . John James replies “Of course there’s a chance”

12.57 am

Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom

Caoimhe is in the diary room

Caoimhe says she is very tired and is dreading sleep because of the snoring. She asks Big Brother for earplugs.

Govan and Shabby are at the Carousel

Shabby says that she has been made to feel like she picks on Sunshine. Shabby said you can’t force trying to get along with everyone. Govan says he wants to just enjoy his time in here because nobody’s safe. “That’s the thing mate”, Shabby agrees, “nobody’s safe.”


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