Big Brother 2010: Day 50 highlights – Ben slams Josie and John James for ‘screwing under the covers!’

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Jo, Corin, and Laura are in the Bathroom. Jo says this is the first morning that she’s woken up and doesn’t feel tired. Laura says she’s shattered and Corin says she’s knackered. Jo jokes that she’ll have to shut herself up in the hut because she’ll have no outlet for all her energy. Without saying anything, Laura stands up and walks out of the Bathroom.

She walks into the Garden and through the fire escape. “I can’t do it anymore”, she says.


Dave and Ben are in the Bathroom talking about John James and Josie. “Screwing around under the covers like they’re children”, says Ben. Dave says he will talk to them later.

Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. “I think she may have gone”, says JJ of Laura. Big Brother announces that Laura has chosen to leave.

Ben is in the Bathroom. “That’s awful. I really liked her”, he says. In the Garden Dave is singing Another One Bites the Dust.


Some of the Housemates are in the Bathroom. In the shower, Mario asks if John James will scrub his back. Mario tells John James to work his way down. Mario then asks John James if he wants his back scrubbed. John James says no.

Jo and Corin are in the Bedroom talking about when they will get up and get ready. “I’ll wait here a bit longer. I’ll watch JJ get ready and then I’ll go and have a shower”, says Corin. JJ walks into the room and Corin notes that everyone who has shared her bed has left. JJ jokes that he wants to share her double bed. Corin says he can share her bed if he wants, and JJ agrees. Once JJ leaves the room, Corin says “That was easy, weren’t it?”


Big Brother has called all the Housemates to the Living Room for the start of this week’s shopping task. There is a sound of a doorbell and a postman walks in. “He’s fit”, says Rachel. “He’s gotta be a stripper”, says John James. The postman delivers the rules for the week’s task and Mario reads them aloud.

For this task, Ignore the Obvious, Housemates must do nothing at all. There will be multiple random events occurring in the house and Housemates must not react. The only place Housemates may discuss the events is in the Diary Room. There is a safe in the Bedroom and inside it is the number of fails that housemates may have. If they pass they will win the premium shopping budget, and personal messages from their family.

Andrew clicks his fingers to begin the task, and immediately the postman begins stripping to You Can Leave Your Hat On. “Oh my, this is too much”, says Jo. The stripper follows Corin to the Garden, and then back into the Living Room. “I think the postman really delivered”, says Andrew.


Rachel, Ben and Dave are in the Bathroom. Rachel says she’s sad the postman has gone. “What are you doing? You’re not supposed to talk about it”, says Dave reminding her that she can’t acknowledge the things that are going on. “I’m not doing it on purpose,” says Rachel. Ben says to Rachel that she can only do her best and nobody can expect any more than that. He says if people are rude to her then “tell them to p*** off”.

In the Garden, housemates are discussing getting personal messages. “Do you think a video message will really do, I don’t think I’ll cry”, says Corin. Josie says she just wants to see her friends face, and she will be able to know from that how well she is doing. Steve says that he wants to win this task more than anything.

In the Living Room, Dave reminds Ben to be a “good boy”. Ben says he only said what he said to Rachel to cheer her up. Dave explains the situation to Jo. He says that the messages from home are very important, and that if he had broken the rules he would want someone to point it out to him. Dave says Ben shouldn’t try to “shaft his mates” and build up a relationship with Rachel by agreeing with something that is clearly wrong. Ben reiterates that he was only trying to cheer Rachel up. Dave points out that he has called Ben on this type of thing before.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden looking at a wasp. A brass band enters the Garden and begins playing. The band stands in a circle in the garden around some of the housemates. The housemates in the Garden continue with their conversation, and the housemates in the Living Room discuss the weather. The band enters the living room, and leaves the house. After they have left, Dave whistles the song they were playing.


Mario and Ben are in the Kitchen. “How do you stay so slim when you eat so much s***?” asks Ben adding that he must have a really good metabolism. Mario grabs at Ben’s love handles and says “oh dear, what’s this?” Ben calls Mario is a bitch. Mario calls Ben a diva.

Josie, Rachel, and Corin are in the Garden. Rachel says she knows she can’t talk about it, but what she can’t talk about was definitely her type. Corin says in the Diary Room they asked her whether the stripper or the brass band was harder to ignore, and she said the brass band. “Shut up”, says Josie.

Ben’s friend David has entered the house as a toilet attendant as part of today’s ‘Ignore the Obvious’ task. Andrew goes to the Bathroom and encounters the toilet attendant, who he ignores. Ben looks into the Bathroom from the Living Room and then goes into the Bathroom, ignoring his friend. As Ben leaves, David smirks.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. John James and Josie are listing all the bad features that they love about each other. “I love your lazy eye” says John James. “I love your yellow teeth”, says Josie.

Mario has been called to the Diary Room. As part of the Ignore the Obvious task, his grandfather is sitting in the chair, dressed as Santa Claus. Big Brother asks Mario if he is missing his family, and Mario says that he is, and that the personal message would mean a lot. Big Brother asks Mario about his grandparents, and Mario says that he is missing them, and wishes he could have gone and visited them this summer. Big Brother asks Mario to describe his grandfather, and then asks if he’s ever seen him wear a red coat. Mario says he hasn’t.


Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. Corin asks if Mario is okay. Mario says he can’t talk about it. JJ asks if he doesn’t want to or isn’t allowed to. Mario says he isn’t allowed to.


Marcus Bentley has entered the house. As part of this week’s task he’ll be narrating the Housemates movements from inside the house. “6.42pm. Dave and Steve are talking about love”. Marcus goes to the bathroom and reports that Rachel is sitting alone. Rachel eats and orange and tries not to laugh.

Josie says to John James that she is thinking about having a lie down. Marcus looks at his watch and reports “7.01 pm. Josie and John James are discussing having a lie down”. Rachel and John James laugh. Steve asks if anyone wants some jaffa cakes. John James tells Josie he likes her hair regrowth. Marcus announces “Some of the housemates are talking about hair”. Josie tries not to laugh and Steve tries to distract them by bringing them jaffa cakes. John James places a jaffa cake next to Marcus, and Marcus picks it up and starts eating it. He announces “7.06 pm. The housemates are passing round the jaffa cakes”.


Corin has been called to the Diary Room where there is a man and whipped cream pies on the table. “What’s the mood like inside the house today, Corin?” asks Big Brother. As Corin answers the man throws a pie in her face. She is silent. Big Brother asks how she is enjoying the shopping task. Corin licks her mouth and says “it’s getting better”.

As this is the final series of Big Brother, Big Brother has instructed an Estate Agent to find prospective buyers for the house. An Estate Agent and a Couple enter the house and the estate agent begins showing them around. “Ignore, ignore, ignore”, says Steve.

Andrew and Dave follow the Estate Agent and the Couple around and try to distract them. In the Garden, they throw the ball over the top of them as the Estate Agent talks about Astroturf and concrete.

In the Diary Room, Corin says that she hates the eviction that’s coming up and that everyone who is up are “dead decent guys”. She says she’s delighted that she’s not up though. Big Brother asks Corin if she’s looking forward to anything as she gets covered in another pie.

In the bathroom, the Estate Agent shows the Couple the shower. Andrew removes his clothes and goes into the shower and turns it on.

The Estate Agent and Couple leave and Corin comes out of the Diary Room. “What the f*** happened to you?” asks Steve. “Don’t”, says Corin.


Ben and Rachel are in the Nest talking about a previous argument they had. “Tomorrow you must be nice to me”, says Ben. Rachel says she feels awkward about the situation and Ben says he doesn’t feel awkward he feels happy. Mario enters the Nest and starts making fun of Ben with Rachel. Mario pretends to hypnotise Rachel and says “you will fall for Ben’s charm.” Rachel says Ben couldn’t charm his way out of a paper bag. Rachel says she really liked Ben before she discovered his “playeristic” ways. Ben denies being a player and Rachel asks why everyone in the house would say he was if he wasn’t. Ben says people like Steve and Dave say it to make fun of him.


Some of the Housemates are in the kitchen. “This is the one task that will break us”, says Rachel. She says everyone will be at each other’s necks by the end of it. Dave says he would definitely fail if they brought his mates or his wife in. He says he knows it’s selfish but if they put his wife in and he swept her up to the Nest and gave her “some lovin'”, that would only count as one fail.

Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom as Zombies enter the room. Mario gets up and goes to the Kitchen. “I think everyone should go to bed, right now”, he says. The rest of the housemates get up and go to the Bedroom as the zombies are walking around the room and jumping on the Housemates beds.
As the zombies leave Rachel and Corin go back to the Kitchen. “There’s nothing going on” says Corin. Rachel says she feels bored because of how nothing is going on.


John James and Dave are in the Living Room. “Andrew’s not a fan of me”, says John James. Dave says that Andrew likes Josie and that he is worried that he’s said some stuff in the Diary Room about John James that could put him in a bad light with his fans. John James says he really likes Andrew, and if Josie was not in the picture they could be friends, but it’s not his fault that she is. John James says Josie really likes Andrew but does not fancy him. “Every time me and Josie are together he walks out of the room”, he says.

Josie comes to the Living Room and Dave explains about Andrew’s “kiddie crush”. “He needs to get to Specsavers”, says Josie.


Lisa McGarry

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