Big Brother 2010: Day 51 highlights – John James and Andrew have a Josie chat!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


So far housemates have incurred 35 fails in this week’s Ignore the Obvious shopping task. They are unaware that in order to pass the task they must not exceed 88 fails, the number of fails is locked in a safe in the Bedroom.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. John James and Josie are cuddling in bed; Josie begins ‘dry humping’ John James. “What are you two love chickens up to?” asks Mario. Josie says they’re pretending to have sex. Mario says sometimes pretending is better than the real thing. Josie says she’s giving the cameras the money shot.

Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. A male stripper walks in and proceeds to take a shower. Mario tries not to look at the shower as the other housemates slowly begin to filter in to the bathroom. The girls sit by the bath and look at the shower. Rachel notes that it’s getting hot in the bathroom. The girls sing “it’s getting hot in here”. As the Stripper leaves, Mario notes that there are some tasks worth failing.


Corin is in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks Corin how she enjoyed her morning Bathroom experience. “Is that what you’d call morning glory?” asks Corin, adding that all the girls wanted to giggle and they didn’t know where to look.

Josie and Jo are in the Garden talking about ‘dry humping’ John James in the morning. “Dry humping? I feel ashamed of myself”, jokes Josie.

Back in the Diary Room, Corin brings up the possibility of her and JJ going on a double date with Josie and John James. She asks Big Brother if he thinks it’s embarrassing that she keeps talking about JJ. She says she doesn’t think it is. Big Brother asks Corin what she thinks of JJ. “He’s fit ain’t he?” she says, adding, ~”Is he fit because there’s not been any fit in here?”


Josie and Jo are in the Garden talking about John James. “I’ve said how I feel in front of the cameras”, she says continuing, “It’s like he’s ashamed”. Jo tells Josie that she’s not making an idiot of herself and says that Josie has a cute guy paying her loads of attention and she can’t help that.

Rachel, Dave, and Ben are in the Kitchen discussing cleaning up areas of the house. Ben asks that they get rid of the tampons in the Bathroom as he doesn’t like that they’re just lying on the floor. “Get a pair of balls”, says Rachel and that they’re just tampons. “You wouldn’t like it if there were condoms on the side. I’d put them in the drawer”, says Ben. Rachel says it’s a different thing, and that she wouldn’t mind. Ben suggests they put the tampons in the drawers with the clothes. Rachel says they shouldn’t hide them away like they’re something disgusting. Ben says he just wouldn’t leave the tampons lying out, but then that’s him. Dave points out that of course he wouldn’t, because he’s a bloke.

John James and Mario are in the shower talking who will be going on Friday. “Davo’s probably a bigger character than me”, says John James. He adds that he thinks he will go on Friday, and Mario says he doesn’t think so because of the romance with Josie. John James says “Romance? Hardly.” He says they have a very strong connection. “I think she’d be better off in here without me”. John James brings up Andrew, and says that Andrew keeps his distance when John James and Josie are together. Mario tells him that all crushes feel really intense at the time, and that it will pass.


JJ and John James are in the Living Room talking about Andrew. “What am I meant to do?” asks John James. JJ says that kiddie crushes are hard, and he doesn’t know what’s the best thing to do.

Some of the housemates are at the Carousel. Dave jokes about the amount of makeup the Jo wears and quips “Makeup. Helping ugly women get hooked up for centuries”. Dave says that his wife is very beautiful, but he prefers her with a bit of makeup on.

John James and Andrew are in the Nest. John James says he’s not sure if Andrew wants to talk about it, but that he senses that Andrew likes Josie and doesn’t want things to be awkward. “I don’t feel uncomfortable at all”, says Andrew. Andrew admits that he’s never met a girl like Josie who has been “so positive to me”. John James asks if it’s just a crush, and Andrew says it’s just a “school boy crush” and admits that he can get jealous of Josie and John James.


Steve is in the Garden when a group of Japanese Tourists come into the Garden. They loudly begin pointing at things and posing for pictures. Ben and Andrew look into the Garden from the Nest. “There’s nothing out there”, says Ben. The Tourists go into the Living Room, and follow Josie around, who is in a towel. They pose for pictures with Dave, John James and JJ, who pretend not to notice.

2.35 pm

In the Garden, a waiter sets up two chairs and a table. John James asks if anyone is up for a catch outside, and Andrew agrees. As they go out, John James kicks over one of the chairs and Andrew sits in the other one. Dave wonders if someone will be having a “nothing picnic”.

Joining housemates in the Garden for afternoon tea is Steve’s wife, Deon, and Dave’s wife, Donna.

Dave says “oh my goodness. Chick boom bah.” “I think you might want to walk in the Garden”, Ben tells Dave. Both Dave and Steve go into the Garden and comment on how much “glory” is out there. Dave and Steve start talking about how beautiful their wives are. Dave begins doing push ups in front of Donna and takes his shirt off.

After the wives have left the Garden Steve and Dave go to the Diary Room. “I don’t know whether to love you or hate you.” says Dave. “It was hard to resist”, says Steve. Both of them thank Big Brother for bringing their wives in.


Ben has been called in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks him how he is feeling. Ben begins to answer and a clown rises up from being the Diary Room chair. “Oh s***”, he says” before apologising. Ben sits down and Big Brother begins to ask him normal questions about the mood in the house. The clown begins blowing balloons up next to Ben’s ear. Ben stands up to avoid it.


All the Housemates are in the Living Room taking part in a quiz they have made up. Ben asks Andrew to name all the actors who have played James Bond. Mario comments that it’s unfair to ask someone they all know is a massive James Bond fan a question about James Bond, and that the game is fixed. “What a surprise, the mole is about to crack”, says John James. Mario begins to respond and says “I’m not going to…” and then trails off. He stands up and says he’s had enough.

Mario goes to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother. “I just wanted to be away for a while”, he says. He adds that he is upset that he sat next to his grandfather and didn’t speak to him. Mario says that if everyone else is “taking the p***” out of this task and incurring one fail after another, he might as well have spoken to his grandfather. Big Brother recommends that Mario makes the most of his time in the house.

Mario leaves the Diary Room and goes to the Bedroom. John James follows him. “Do I really have to hide in the cupboard to be left alone”, says Mario. “A lot of people in here care about you”, says John James.

John James asks why he’s so upset. Ben says that Mario gets funny when the attention is on other people and he’s upset because the cameras are all turned on Josie. Mario says everything in the house is artificial, and he doesn’t feel like he has a role in the house. John James says that everyone Mario’s gotten close to disappears, and that he constantly has to do a backwards step and find a new place.


The four housemates facing eviction are in the Diary Room. Dave says he is heavily intoxicated. Ben comments that Dave gets pissed without any external stimulation. Dave says he could argue the theological route, but that he doesn’t like any of those three, and whichever goes is fine as long as it’s not him. John James comments “there you have it, from the lord himself”.

Big Brother asks who they collectively think will go. Each of them says they think they will go. Dave says “our humility is ceded only by our good looks”.

Lisa McGarry

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