Big Brother 2010: Day 52 highlights – Ben says Josie is ’emotionally dependent’ on John James

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


Andrew, Rachel and Corin are in the Garden. Corin tells them she wishes she was a lad because it is easier for them to get ready. Andrew at first doesn’t realise the difference so Corin lists everything she has to do in the morning to get ready. Corin teaches Andrew about what to say when a woman asks if her bum looks big an outfit.

Ben & John James are in the Bathroom discussing being evicted. John James says the only reason he would care about going is Josie. Ben tells him that Josie is emotionally dependent on him and although Dave and the Jo would miss him everyone gets replaced.

Josie has come to the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the possibility of John James being evicted. She tells Big Brother that John James is her friend and makes her feel confident and good about herself. Josie says she feels really good because she never thought that John James would like someone like her. “Do you believe in summer lovin’?” asks Big Brother. “I didn’t but I do now”, says Josie.


Some of the Housemate’s are in the Garden talking about religion. John James tells Dave that God must have been drunk when he made him. Dave tells John James God was and is the biggest party animal there is and that he loves Chinese food.

Some of the Housemate’s are in the Bedroom. Mario is blowing a hairdryer in Ben’s face and trying to curl his eyelashes with curlers. “What s*** can I start today?”, asks Mario. Ben tells Mario not to annoy him today. “I think he’s turning into a loon”, says Josie.


Ben, Corin and JJ are in the Garden. As part of this week’s task Housemate’s must still Ignore the Obvious. A man walks into the Garden and puts a Jedward poster on the door. “I hate them two guys”, says John James. He realises that he’s said something he shouldn’t have and quickly add, “Ben and Dave”. “I love Ben and Dave”, says Rachel.
Andrew says he hates them and Dave says he doesn’t know who Ben and Dave are.


Ben and Jo are in the Nest. “If I’d done as long as you guys had done, I wouldn’t want to go but I’d be accepting of it”, says Jo. She adds that she doesn’t think a housemate that hasn’t been in the house from the start should win but they should get to stay longer for the experience. Jo tells Ben that she has no alliances in the house and it is “dog eat dog” because housemates want their air time.

Corin and Josie are at the Carousel. Josie is telling her that John James and herself have snogged quite a few times. “He said to me, ‘I’m attracted to you”, says Josie. “I nearly melted”, she adds. “This is a relationship. The beginning”, says Corin.


Some of the Housemate’s are in the Bedroom. Mario jokes with Ben saying he hopes he goes and tells Ben it is too close a call to predict who will leave. “There will be no flights to Australia”, says Ben. .

John James and JJ are in the Bathroom talking about when they’ll leave the house. “I think you’ve got a while”, says John James. JJ tells him that he would like to be there for the final week, and it would be awesome if John James, Josie and Dave were there for it too.

The nominated housemates are told by BB there their suitcases are in the store room. John James and Josie have a kiss and a cuddle in the store room when they are left alone.

Ben asks Josie if she thinks he is going to be evicted. Josie tells him she doesn’t know but might be ok because he is funny. Josie freaks out at the oven and curses it for not working saying “top of the rage, yeah right”.


Housemate’s have been gathered for tonight’s live eviction show. John James tells Josie that he knows he is going. Josie tells him that he said that last time. John James predicts that Ben will be the first person saved, Dave second and it will be between himself and Andrew.

Davina McCall enters the house to record some of her links for the show. As part of the task Housemates must ignore her. During the link Davina sits on Andrew, messes up Ben’s hair and hits Dave’s belly. She then tells Josie to move over as she sits on John James’s knee and licks his face. When Davina leaves John James says “something just licked my face”. Josie tells John James that he better to run off with Davina.


The Housemate’s are still at the sofa’s waiting to hear the results of this week’s eviction. Davina talks to the house. Andrew is the first housemate saved and Dave is the second. Ben is evicted. “I have literally enjoyed myself with each and everyone of you”, he tells them as he says his goodbyes.

After Ben has left the house Josie and John James hug as Josie is teary. She tells him not to make a “big song and dance” about it. “I can’t believed I outlived Ben”, says Dave. Andrew tells Dave that Ben was ready to go and he is going to enjoy it. Dave tells Andrew that Ben was his mate. Andrew tells Dave that Ben was his mate too.

At the sofas Josie tells John James that she has become too dependant on him.


Sam a 21yr old graffiti artist from London is the 21st person to enter the Big Brother house. He enters the house wearing a T shirt that says, “Ignore Me”. He sits on the sofas and the other Housemates try not to pay him any attention.

Sam is called to the Diary Room where the Housemates can watch on a plasma screen from the Living Room. “They don’t seem too happy to see me”, says Sam. He adds that Josie has been bitching about him. Josie shouts out, “that is because you called me Miss Piggy”.

Sam returns to the sofa and tells Josie “I can’t believe you are such a bitch Josie”. Josie talks about Sam telling the housemates “there was a bloke at the auditions who bitched about everyone”. Corin tells the housemates not to let the situation spoil he task for them.

As part of this week’s shopping task Jedward are performing their single All the Small Things in the Garden. Andrew stares at them and Rachel watches them smiling. After their song Jedward run around the house, throwing cushions in the pool, pushing Andrew and poking Jo. As they leave through the main entrance they set the fire alarm off.


Housemate have been told that this week’s task is now over and they are free to talk to new housemate, Sam. Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Do you think you’re offensive but you don’t mean to be?” asks Josie. She adds that she thinks he’ll make everyone laugh. JJ tells Sam he is fine apart from when he says personal things to people. Sam looks at Andrew and tells him to cheer up. Josie asks Sam if everyone thinks that she is a tart. Sam tells Josie that he thinks she is a tart. Andrew asks Sam why he didn’t help them with the task. Sam tells Andrew to “calm down” and then sucks his thumb looking at Josie. Sam tells the housemates that no one wanted to pick him last week. Dave tells Sam that he was going to but Josie told him that Sam “slagged” him off during auditions without even knowing him.

Sam leaves the Bedroom. “I was in lock down with him for three days”, says Josie. “The worst three days of my life.”


Housemates have been gathered at the sofas for the reveal of the results of this weeks Ignore the Obvious task. The number in the safe represents the amount of fails they are allowed. If they have conceded fewer than this number they will win a premium shopping budget and messages from home. Sam has been called to open the safe which holds the number. Big Brother announces that Housemates incurred 86 fails. “86”, says Sam before turning the card around to reveal an 88.

Big Brother announces that Housemates have passed this week’s shopping task and so will each receive a message from home. The all cheer and hug.


Most of the Housemates are in the Garden. “For some reason I see myself as getting along with him”, says John James. Corin says she thinks he will be a laugh and Mario says he’s willing to start over again.

Sam is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. “I’m really confused”, he says adding that the housemates want to all be friends. “Maybe try saying that in a week”. “I guess me and Josie will have a few fights”, he predicts. Sam adds that he is surprised how “feisty” Andrew is, and thinks that John James is “wet” and doesn’t think he will stand up for himself.

Josie is in bed with John James hugging. “I’m so happy you’re here”, she tells him. She adds that she hasn’t been so happy in a really long time and thanks him for it. John James asks Josie what she is thanking him for. Josie tells him for being so nice, and tells him it is nice when someone cares about you. John James agrees.

Sam walks out of he Diary Room and looks into the Bedroom at Josie. He sucks him thumb. Josie laughs.


Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam jumps underneath the covers in bed with Josie and mimics John James saying things like “I didn’t mean it” and “I am an emotional guy”. Josie laughs and calls herself a “tart”. John James says it is funny because everything Sam mimics they have said. Josie says that her sucking her thumb under the duvet will sound like she has been “sucking off” John James.

Corin, Dave, and Rachel are at the Carousel talking about Sam. “He reminds me of the people who used to bully me”. Dave tells them that they have a strong unity formed in the house and Sam is not going to be able to break it. Rachel says that Sam is “all mouth”. Corin tells them that they need to give him a chance and he might be a different person to who they think he is or he might not. Corin says “All will be revealed.

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