Big Brother 2010: Day 53 highlights – John James and Josie declare their love AGAIN!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4

9.31 am Wake up Sam

All of the housemates are in the Bedroom. John James and Josie are in bed together telling each other they love one another. When the other housemates wake up, Sam tells them that John James and Josie woke him up before the alarm did.


Dave and Andrew are exercising in the Garden and talking about Sam. “I wonder how young Pepper will settle in”, says Dave. Andrew tells him that he doesn’t think Sam is his type of person.

John James and Steve are in the Bathroom. They both say they think Sam is strange.

Sam has been called to the Diary Room to be given his first secret task by Big Brother. He must convince the other housemates that the clothes Big Brother has given him are in fact his own. He must wear all four outfits for at least 20 minutes and the other housemates must not realise he is on a secret task.

Sam enters the bedroom and tells the other housemates Big Brother will give him his suitcase soon.


Sam has been given his suitcase full of ridiculous clothes and is changing into his first outfit, a pink velour tracksuit.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. JJ mentions that Sam has only three outfits. “It’s all dress up, he’s loopy”, he says. John James says that his clothes consist of some jogging pants, five hats and some giraffe underwear.

Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom. Sam tells them his tracksuit is just an everyday outfit.

Back in the Garden Dave and John James say that if Big Brother could give Sam tasks to wind up the rest of the house he would be very good at it.

In the Bedroom, Steve asks Jo if she is ok as she seems upset. “You want some of this?” jokes Sam pointing at his body. “You cannot be straight”, says Steve.

Sam enters the Garden and says he thought he would match Corin’s outfit today. He then gives Josie a lap dance.


Rachel, Josie and Steve are in the Kitchen. Sam is changing into his second outfit of silver trousers, cut off t-shirt, deeley boppers, finished off with a decorative scarf.

Sam enters the Kitchen wearing his second outfit. JJ starts laughing. “I picked this number for you Josie”, says Sam. Josie replies by saying he looks beautiful. John James guesses that Sam is definitely on a task, saying if he wears the outrageous clothes, Big Brother will give him his real suitcase


Yesterday, housemates passed this week’s shopping task and so will each receive a special prize of messages from home later today. Steve and Mario are in the Living Room discussing what will be said.

Sam is in the Bedroom changing into his third outfit which includes a red leotard and a tutu.

Most of the housemates are in the Garden. JJ and John James are talking about Rachel. “She doesn’t shut up”, says John James adding that she is always trying to seek out romances in the house. They pair turn the conversation to Corin. JJ tells John James je doesn’t want to complicate things in the house with her.

Sam enters the Garden in his third outfit saying that it emphasises his ‘package’. He then does some ballet moves for the housemates.


In the Garden, Sam is questioning Josie about her relationship with John James. He asks whether she wants to kiss him. When John James enters the Garden, Sam changes the subject and asks Josie about ants.

In the Kitchen, Corin is challenged to eat a hot chilli. She does, saying it’s red hot and getting hotter. Dave says he can’t believe she did that.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Josie tells Sam she can see his reflection in the mirror. Sam then thrusts himself at Josie. JJ says that he ‘tea bagged’ her.


Most of the housemates are in the Garden. Josie and John James are talking about Sam. Josie says he’s trying to ‘wind her up’ and that he’s like an annoying little brother.

Sam is called to the Diary Room by Big Brother. He is informed that his earlier behaviour with Josie was seriously unacceptable. “I see your point”, says Sam.

Sam enters the Garden and informs the other housemates of his reprimand. “It was only a little bullock”, says Josie.


Sam and John James are talking about Josie. Sam asks him if he fancies her or if they are just friends. John James says they are close friends. Sam cannot believe no one in the house has directly questioned John James about it before.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave is getting waxed by Rachel whilst the other housemates watch.

Sam is in the Diary Room. Big Brother tells him he has failed his secret task and will not be receiving his suitcase. He goes back into the Bedroom and tells the rest of the housemates that he has failed his task and now has no clothes to wear.


Jo and Corin are in the Bedroom talking about JJ. Corin reveals that she thinks JJ is fit and that she feels embarrassed around him. “You must like him more than him just being fit”, says Jo.

In the Kitchen, JJ and John James are talking about Corin. “Her boobs are massive”, says John James.


Housemates are gathered in the Living Room, waiting for their messages from home.

The housemates watch Josie’s video from home and then Dave’s.


Housemates are still watching messages from. So far, Josie, Dave, Jo, Andrew, Corin, JJ Sam and Mario have seen their messages.

The housemates watch John James’ video from home in which his mum tells him that she is very proud of him and not to do anything stupid. She also tells him he is doing if for Oz. “Doing it for Australia? She knows I hate them”, says John James.

The housemates then watch Rachel and Steve’s videos. After watching his video of his wife and children, Steve starts crying. The rest of the housemates all clag and comfort him.


John James and Josie are in the Living Room talking about their relationship and how they act around others. “No wonder we have no friends”, says John James.

Steve is in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks him how he feels since he saw his message from home. “I loved it”, he says. Steve adds that he thought it would make his time easier in the house but instead it has made it harder for him. He is glad to see his family are happy. “It makes you realise what you’ve got”, he says.


Josie, John James and JJ are in the Bathroom. Josie has dipped Sam’s toothbrush in a foul-tasting fingernail solution prescribed to stop her sucking her thumb. Sam walks in and begins to brush his teeth. He realises what they’ve done, “Don’t start that game because you know you’re gonna lose”, he tells Josie.

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