Big Brother 2010: Day 54 highlights – Sam annoys John James and Josie!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


The housemates are woken up by the theme tune to The Magic Roundabout. Sam suggests they all try to think about what horrible things Big Brother will do to them this morning via the Magic Roundabout. Josie says “a never-ending roundabout and we have to stay on it all day.” JJ says to Sam “Lets hope the magic roundabout makes you shut the f*** up for 5 minutes.” Sam says JJ is a prick.


Last Night Josie played a prank on Sam and put nail varnish on his toothbrush.
Sam asks Josie if she is scared about his revenge. Josie says she is s******* herself.

In the Diary Room Andrew says he was down on Friday because Ben left and Sam came in. Andrew says Sam needs to “watch what he says”, and that he “goes after Josie”. “I understand friendly banter, but he does cross the line.” He adds that Sam is so lucky that Josie has a good sense of humour as he is “treating her with disrespect. He is a windup merchant.”

In the bedroom, Sam puts garlic in Josie’s pillow case…


In the Diary Room Josie is talking about Sam. She says: “Half of me loves him like an annoying little brother, and the other half wants to clip him round the ear.” Josie says she has grown to love him, and that he is a sweet little rascal.

Sam tells JJ that he has filled Josie’s pillowcase with crushed garlic. JJ says he won’t say anything to her about it.

Josie leaves the Diary Room and comes to the bedroom. John James, with eyeliner on, silently motions to Josie to look in the pillow case. Josie realises it is full of garlic and John James says quietly “swap it”. Josie swaps pillowcases with Sam and Sam, who is in the closet shaving, does not notice. Josie leaves to have a shower.

Sam notices the swap. John James grins and says “I see everything”. Sam asks who told him, and JJ said anyone can smell it because it’s stinking the room up.


Yesterday Big Brother gave Housemates video messages from home as a reward for passing this week’s shopping task.

In the kitchen, Corin tells Jo she thinks she is now single. “I will definitely be single now otherwise Rachel would have been on that video message. I didn’t ever want to hurt her and she’s probably not hurt sh’es probably like ‘oh whatever’.” Jo says that on a happier note, Corin’s here having fun, and she’s not harming or being disrespectful to anyone.

John James asks Josie if she would ever have sex in the Big Brother house. Josie says no. John James agrees and says there’s no point. Josie says that a girl would have to be John James’ girlfriend in order for John James to do it. Josie asks if John James is saying he wants to have sex with Josie and John James says yes….

In the living room, Corin tells Jo that she and Mario joked about sleeping in bed naked. JJ said that he would sleep in Corin’s bed but he didn’t know about naked. Corin worries that she looks like she’s just trying to get JJ to sleep in her bed and it is embarrassing.


Today Housemates will take on their most difficult task so far. They’re going back to the playground for the endurance task of their lives.

Each Housemate has chosen a playground activity to conquer: the Slide, Hopscotch, The See Saw, The Roundabout, The Bouncing Bugs, and Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes. The last Housemate playing will win the mystery prize in the sealed box.

On the merry-go-round, Josie says she’s feeling dizzy. Steve is the first to give up. Steve spins Josie around, and Josie begins to feel sick. She says “I thought I was going to throw up in my hair!” JJ and John James banter that everyone else can quit at any time.

Jo, playing hopscotch, says she just wants to show some effort. Jo gives up. Josie gives up, and throws up in the toilet. Rachel gives up from singing Head and Shoulders. JJ tells Corin he will be glad to watch her give up. He jokes that it’ll be win-win, because she’ll have given up the task, and also her voice will be gone.


Corin is still singing head shoulders knees and toes, and other housemates joke that she should quit. Big Brother announces that Dave has been eliminated for not sliding correctly.

In the kitchen, Jo and Josie both marvel that Corin is still going. Josie says she is like GI Jane. Josie tells Jo that John James has told her that he will buy her some designer clothes when they get out of the house, because she will appreciate it. Josie says she has had “the best summer of my life. I’ve never been so happy. I’ve won already. To be able to have a relationship like we have, you can’t get much more than that for winning.”

On a refreshment break from the task Corin says she can only do another 3 hours of singing and that’s it. JJ tells her there’s no shame in quitting, and that it’s going to rain soon and will cause her makeup to run and her hair to get damaged. Corin worries her song is annoying everyone. Andrew tells Corin not to quit. JJ and John James continue to banter with Corin about quitting.

In kitchen Josie asks Jo: “Do we look like Little and Large? [Josie and John James] “When we’re snuggling in bed we must look like Little and Large.”


In the garden Corin has sung “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” over 730 times.

Corin says she’ll be gutted if she quits, but she could only do 1 more hour and that’s it. JJ teases her that there’s no shame in finishing 6th. Corin says she can’t do it anymore and quits. The housemates in the garden applaud her.

7.44 pm

Andrew, JJ, John James, Sam and Mario have been in the playground for 5 hours and 59 minutes. JJ says he feels sorry for Andrew going down the slide. He says he was entertaining to watch him at first, but now he feels bad.

After quitting singing Head Shoulder Knees and Toes Corin goes to the Diary Room. She says she wanted to beat the boys more than she wanted to win. She says she gave it her best but “I’ve never bent up and down so much in my life!”

In the garden, the other housemates whisper that they should let Andrew win, by all quitting at the same time. Andrew tells them not to do it and that he didn’t want to win like this. The housemates all applaud Andrew and give him a hug.


Andrew says that having a romance in the big brother house increases how much money you can make afterwards “a romance definitely increases the amount of money you can make”. John James is surprised to learn this.

Josie joins in on the conversation and says that it’s not about the money for her. Sam comments sarcastically “it’s all about the love”. Josie says things like that have not crossed her mind. Sam says he doesn’t believe that, and thinks that Josie would sell her story to the magazines. Josie says Sam is “totally wrong” and Sam says “that’s my opinion”. Josie walks out of the living room and says “we’ll see”. Sam counters “we will indeed”. As Josie leaves, the boys are all silent in the living room.

Josie speaks to Jo in the bathroom and ask: “Who does he think he is coming in here and saying stuff like that?” Josie says that Sam called her a “fat slag” in the garden and she knew that that was tongue in cheek, but now, she has to put her hands up and say “I don’t like the little w*****”.

Josie comes back into the living room and tells Sam to stop asking questions about her and John James and says it is none of his business. Sam says it’s his job to ask questions. Josie says he’s not a journalist, just a “graffiti artist or whatever”. Josie says that anyone who would say something like that would do it themselves. Sam sticks his tongue out at Josie.


John James goes to the bathroom and asks Josie if she is alright. Josie says she is fuming. Josie tells John James not to let Sam ask any more questions about them. Josie says Sam looked at her “like a piece of trash”.

John James says the comment wasn’t that bad, and Josie says that if John James is going to stick up for Sam then not to bother talking to her. Josie repeats that if Sam asks John James any more questions then he should refuse to answer. Rachel points out that reporters on the outside world will be asking worse questions than Sam. Josie says that Sam has wound her up, and John James tells Josie not to let him.


As Andrew won the Parklife task he is being treated to an Arabian Night in the nest with his chosen date Corin. Andrew asks Corin if she’s been here before, and says he loves how secluded it is. Andrew struggles to open the champagne bottle, and Corin does it for him, and drinks the overspray right from the bottle. Meanwhile Sam, their slave, fans them during the meal.

Turning on the charm Andrew says that the best thing about this date is that he knows afterwards Corin will be coming back to his bedroom. Sam turns his head away and tries not to laugh. Corin asks Andrew what he looks for in a woman. Andrew jokes that he likes “long, dark hair”. Corin feeds Andrew some dessert, and Andrew says he likes a girl who can laugh at herself. He adds that “your hair looks lovely tonight”.

Andrew says this is his first real date. Andrew says he knows that John James and JJ have said he’ll get a lot of female attention when he leaves the house, but that he just wants someone he can be friends with first.

11.29 pm

Big Brother announces that the Arabian Night has ended. Corin and Andrew decide to stay in the nest but Sam leaves. Andrew says that for a joke Sam should pretend that Andrew and Corin have really hit it off. Corin says “oh no!” and Sam says he will. Andrew brings up that Corin had just been saying she thought he would make a good boyfriend. Corin says Andrew is only 19 so he doesn’t need to worry that he hasn’t been on a date yet.

In the Bathroom, Sam tells Jo and Mario about how awkward the date was. He repeats conversations they had, and says that Corin looked uncomfortable the whole time, and that Andrew really thought something might happen. Jo asks how the date was on a whole and Sam says it was a “complete fail”. Sam says it’s the sort of thing you would watch on TV and feel physically awkward at.

11.54 pm

Some of the housemates are in the garden talking to Sam about his argument with Josie. Andrew tells Sam he should think about what he says. Sam says that he just meant that Josie will like the attention when she gets out of the house. Andrew says Sam has made it out that they’re only friends for the money. Sam offers to explain it to Josie. Andrew and JJ think that would be a bad idea.

Rachel says that only Sam thinks that about Josie. Sam agrees that it’s his opinion. He says “everyone else can tiptoe around the situation but I’m going to say what I feels”. Rachel says Sam will make it harder for himself in the house. Sam says he doesn’t want to be fake, and Rachel points out that it’s not being fake to not upset someone. Dave tells Sam that he can express his opinion but that he shouldn’t expect people to not be upset by it.

12.35 am

Corin, Rachel, and Josie are in the Nest talking about Sam.

Josie says that Sam does have a sweet side. Rachel says “he thinks you need to offend people in order to be real”. Sam comes into the nest and Josie says “you’re sweet, but you’re a little bitch”. Rachel and Corin leave to let Josie and Sam talk one on one. Josie tells Sam that he doesn’t need to know about hers and John James’ relationship because she doesn’t know herself. Josie says she doesn’t even know if John James will like her on the outside world and knows that he will get a lot of female attention when he leaves. Sam says he thinks that John James affection is genuine and says he doesn’t fully understand Josie. Josie says she doesn’t full understand herself.

Sam and Josie leave the nest. Sam asks Josie for a hug. Josie hugs Sam and says “Alright? Little shit.”

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