Big Brother 2010: Day 55 highlights – John James and Josie split up!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


In the bedroom John James and Josie are together under the duvet. Sam is cooking pancakes in the kitchen. Rachel suggests that Sam should make Josie some. Sam responds “you think?”

In the bathroom Jo says to Steve that she’s going to nominate him as he’s been stalking her. Steve says to be careful what she says, Jo responds that she’s only joking.

In the garden Mario is Jogging on the spot talking to Corin. After yesterdays Park Life task Corin’s back is sore. “I went to bed a 29-year-old woman and I’ve woken up in an 89-year-olds body! My back is killing.”

In the bedroom Sam brings Josie some pancakes. Josie wonders if they’ve been spiked and asks if they have chilli on them. She asks John James to try them first. Josie says to John James that she can’t stand being in the same room as Sam and that if Sam thinks she’s a faker then why is he bringing her pancakes. She adds that he doesn’t think he’s in the wrong. John James said that Dave was getting along with him and was on him like a mouse on cheese. Josie says that what if she said that he (John James) was just with her for media coverage, because that’s how Sam made her feel.


John James and Josie are in silence. Sam enters the bedroom and asks Josie what she’s thinking. Josie responds “it’s none of your business. I’m not answering any more of your questions because you’re just causing trouble.” She says he’s put a negative spin on her and John James relationship and he’s made her feel paranoid. Sam says “if you feel that way then that’s your own insecurities coming out.” Josie says she doesn’t want to discuss it because they were fine before he came in and that she thinks she’s bitter towards him.

12.04 pm

Today is nominations day. As Sam is a new housemate, he will not nominate and will be immune from today’s nominations. In the kitchen Sam says to Josie “smells like fish, is that you Josie?”

Andrew is the first housemate to nominate.

Andrew’s first nomation is Rachel because she’s a bit loud and annoying. His second nomination is Mario as he’s a bad loser.

Corin’s first nomination is Rachel as she’s very loud and annoys. Her second nomination is Jo because she believes that in the task yesterday she didn’t try her best.

Dave’s first nomination is Steve as he thinks Steve finds it difficult to integrate in to a group. His second nomination is Mario because when he doesn’t get his way he gets upset.

JJ’s first nomination is Rachel because she’s loud and her voice is irritating. His second nomination is Steve because he doesn’t have much connection with him or much in common.

Jo’s first nomination is John James as Josie and him are causing a lot of dramas. Her second nomination is Andrew, she says he can be a bit aggressive.

John James’ first nomination is Rachel because she “annoys the s***” out of him. His second nomination is Mario as when he lost the task he made the others feel bad.

Josie’s first nomination is Mario as he get’s quite frustrated and thought the quiz game was unfair. Her second nomination is Steve as he’s bossy.

Mario’s first nomination is Josie because she started to disappear to bed with John James and it’s not fair on other people. His second nomination is John James as he’s been spending all of his time with Josie.

Rachel’s first nomination is Mario as he gets very emotional and throws tantrums when he feels less included. Her second nomination is John James because all of his conversations revolve around speculation.

Steve’s first nomination is John James because he lies in bed a lot and is less active than other people. His second nomination is Josie because she spends too much time under the duvet.

Mario received 5 nominations, John James and Rachel received 4 nominations each. Corin, Dave and JJ received no nominations.

2.25 pm

In the kitchen Jo says that she wants to get on with people but its all such high drama. She says that what Sam is asking Josie is what the public will be asking.

In the garden Josie and John James are talking to Sam. Josie says that John James wants to know what’s going on. Sam says that those two are very different, like chalk and cheese. John James questions that he realised that after being in here for two days. Sam says “anything that happens in this house is Britains business” and asks how they think they’re going to react when Davina is asking them the same questions.


All the housemates are in the bedroom. John James and Josie are under the duvet in bed. Sam sneaks over to them and listens closely. He looks under the duvet and says “I love you Josie”, Josie replies “f*** off Sam”.

Big Brother announces that it is against the rules to tamper with microphones. All of the housemates cheer at John James and Josie, who deny it was them.


Big Brother calls Josie and John James to the diary room. Once there Big Brother says they will be punished for tampering with their microphones. Their punishment is that they cannot be in the same room as each other or sleep in the same bed until further notice. Josie screams and John James says “that’s bull****”.

Josie sings ‘we’ll meet again’ and ‘once you have a Bristolian you never go back’. Josie exits and John James stays in the diary room to clarify the rules. On the way out Josie says she’ll miss John James, he doesn’t reply and she says that he’s supposed to say it back. John James says he’ll miss her too.

In the kitchen Mario and Jo are discussing the microphone tampering. Mario says if you do the crime you’ve got to do the time. Josie talks to some of the housemates in the living room about her and John James’ punishment. Sam says “that’s amazing” and that it’s “so funny”.

As John James comes out in to the Living Room Josie is in the Garden. John James watches her from the patio doors and Rachel says “Ah look at him, how romantic is that?!”

Dave and Rachel sing “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman…” to John James.


It has been thirty minutes since Big Brother told John James and Josie that they are not allowed to spend time in the same room.

John James starts talking to Josie loudly from the patio door. Josie says she wants to sit with him even more now, John James says it’s only been 5 minutes. Josie says “this happened to Romeo and Juliet and look what happened to them? They died!”. John James says “I hate this”.


In the bathroom the Tree of Temptation whispers to Dave “oi monk face”. The tree then gives Dave the task of making five people yawn naturally in the next two hours, and if he completes the task he’ll get a message from his children.

In the living room JJ and John James crack on to the fact that Dave is talking to someone.

John James and JJ enter the bathroom. Dave is brushing his teeth. John James asks Dave “had a chat with the tree?” JJ adds “don’t give in to temptation Dave-o! Remember Jesus in the bible he did 40 days and 40 nights!” John James does an impression of the tree saying “they’re on to us and to come back later”.


Dave is trying to get housemates to yawn for his secret task. Josie is talking about Sam, Dave is lying on the bed with Rachel and says that this is boring and yawns. Rachel yawns with him.

Sam sits on Josie’s bed. Josie says she’s the least fake person here and that she doesn’t like him. She says he can’t turn on the kid charm when he’s being out of order and to stop playing to the cameras. Sam says he’s not said anything. Josie says she’s holding a grudge: “Now go see if there’s some traffic outside you can play with.”


John James and Josie are both sitting either side of the wall and talking to each other. Jo is with them. Josie asks Jo if they spend too much time together. Jo is very honest and says “the relationship has become quite consuming in the house…there’s so much focus on it.”

Jo says to John James if he were stroking her thigh she’d pounce on him as she’d think that would be a clear sign they were to be more than friends. “It’s clear Josie likes you as more than a friend and you hold all the cards in the relationship.”


John James and JJ are showering together outside. Rachel says it looks like a music video. Steve says it looks more like a Mr Gay UK calendar.

In the bathroom the tree of temptation informs Dave that he has failed the task, however he will get his message from his kids in the form of the wrath of the tree of temptation.


In the Diary Room Big Brother says that Dave will receive his message from his children played backwards in the voice of the tree. The message plays and Dave laughs. He says that he is so glad he received the message.


John James and Josie are sat either side of the doorway talking in different rooms. John James asks why he has to explain the situation to everyone “if we enjoy what we’re doing whatever it is or isn’t, why does everyone feel the need to have to label it?” He says that if Josie wanted clarification he would give it to her and tell her he loved her and would stick by it.

Big Brother then calls Josie and John James to the diary room.

In the diary room Big Brother informs them that the punishment is over. Josie celebrates and they hug. John James kisses Josie on the cheek and then Josie play fights with John James by biting him.


Lisa McGarry

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