Big Brother 2010: Day 56 highlights – John James nominates, JJ and Corin sleep together!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam approaches Josie’s bed and sits on the end. She tells him to get off. She asks him why he’s always talking about people being fake and then comes and tries to be nice to her after he’s said horrible things about her. She tells him that he’s the fake one in the house.

In the bedroom Josie and John James are talking about Sam. Josie thinks they don’t get along because she’s a very black and white person. John James disagrees and says he thinks Josie’s ‘very grey’ and that Sam is the one who’s black and white. Josie tries to explain to John James why she doesn’t like Sam. He says that the reason why he’s giving him a chance is because it’s in his nature to be nice to the new boy and to make him feel totally welcome irrespective of what he’s like.

Sam walks back into the Bedroom and argues with Josie again. Josie says she’s sick of Sam insulting someone and then saying ‘why don’t you like me afterwards’. She tells Sam to stay away from her. Sam warns Josie that she will be on the bad side of him.

Sam walks out into the Garden, “Josie’s being a d***, as usual”, he says.

Josie walks into the Garden. Sam asks her why she’s following him and insulting him. Josie says she’s just coming out for a cigarette. “Shut up Josie, you’re doing my head in”, says Sam.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. “I’m hammered drunk”, claims Dave lying by the side of the pool. “Its lovely. Beautiful. I’m drunk on love. Love like a sweet wine”, he slurs. “I’m going to leave you in your heavenly intoxication”, says Mario.

Steve is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about Dave. “I think its poppycock”, he says.

In the Kitchen Dave is hugging Andrew who is trying to wash up. He apologises for keeping Andrew awake during the night but continues to laugh and slur his words.


All the housemates have been gathered at the sofas for the reveal of this week’s nominations. John James, Rachel and Mario received the most nominations and so will have to take part in this week’s Save and Replace Task. “I can’t believe the newbies aren’t up”, says Sam. “What did I do to make everyone vote for me?” asks Rachel.


Most of the housemates are in the Garden. “I haven’t got a hope in hell”, says Rachel. “You’re pretty screwed, you haven’t got an intelligent brain”, says Sam. “At least I have the intelligence to come into the house and not annoy everyone”, says Rachel.

In the Bedroom John James and Mario discuss who they’ll swap with if they win this weeks’ Save and Replace task. John James says that he will either choose Steve or Corin adding that as long as Rachel doesn’t win the task then they should be ok going up against her in the vote.


All of the housemates are in the Garden for this weeks Save and Replace task where nominated housemates John James, Mario and Rachel are crawling their way to survival.

Housemates must crawl the length of the super sticky bug paper and swat the fly at the end.

The fastest crawling housemate will be exempt from eviction and able choose a housemate to replace them.

Mario is the first to crawl. He completes his crawl very quickly. John James then makes his attempt and is quite quick. Then Rachel has her go. She can barely lift herself off the paper. It takes her a very long time to get across but she perseveres.

Big Brother tells housemates that Mario has won the task. Rachel came last as her attempt took over four minutes.

Mario must now choose another housemate to replace him. “I can’t pick the girls. I can’t pick JJ as he’s new and I can’t pick Andrew as I wouldn’t put him up two weeks in a row”, he says, “Which just leaves Dave and Steve”. He has a button with a red side and a white side. The button will decide who goes up. “Which colour represents which housemate?” asks John James. Mario won’t say. He flips the button and chooses Dave. “I’m sorry Dave”. Dave hugs him and says it’s ok. “Another good Friday for you me and me John”, says Dave.


Mario and John James are in the Bedroom. “Do you think I did the right thing?” asks Mario. John James says no. John James thinks Mario should have said which side of the button represented Dave or Steve because now it looks as though he was always going to pick Dave whichever side of the button landed on. Mario said he didn’t have time to think about it.


Steve, Andrew and Mario are in the Kitchen. “I feel like I’ve shafted one of my friends in the house”, says Mario. Steve tells him not to worry because he has to do things like this if he really wants to make it to the final week.

Dave is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about how he’s not happy with the way Mario decided to put him up. “He could very well have said it was random but then have picked me either way”.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Corin jokinly suggests that they have a snogging contest. “So you would be quite happy to snog the seven guys in here?” asks John James. Corin says yes, but then says she’s joking. John James jokes that she would kiss JJ though. Rachel then asks Corin what she’s do if JJ went in for a kiss? Corin mimes ‘shut up’ to Rachel and everyone laughs. “Why is everyone talking about me like I’m not here”, says JJ.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden discussing Mario’s actions. “I completely believe he was honest”, says Andrew.

In the Living Room John James asks Mario if he’s still upset with him? Mario says that he is because John James thinks that he was always going to pick Dave. John James said that he never said that but because of his actions he’s opened debate amongst the house. “You could have saved yourself a lot of drama”, says John James. Dave enters the conversation and says that he would never choose randomly who to replace himself with. “You need to draw a line under this”, says Jo, “You’re going round and round”.


Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. John James jokes with Josie that he reckons she would be wild in bed. Josie jokes back that she’s not very good in bed. John James says that he bets she screams. “With that little widget”, says Josie.

Big Brother has called Andrew to the Diary Room. On the chair is a bottle of wine. “You must hide this bottle somewhere in the house”, says Big Brother, adding that no other housemate must find the bottle. “Booze for the entire house depends on it”.

Andrew leaves the Diary Room and hides the bottle in the store cupboard in the toilet.

Big Brother calls Jo into the Diary Room. “A bottle has been hidden in the house”, says Big Brother adding that she has one hour to find the bottle. “Booze for the entire house depends on it”.

What Jo doesn’t know is that if she finds the bottle housemates won’t be provided with any alcohol.

Jo spends then next hour searching the house for the bottle. At the same time Andrew hides in the toilet pretending to be sick to avoid anyone snooping. Jo walks into the toilet and has a look in the cupboard but doesn’t spot the bottle.

Big Brother calls both of them to the Diary Room. Jo thinks it’s because Andrew’s ill and they want her to look after him. As soon as they get in Andrew begins to smile and she smiles and remarks that Andrew seems to have perked up. “Andrew, you have been successful in your challenge”, says Big Brother.


John James has come to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother that the way Mario put Dave up ‘was beyond crap’. He thinks Mario wants to be in the house so much that he’d put staying in above his friends. John James thinks that even though he’s one of Mario’s best friends in the house Mario is so desperate to stay that he would put him up next week if it came to it. He doesn’t want to have friends like that because he knows he would never do that to his own best friends.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam says that he and Corin are going to share a bed tonight. JJ says he’ll share with Corin and she accepts his offer.

Sam then talks to Dave and Andrew about Corin. Dave thinks that Corin thinks JJ is fit and that she fancies him but JJ doesn’t seem to be interested. “You don’t think she likes me?” jokes Andrew. “Not a chance”, says Dave. Dave then says that he doesn’t think JJ is interested in Corin.


All the housemates are in the Bedroom. “Come and share my bed”, says Corin to JJ. “I’ve not had a cuddle for two months”. “I’m a good cuddler”, says JJ. “I think it’s fine if you two wanted a Big Brother romance”, says Sam. “I only asked him as I know you wanted to share”, says Corin. Josie shouts that Corin’s swapped a boy for a real man.

In bed Corin and JJ whisper back and forth about whether JJ will spend the night in the bed. “But do you want to?” asks Corin. “Do you want me to?” asks JJ. JJ makes moves to get out. “Don’t you dare”, says Corin.

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