Big Brother 2010: Day 57 highlights – John James is in a mood!

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


All of the housemates are in bed. They are awoken by the bells of Big Ben to start this week’s Dickensian themed shopping task.

Corin, Josie, Jo and Mario are at the Carousel. “You better spill the beans”, says Josie of Corin and JJ sharing a bed last night. “We just cuddled”, says Corin, adding, “It was nice to have a cuddle”. Josie complains about having no eyelashes left and looking ugly. Jo remarks that Josie reminds her a bit of Vicky Pollard.

In the kitchen JJ tells Sam that it was no big deal sleeping in the same bed as Corin. Sam says it is because Corin fancies him.

In the Garden Jo tells Corin that it’s not a big deal that they shared a bed because JJ’s very respectful. Corin describes how they lay next to each other and not face on because she was worried about bad breath. “We were even holding hands”, she says. “This is serious”, jokes Jo.


For this week’s shopping task housemates will be transported back to Dickensian times. Big Brother has provided housemates with period costumes. John James and Rachel are both taking the role of Miss Havisham, the jilted bride from Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations’. Their task is to spend 24 hours locked in a room together.

John James is in the Diary Room complaining to Big Brother about his part of the task. “I’m not interested in spending the whole day with Rachel'”, he says.

In the Bedroom Josie and Rachel are discussing the task. “How are you going to go without John James?”, asks Rachel. “Easily”, says Josie.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother reminds John James that all task are compulsory and that he will like some and not others. “Have you ever spent the day with Rachel?” asks John James before moaning about having to wear heels as part of his costume. “Have you ever worn heels before, John James?” asks Big Brother. John James says he hasn’t and Big Brother suggests he might like it.


As part of this week’s task some of the housemates will play the roles of Fagin’s Gang and must perform a routine of Consider Yourself. The roles have been assigned as follows:

Andrew will play Oliver Twist
JJ will play the Artful Dodger
Josie will play Nancy
Jo will be Tom Chitling
Sam will be Charley Bates

The rest of the housemates have been assigned the following roles:
Corin will be scrooge
Dave will be Mr Bumble
Steve will become Bill Sykes
Mario will take on the role of David Copperfield


As Mr Bumble, Dave must prepare gruel for the house. All housemates must eat the gruel three times per day. Dave is in the Kitchen preparing the meal. “Looks flippin’ horrendous”, he says.

In the Bathroom John James and Rachel talk about their task. “You know we’re failing this”, says John James. He says that one of them will probably be evicted so won’t even be in the house to get the benefit of the £50.

Dave calls everyone through to the Kitchen for everyone to eat their gruel. Dave gives Sam an especially large portion of gruel to wind him up and then laughs. “If I don’t eat this we’ll fail the task”, says Sam. “It tastes like spunk”, says Josie. Andrew gets up and very slowly walks over to Dave. “Please Sir, can I have some more”, he says.


Housemates in Fagin’s gang are in the Bedroom rehearsing their dance routine. The TV screen in the Living Room comes on and they can see John James and Rachel sitting together as the Miss Haversham’s. They laugh at how angry John James looks to be locked in with Rachel.

In the Miss Haversham room John James complains to Rachel that he can’t do this task. “I’m not sitting here for 24 hours”, he says adding that he won’t be able to sleep in the chair. He says he can’t even fly economy because he can’t sleep sitting up.

Rachel tries to keep them entertained by playing cats cradle with John James. He says he’ll go and speak to BB and see if Rachel will pass the task if she stays in there on her own. He walks into the house and tells the housemates, “I quit, that’s it. Too bad, so sad.”

John James goes to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother that he couldn’t care less about passing the task. Big Brother informs him that Rachel will also fail if he leaves the room.

John James leaves the Diary Room and goes back to the Miss Haversham room. The rest of the housemates are still watching on the plasma screen. “How could I fancy someone that grumpy?” says Josie.


John James and Rachel are still in the Miss Haversham room. Rachel is guessing why John James would have been jilted in the story. She thinks it’s because he is so angry. John James replies that he’s angry because he’s got stuck with the motor mouth. “I don’t think I talk that much”, says Rachel.

In the Living Room Fagin’s gang are rehearsing. Sam tells people when they get a step in the dance wrong and JJ snaps at him and tells him to shut up.

Corin sits at her money counting desk as scrooge. Mario comes and asks for a coin so that he can go into the Kitchen and make some food. She grudgingly gives him the coin and continues counting her money.

In the task room John James says that he knows that Rachel nominated him. Rachel asks why he thinks that and he replies that he just knows but it doesn’t matter. Rachel says that she knows she’s quiet annoying. She shows him her knitting and remarks, “see what you can do with a bit of time”. John James tells’ Rachel this is his third time up for eviction. “That should tell you something”, says Rachel.


Steve has taken the role of Bill Sykes. Every time he hears the Bull’s-eye theme tune he must make his way to the dart board in the garden, where he must remain until he throws a bull’s eye.

Steve begins his bull’s-eye task and tries to get a bull’s-eye on his dartboard in the garden.


Steve is still attempting to get a bull’s eye.

In the task room Rachel and John James decide that they don’t want to stay in the task room and that they will quit.

Outside Steve gets a bull’s-eye and thinks his challenge is over. Big Brother plays the music again that signals he has to restart his task.

The Miss Haverhsam’s quit and exit the task room.


All of Fagin’s gang are rehearsing. They are bickering with each other. Dave and Mario listen and comment that they’ve put in all this time for just a two minute performance.

The group rehearse outside and Sam tells Josie to click her heels. “Shut the f***up”, says Josie.


Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. Dave tells Sam that he can choose who he wants to eat the most gruel so Sam and Mario should watch out. He says this jokingly. Sam replies that Dave should be the one watching himself.

Josie and John James are in the Bathroom talking about Sam. “You know he’s going to be up?” says John James. Josie laughs and says that if she was up next week and he wasn’t then she’s bend over backwards to win the Save and Replace task so she could have the pleasure of swapping herself with Sam.

Back in the Living Room Dave and Sam are arguing. Sam winds Dave up by saying that he won’t be able to be up next week because he’ll be leaving this Friday. He says that Dave isn’t handling being up very well and that he’s started to put on weight again because he’s eating more with the stress of it. Dave repeats to Sam over and over again that he’ll be up next week and then he’ll only have been in the house for two weeks whereas he’s been in for nine.


All of the housemates are in the Living Room. It’s been 30 minutes since John James and Rachel quit their part of the task. Big Brother advises housemates that they must wear costumes at all times. John James isn’t wearing his. “That’s another 50 quid you’ve lost us”, says Sam. The pair argue and Sam tells John James to put his heels on and walk out the house.


To pass the shopping task, Fagin’s gang must perform ‘Consider Yourself’. There performance will go on the Big Brother website and must receive at least 100,000 views by Friday.

Fagin’s gang perform consider yourself. The rest of the Housemates all watch and cheer at the end.


Corin and Jo are in the Bedroom talking about JJ. “I don’t think he thinks of me like that at all”, says Corin. Jo compliments him on his dancing and says he’s very talented.

Andrew is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the task. He tells Big Brother that he’s disappointed with John James for quitting the task and that if he stays next week he’ll tell him to show more team spirit in the tasks. He also says that he feels bad for Sam after Josie had a row with him during rehearsals as Sam was just trying to play his part in the task when he was telling people when they got their steps wrong.


Josie & Andrew are in the Kitchen. Josie is telling Andrew about a boy who bullied her and called her fat in front of a boy she really fancied. Andrew says “And now you’re in here AND Sam Is embarrassing you in front of me”.

Dave and John James are in the Living Room discussing the portions of gruel he dished out for dinner. John James questions why Dave is putting more in some people’s bowls than others and says its not fair that he made Sam eat more. Dave tells him that he can’t comment because he didn’t even try for his task. Rachel agrees. They argue back and forth.


Corin and Rachel are at the Carousel talking about JJ. “It was good to get a cuddle”, says Corin. Corin tells Rachel that she doubts JJ will come into her bed again and she doesn’t want to seem desperate asking him to come in. Rachel suggests he might ask if he can come in and Corin says she doubts it.

Jo, Mario and Steve are in the Living Room talking about John James. Jo says it’s strange who people end up falling for because Josie is lovely and yet she’s fallen for him. He thinks she’s fallen because he also has a sweet side as well as a nasty side. “He’s got two names because he’s got two personalities”, says Mario. Jo says that he walks round the house thinking he’s a mix of Brad Pitt and Al Capone. He says it’s obvious he’s an only child but being good looking doesn’t get you anywhere in the world. She says she doesn’t want to slag him off but the two things she can’t stand in a person are arrogance and bad manners.

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