Big Brother 2010: Day 58 highlights – Josie tells John James ‘I’ve got a nasty streak!’

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


Josie is in the Kitchen eating a sandwich. The rules of the What the Dickens task states that housemates must request a coin from Scrooge if they want to prepare food.

Mario comes in and mentions about people asking for tokens for food. Josie continues eating

JJ and John James are in the Garden talking about evictions. JJ talks about John James being up for both weeks he’s been in the house and how it stresses him out. He asks John why he thinks he gets put up. John James says it’s just because he’s an easy target.

Dave is in the Diary Room talking about his role as Mr Bumbles. He explains that it is going well even if he did have an argument with John James about it last night. He adds that it’s just John James’ four day cycle where he chooses to argue and take his anger out on someone. “You could put him in a telephone box and he’d end up arguing with himself”, says Dave.


JJ is in the Bathroom. The Tree of Temptation starts to speak as Josie walks into the room. She laughs as she realises she’s caught the Tree out.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Dave ,John James and Rachel are talking about how easy nominations will be next week as Sam is now in the house. Sam walks into the Garden and the three continue their conversation. “You won’t be here next week”, says Sam to Dave. He then asks Dave whether it was his god who told him he’d be staying. Dave says Sam will be rejected by housemates and by the public but Sam retorts that Dave will be rejected by all his followers.

In the Bathroom the Tree of Temptation speaks to Josie and says that now Josie’s heard him she has to be in on the secret task too. The Tree orders Josie to go and get JJ.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. “I’m not talking to you after the way you spoke to me yesterday”, Josie says to Sam. She adds that people are pretending to like him because they think the public will like him. Dave says he likes Sam because he’s given him an option for nominations.

Jo and Corin are in the closet talking about JJ. Jo asks Corin if there will be any Big Brother romances this year. “I don’t want a romance, just cuddles”, says Corin.

Josie and JJ are in the Bathroom. The Tree instructs the pair to pickpocket from the fellow housemates and steal five of the props housemates have been instructed to keep with them at all times.

The pair go around the house stealing the props. “Mission accomplished Nancy, now p*** off”, says the Tree after they have completed their task. For being successful whatever prize money housemates win in this week’s task will automatically be doubled.


Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. “I’m worried I’ve broken the rules”, says Andrew, “I’m a stickler for rules”. Mario assures him that if he has accidently broken the rules then it shouldn’t be a problem.

On the other side of the Bedroom Josie, Sam, John James and Corin are talking. “I’ve got a nasty streak”, says Josie. “I can see that”, replies Sam. The pair continue their banter. “I don’t think you should be able to wear a bikini”, says Sam, “I think it should be against the law”. Josie tells him that she’s pleased she doesn’t look like Where’s Wally. John James laughs and Josie asks him what he’s laughing at. He says he’s laughing at her Where’s Wally joke. Josie and John James then go under the covers and Sam walks over and pulls the covers off saying that they’re breaking house rules. Josie sarcastically tells Sam that she’s only doing it for attention from the papers. “I love you John James”, she says. “It’s a shame you’ll never hear that back”, Sam tells her. John James tells her he loves her too. “Well that was patronising wasn’t it?” says Sam.


Earlier today John James, Dave and Rachel broke the rules regarding the discussion of nominations. Big Brother has gathered all the housemates at the sofas and plays footage of the conversations the three of them had including John James telling Josie, “Of course, he’s going to be up. Everyone’s going to put him up”, and Dave telling Rachel, “It should be quite easy next week”.

Big Brother makes an announcement. “As Dave, John James and Rachel have broken the rules regarding discussing nominations Dave, John James and Rachel are forbidden to nominate Sam next week”. The housemates all laugh. “There’s a surprise. You want to keep Sammy Pepper”, says Dave.

Sam walks to the Kitchen and Jo follows and asks him if he’s ok or if he just finds it all funny. “I find it quite funny”, says Sam adding that three people won’t make much difference.


Jo and Mario are in the Kitchen talking about people getting wound up by Sam. She says she just can’t take him seriously and that the best thing to do is to laugh. She admits that Sam knows exactly how to push everyone’s buttons.

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. “They’re going to show that and make out we’re horrible to him”, says Dave. Rachel worries that the footage makes them all look like bullies.

Sam comes into the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother. He tells Big Brother that Josie says things to him to just start an argument. Big Brother asks him if he’s surprised that housemates were talking about putting him up. He says he’s not at all surprised because he knows he’s controversial.

In the Kitchen Josie tells John James how much Sam’s comment about it being illegal for her to wear a swimming costume got to her. John James laughs. “Oh you found that funny John James”, she says. Josie says that she can’t tell him how much the comments get to her because that just gives him ammunition. She thinks that Sam made a bee line to start trouble with her from the second he got into the house. She thinks he’s done this in order to break her confidence and says that it’s working.

Sam comes out of the Diary Room and talks to Corin about how many coins she has been giving out. She says they’ve used 15 in two days and she’s proud of herself for not smoking much. Sam disagrees and thinks 15 is a lot of tokens to have used and that the smokers should be more considerate.


Some of the Housemates are in the Living Room talking about Scrooge’s coins. Sam
points out that Josie, Corin and Rachel have used most of the coins so that they can smoke. Corin protests that she’s done well because she’s only had three cigarettes today. She says it’s not a big deal and she’s trying her best. She says she’s not the type of person who would say no if someone came and asked for a token to have a shower. “You’re Scrooge. You’re meant to say no”, says Sam. He accuses her of not being a team player because she says she’ll give the tokens to whoever she wants. “Do you understand that smoking is an addiction?” shouts Corin before storming off.

Corin returns to the Living Room to ask Sam what his problem is. Sam winds Corin up, “You’re not a team player. You just give them out”, says Sam.


JJ is in the Diary Room talking about the day. He says he’s glad that Sam causes trouble in the house because it shows people’s true nature. “You start to see people’s personalities. Corin went off the handle a bit at Sam”.

Corin and Rachel are at the Carousel. “I’m not having someone who don’t know me saying I’m not a team player”, says Corin. “I’m a tryer”.

Some of the Housemates are in the Kitchen. “You need to pipe down a little with your insults”, says John James to Sam. “Are we talking about Josie here?” Sam asks.
He adds that he thinks Josie gives as good as she gets. John James brings up the swimming costume comment and says it was out of line. Dave says to Sam that he can make a comment like that to a man but that women are very self conscious about their weight and bodies. “Well done John you f****** p****2, whispers Josie. “I’m sorry that I upset you”, Sam says to Josie.

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