Big Brother 2010: Day 59 highlights – Josie tells John James that she’s sexually frustrated!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


Corin and Josie are at the Carousel talking about JJ. Last night Corin and JJ shared a bed. “What have you been up to?” Corin asks Josie. Josie tells her, “nothing much.” “Join the bloody club, love”, says Corin.

Mario and Sam are in the Bathroom discussing who might go tonight. “I’d put money on Dave to stay”, says Mario. They agree that Rachel will probably go.

Back in the Garden Corin describes her night with JJ and how they cuddled but he doesn’t seem interested in her. She says that she tried to tickle him as she did a few nights ago and she asked him if she was keeping him awake and he replied ‘yeah a bit’. Josie laugs. “I’m not doing that again”, says Corin adding that it’s embarrassing. “He should have thought it was Christmas day, sharing a bed with you”, says Josie. “He probably thought it was Halloween”, says Corin.


Sam and Corin are in the Bedroom. “I’m sorry I went off on one yesterday”, Corin tells him, she explains that she was tense because people had been going on about it all day but there’s no hard feelings. “It’s fine. I wound you up”, says Sam. They have a hug and agree to start afresh.

John James and Josie are in the Bathroom talking about Sam. “A lot of it is childhood banter”, says John James adding that he thinks deep down, Sam has a good heart. “I just think he’s very clever in what he’s doing”, says Josie. John James says he thinks he’s just immature and young and Josie points out that Andrew is two years younger than him and very mature. John James tells her she can’t compare a graffiti artist and a maths genius.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Big Brother reminds housemates that they need to wear their task costumes at all times. John James isn’t wearing his. “Don’t ruin this for us”, Sam tells him.

Jo and Steve are in the Garden talking about John James. They both agree that he is very spoilt. Jo suggests that John James may want to leave the house. “I think he’s had enough”, Steve tells her. “I think he thinks he’s bigger than the show as well”, Jo continues. She adds that it’s easy to act like that in the house because you’re so safe but on the streets it would be a different story. She says she can’t stand arrogance.


Corin is at her desk when Sam asks for a token for food. “Food? Who want fooooood”, shouts Corin.

In the Bedroom John James can hear Corin. “She doesn’t have to do that and spleak like that does she? She doesn’t have to act like a d***. She does that of her own accord” he tells Josie.

As part of the shopping task, every time Steve hears the Bull’s-eye theme tune, he must throw a bull’s-eye. The music starts and most of the housemates go to the Garden to watch him.

John James and Josie stay in bed. John James tells her that it’s best if he goes because he’s going to end up showing his bad side. He’s getting irritated by everyone in the house at the moment. Josie laughs at him and tells him he looks like Pat Sharpe. Sam James continues talking about being irritated by people playing up to the cameras, throwing tantrums. He doesn’t think he can take much more. He then looks at Josie and smiles. She laughs and tells him not to force a smile. He tells her that she does make him smile.

Sam and Andrew are in the Kitchen. Sam asks Andrew about what he wants to do when he leaves university. Andrew explains that he wants to be a maths teacher. Sam says that he doesn’t see Andrew purely as an academic because he has a lot of fun. Andrew explains that he wants t bring that into his teaching and change perceptions.

Josie is in the Diary Room. Big Brother tells her that she broke the rules regarding nominations during a conversation with John James in which she said she had lots of reasons to put Sam up for eviction. “You are now forbidden from nominating Sam”, says Big Brother.

Josie walks back into the house and tells John James what’s happened. She asks him not to tell Sam because it would make his day. “Thing is, if you go tonight I won’t be around on Monday”, says Josie. “Don’t be stupid”, John James tells her.


John James and Dave are counting how many coins the smokers have used. “24 tokens for smoking. That is ridiculous”, says John James. They call Sam to see what he thinks. JJ tells them not to have a go because they have hardly used any tokens. Sam argues that its annoying because they haven’t used many tokens but only because other housemates have scrimped and gone without showers while the smokers have just gone about their daily routine.

Josie, Rachel and Corin are at the Carousel. Josie tells them that she’s not allowed to nominate Sam this week. Corin tells her that she thinks the best thing for Josie to do would be to sit down with Sam and just have a heart to heart and tell him he’s upset her but agree to start afresh. “I just ignore him”, says Josie. Sam walks into the Garden and says hello to Josie. She snaps that he shouldn’t pretend to like her. He replies that he did like her but he’s starting to not like her now.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Josie is talking to Jo and Corin about feeling sexually frustrated. She explains that when she sleeps next to John James she feels like she’s going to burst. “It’s like torture”, she says, adding that she keeps touching John James during the night by accident. Jo and Corin laugh. Josie says that she doesn’t think John James wants to have sex with her, just her friendship. “The most he’s ever done is touch my boob”. She adds that during the night he breathes very heavily and likens it to sleeping with Darth Vader. “Why? Isn’t he a robot?” says Corin. Josie then says she feels like a donkey with a carrot dangled under its nose. “Do donkey’s like carrots?” asks Corin.


Some of the Housemates are in the bedroom.

Sam sits on the end of John James’ and Josie’s bed. “The only reason I want you to go is because Josie might walk afterwards”, he tells John James.

In the closet Rachel is talking to Jo about leaving the house and wonders how the public will perceive her. She says she didn’t like the footage she saw of herself yesterday saying she’d put Sam up for eviction. Jo reassures her than no one in the house is innocent and they’ll all have bits of footage they don’t like.

Sam tells John James and Josie that if Steve and John James were up then John James would stay. Josie smiles because she thinks John James will survive the eviction. She then talks about wanting to have sex but John James doesn’t want to have sex with her. Sam asks them why they don’t leave together and have sex in a local hotel. Josie says she would but John James doesn’t want to. “Do you want to have sex with her?” Sam asks John James. Josie laughs and says she likes Sam now for asking that question. John James says he thinks Sam asks the questions the public want to know.


Big Brother has gathered all the housemates at the sofas where they will be watching Mario perform his magic trick to the live audience via a plasma screen. “I’m more nervous now than on launch night and both my evictions”, says Mario.

On the sofas Josie and John James talk about what Sam told them. Josie is happy because Sam has hinted that John James is the favourite to stay. Josie tells him that she thinks he wanted to be hated this week.

They all cheer as Mario goes out and performs for the crowd. At the end of the performance he makes Davina appear in a box and they all cheer. He walks back to the house and everyone congratulates him.


All the housemates are still at the sofas waiting for the results of this week’s eviction. Davina announces that Rachel is to leave the house. “Give me a big hug everyone”, she says before she exits. Dave congratulates John James that they’ve now both survived three evictions together.


All the housemates have been invited to a Dickensian knees up in the task room. Big Brother announces to the house the results of this week’s task. Big Brother explains that Dave failed in his gruel task, Corin failed in her scrooge task and Steve passed his darts challenge. The housemates performance of Consider Yourself managed to get over 100,000 views so this was also a pass. Overall they won £150 but this was doubled by Josie and JJ successfully stealing five items from their fellow housemats under the Tree of Temptations instructions.


Josie has come to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother about her sexual frustration. “I want to smooth him right over”, she says of John James. She adds that she plans to lose some weight, do her hair and have a make over when she leaves the house. “Sam was right, it should be illegal for me to wear a bikini”, she jokes.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam and John James are talking about the upcoming nominations. Sam says he thinks he’ll definitely be up and that he’d prefer not to not be up because he thinks the people who will be nominated will not replace their faces with him.


John James and Josie are at the Carousel talking about sharing a bed. “I feel comfortable with you. A bit too comfortable”, says Josie. John James says Josie leant on him and he had to move away so that he wouldn’t ‘have his widger’ on her. She laughs and says maybe she wanted it. He asks her if she’s like to have sex? She says no because her aunty is watching and laughs.

Corin is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she has embarrassed herself with JJ and that he’s obviously not interested in her.
In the Bedroom Josie tells John James that she’s going to swap beds tonight because she can’t sleep with him. He tells her not to be stupid and pulls her onto him. She hugs him and ten wraps her legs over him and kisses his neck.

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