Big Brother 2010: Day 6 highlights….including nominations and Verruca-gate!

9.15 am Corin and Mario get to know you

V/O Day Six. 9.15 am Most of the housemates are asleep. Today housemates will be nominating for the first time. Corin and Mario are in the bathroom.

Mario is talking to Corin about her girlfriend and Mario asks Corin what it was like coming out to her mum. Corin says “it was nerve-racking” but she was “well good about it”. Mario’s a little bit apprehensive about all his family and friends finding out he’s gay through Big Brother but also glad. Corin waxes her eyebrows and Mario wonders that it doesn’t hurt, Corin says “I’ve got that much sun damage on my face I’ve got skin of steel”.

11.06 am Verruca-gate

V/O 11.06 am All the housemates are eating breakfast in the kitchen

Housemates discuss needing some more washing up liquid, and Ben jokes that they can always use Sunshine’s verruca cream. Govan laughs at the joke. Sunshine tells Ben to stop it.

Steve goes to the Diary Room and asks Big Brother for some more washing up liquid, because washing up with shower gel “is not the way forward”.

In the living room, Sunshine tells Ben that she wants him to stop making jokes about her having veruccas when she doesn’t saying “I don’t want people to think I have an infectious condition on my feet!” Ben says he’s really sorry, and points out that if she did have a verruca he wouldn’t joke about it “you’re my friend, I only said it as a joke”.

“Remember we’re on television” says Sunshine. Ben starts to laugh, and then apologises. He says he has a black sense of humour, and once made a joke about another friend of his having piles. Sunshine says that’s different because it’s not infectious. Ben says that it was light hearted. The argument resolves with Ben apologising.

11.57 am Govan bitches again

Josie, Ife, and Govan are in the bathroom.

Govan says that people who don’t ordinarily speak to him have been going around being extra nice to him. Josie says she has noticed that also. Govan says if he didn’t have boxers on Dave would be licking his ass.

V/O Shabby and Ben are in the living room.

Ben talks to Shabby about the Sunshine incident and says that he has a “lavatorial sense of humour”. Govan overhears and asks “is that still an issue?” Ben admits that he shouldn’t have made those jokes because Sunshine is sensitive . “Why is that our problem?” Govan asks. “It’s not your problem, it’s my problem”, Ben counters. Mario suggests Sunshine and Govan should go on a date to patch things up. Govan says he’s met people like Sunshine before and people who “play the hard done by act all the time” irritate him. “She twists everything to her advantage. I feel like if she wasn’t here I’d be having the time of my life.”

12.28 pm JJ and Josie – a spark?!

V/O 12.28 pm Dave is in the Diary Room

Dave says that he is being a bit distant in the house because he finds it difficult being away from his family. He says he’s been a bit isolated, quiet, and into himself. But he loves everyone in the house, even Govan. He knows there’s barrier between him and Govan but wishes there wasn’t one. Dave doesn’t think there’s any point in discussing it, because he believes he (Dave) will soon be evicted.

V/O John James and Josie are in the bathroom

Josie tells John James that she would like to set him up with her friend. She says John James is exactly her friend’s type. “You’re quite a pretty boy aren’t you?” “Um…yeah you could say that”. John James thinks Josie will be in the house until the end. Josie doesn’t think so and is worried how she’ll be a few weeks in and that “girls tend to get voted out before guys”. Mario comes in and says he thinks Josie will win. Josie says she’ll be sad to lose whoever leaves, and that she gets very attached to people. Josie asks Mario who he’d most like to go on a romantic dinner with in the house. Mario immediately says Ben. John James offers to swap beds with Mario but then says he can’t sleep so close to Steve. Ben asks who John James would most like to go on a romantic dinner with, and John James says Josie. Mario: “There could be a budding romance with you two…”
Josie: “There could be…”

1.01 pm Same Sex Marriage Debate as Mario flirts with ‘hubby’ Ben

V/O 1.01 pm John James and Govan are in the nest talking about Dave

Govan tells John James that he thinks Dave is fake. He said that Shabby has said that he was walking around the room talking to people he hadn’t talked to before, and Josie said the same thing. “How can that be a coincidence?”

V/O Most of the other housemates are by the pool

Mario asks Ben for some water and Ben says no. Josie asks Mario “is your husband being difficult to you already?!” and Mario jokes “perhaps it’s time for some marital discipline” and then suggest they should have a cock fight. “Spank him Mario”, Nathan says. “Spank him until his eyes water.”

Josie asks Dave if he would marry Ben and Mario. Dave says that he would not. “I’m not judgemental regarding it you know, I believe that Jesus loves everyone, but it’s not something that I personally would be happy (to do).” Dave says he doesn’t want to get into it because it’s a controversial topic, goes on to say “my interpretation of the scripture shows me clearly that in the sight of god homosexuality is wrong.” Mario says he doesn’t want to get married anyway.

1.42 pm Nominations

V/O 1.42 pm Today housemates will nominate for the first time. Ben is the first to nominate.

Ben nominates Shabby because she is too volatile. “She goes from extreme hyperactivity to extreme slothness”. He nominates Sunshine with a “bad conscience”, but says that she is a “divisive figure in the house” and even though he is her friend it would “help the house if she wasn’t here.”

Caoimhe nominates Sunshine. She is too sensible and looks down on the other housemates. She nominates Dave because she says the getting drunk on the spirit of God thing pisses her off, she doesn’t get it. She thinks he does it for attention.

Corin nominates Caoimhe. She never does the washing up and only mingles in her own group. She feels bad, but she nominates Sunshine because she carries on arguments for too long.

Dave nominates Govan because he doesn’t understand the disconnect between them. He thinks Govan is playing a game. Dave nominates Rachael because he thinks she is insensitive to other people and flaunts her body around.

Govan nominates Sunshine because he thinks she is obnoxious and sly and that she is the main source of conflict in the house. He nominates Dave because he says Dave likes to get involved in the drama in the house. Dave has been nicer to people right before nominations and Govan thinks Dave is playing a game.

Ife nominates Sunshine because “she doesn’t back down from arguments”. Ife tried to spend more time with Sunshine but found her irritating. She feels very bad for her second nomination but she chooses Steve. She doesn’t want to say why on national television but she feels like he doesn’t like her and she always has to walk on eggshells around him.

John James nominates Rachael. He thinks she thinks she’s better than everyone else and has more of a right to be here because of how she looks. He also nominates Shabby. He knows she got told off for trying to influence nominations and he does not think she should be doing that.

Josie nominates Dave. The two of them don’t have a laugh and have nothing in common. Josie also says they have different views and she believes if you love someone you should be allowed to get married. She also nominates Sunshine because she doesn’t feel like they have real conversations. Sunshine just has a conversation with the mirror behind her. Josie says Sunshine uses her intelligence to make her feel inadequate.

Mario nominates Shabby. He says she is such a strong personality she is suppressing others. He also nominates Corin because they haven’t bonded on an intellectual level like he has with every other housemate.

Nathan nominates Sunshine. “She gets on me tits, if that’s a valid reason.” Nathan also nominates Ben. He says they haven’t mingled and that Ben isn’t interested in what Nathan has to say.

Rachael nominates Dave because he only started being nice to her right before nominations. Rachael nominates Sunshine because they don’t understand each other. They both think they’re always right, so they’re not likely to get on.

Shabby nominates Sunshine. She thinks Sunshine thinks she’s intellectually superior and doesn’t appreciate that assumption. Shabby nominates Dave because they’re at different stages in their lives and have nothing in common.

Steve nominates Sunshine. He says she’s quite irritating running around and talking to cameras. Steve nominates Shabby because she plays up and has tantrums and breaks the rules. He says she is clever but annoying. And “fake”.

Sunshine nominates Govan because he thought she was the mole and voted to have her evicted. She adds that since their dispute he has avoided her. Sunshine nominates Shabby. She says that you can smile at Shabby and she won’t even acknowledge you exist.

V/O Sunshine received 10 nominations, Shabby and Dave received 5 nominations each. Although they were the 3 housemates to receive the most nominations they will all have the opportunity to save themselves from facing the public vote by taking part in tomorrow’s Save and Replace task

4.51 pm Its only an onion

V/O 4.51 pm All the housemates are in the kitchen…

The housemates are eating lunch. Ben takes some onions and adds them to his lunch. Govan mentions that the onions were for the curry for dinner. Dave then takes some onions. Govan says that Ben didn’t know the onions were for the curry but that “other people” took some anyway. Dave begins to argue with Govan and says that he did not realise that the onions were for dinner either.

5.34 pm Ding Ding Round 2

In the living room, Govan, Ben, and Dave continue to discuss the onions incident. Dave and Govan argue about whether or not Dave knew the onions were part of the meal, and the method which Govan used to point it out. “I thought the onions were part of the meal that’s why I took some” says Dave. The conversation shifts and Govan says that Dave made the Sunshine situation worse. Dave claims he tried to mediate. Govan says “Right, I’m out” and leaves the living room. Nathan says there are worse things than onions. Govan comes back and says that he didn’t expect that sort of thing from Dave. Mario jokes that if Nathan had made pizza this would have never happened.

V/O Dave, Mario, Ben and John James are in the living room.

Dave said he was just trying to be there to support Sunshine because she had been crying. John James says Sunshine is old enough and can take care of herself and that Dave did not need to be there.

Govan enters the conversation again and says that Dave was just trying to “stir it up”. Dave says the viewers will see the truth and Govan agrees they will. Govan says that it was voting Sunshine as the mole that upset her and Dave had nothing to do with it.

In the bathroom, Shabby, Ife, and Caoimhe are in the bath. “Are they still talking about onions?” Shabby says she knew there would be an argument right after nominations “the onion argument is a way to vent their other issues. It’s not about the onions really”.

Dave and Govan continue to argue. Govan says Dave didn’t know his motivations. Dave asks how he can explain himself and Govan says he doesn’t have to explain himself.

6.35 pm Govan and Sunshine

V/O 6.35 pm Dave and Govan are at the carousel

Dave says he doesn’t want bad blood and he wants them to get on. Govan tells Dave to be careful, that assuming motivations can be dangerous. Dave said he didn’t assume motivations.

V/O Most of the housemates are in the living room

John James asks if the argument is still going. Ben says it’s best to stay in the living room. Sunshine comes in and asks what’s going on. Ben sums up the argument. Sunshine says she “feels bad that I caused this”. She is told by Ben that it’s not her fault, Dave and Govan wanted an argument.

At the carousel, Govan shakes Dave’s hand and says “thanks for talking to me anyway.” Govan walks into the living room and asks to speak to Sunshine alone. They go the closet and sit down and start talking. After speaking to Dave, Govan realised that the way he acted was silly. He does not think it was wrong but explains to Sunshine “in no way shape or form was I trying to get you kicked out of the house”, and adds “I would have reacted to it the same way you had”.

11.20 pm Housemates Honesty Game

V/O 11.20 pm All the housemates are in the living room playing a game

The Housemates play a game and ask each other personal questions like “who do you fancy?” or “who would you most like to kiss?”

Mario fancies Ben the most
Ben would like to kiss Rachael
Rachael thinks about Nathan the most before she goes to sleep
Govan would most like to sleep with Caoimhe
Shabby would most like to sleep with Rachael
Shabby thinks Caoimhe is the most attractive person in the house
Caoimhe would like to share a bed with John James next
John James would like to have a snog with Corin in the snug
Steve would choose Josie to go for a pint with
Josie would choose Steve for a wicked cuddle

2.15 am John James hates Rachael

V/O 2.15 am Most of the Housemates are asleep

Govan, Josie, and John James are at the Carousel.

John James admits to Govan and Josie that “I fucking hate Rachael”. Govan says that it’s because John James fancies her, so her arrogance makes him angrier. Govan jokes that it’s because she’s the one John James most wants to sleep with. “Probably yeah” John James admits. “I hate girls who are arrogant because of what they look like, I fucking hate that. I don’t care if she likes me or not.” John James adds “if she wants to go, I’ll go.”


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