Big Brother 2010: Day 60 highlights – Jo doesn’t like John James!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


Corin, Josie and Mario are at the Carousel. “It’s madness to think we are the two original girls left”, says Corin. “It does make me feel quite proud”, says Josie. The conversation turns to Sam. “I’m over it now”, says Josie regarding getting upset with him. She adds that she has ignored him and so he has stopped his behaviour.


Corin and Jo are in the Bathroom. “I’m gonna struggle to get to Friday”, says Jo. “I just don’t like it here”, she adds. Corin tells her not to walk and Jo goes on to say that she doesn’t like John James; she is tired of hearing him say he “doesn’t give a rip” and refers to him as “King of the Untouchables”. She adds that she doesn’t want to hear his voice.


Most of the boys are in the Living Room playing marbles. Sam has drawn a circle in chalk on the floor.

In the Bedroom Mario and Corin are talking. “Please let people get bored of marbles soon”, says Mario.

Back in the Living Room Sam is called to the Diary Room and told to bring the marbles and chalk with him. “No way”, shout the boys. “Dude, they can’t take away our marbles”, says Dave.

Sam goes to the Diary Room where Big Brother tells him that for defacing fixture and fittings he must give up the chalk and marbles as punishment.

Back in the Living Room the housemates aren’t happy with Big Brother’s decision. “If they can take our marbles they can take anything from us”, says Dave before heading into the Diary Room.

In the Dairy Room Dave is telling Big Brother that he’s not happy with what has happened. “We enjoyed playing those marbles”, he says, adding, “we should have kept them and started a revolution”.


For today’s task housemates must master the art of graffiti as they become members of “Pepper’s Spray Crew”. Sam is teaching his crew how to spray paint caricatures of one another by drawing an image of Corin. The rest of the housemates draw pictures of one another before Sam judges them. Sam critiques the housemates’ work and chooses Mario’s portrait of Andrew as the best and therefore the winner.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. As a reward for winning the graffiti task Mario’s picture has been hung in pride of place in the Kitchen and will remain there for the rest of the series.

Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen and spot Mario’s painting. “It’s brilliant”, says Andrew. Mario is concerned about where Big Brother has decided to hand the picture on the store room door. “People are just going to put their hands on it to push it open”, he says.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Mario is still talking about his portrait. “It was a present and I just want him to get it in pristine condition. “You shouldn’t have made it so good then and won”, says John James.

Josie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the house dynamics. “We’ve strated to realise there are too many men in here”, she says. She adds that the three girls left have really bonded. “We’ve got to stick together.” She adds that it’s ok for her because she’s a “tomboy” but all the men “idolise” each other. “They’re life a wolf pack out there”, she says.


Big Brother has called Sam to the Diary Room where he is told that he has broken the rules regarding talking about the outside world during a discussion with John James and Josie. Big Brother has provided Sam with a large board saying, ‘I, Sam Pepper, won’t talk about the outside world ever again…Honestly, I won’t. He’s told he must stick pepper corns over the letters of the sign as punishment.

Josie and Corin are at the Carousel talking about how Sam is being nice again. Josie says she hopes he stays like this. “I think he’s finished the beeline for me now”, she says.

7.55 pm

Sam is still in the Diary Room. He decides to place glue on the letters and pour all of the pepper corns onto the board.

Mario, John James and JJ are in the Bedroom. John James says to Mario that Mario expects more from the show because he is big fan of the show. Mario says he just didn’t want the painting to get damaged and John James tells Mario he needs to relax more in the house.


Steve is in the Diary Room where Big Brother is setting him a secret task – Fear for Beer. To win alcohol for the house Steve must try and scare three of his fellow housemates in one hour. “I’ll just go out there and scare the hell out of them”, says Steve.

Steve leaves the Diary Room and goes up to Mario. “Boo”, he shouts. He then does the same to Corin, Andrew, Josie and Sam. He returns to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother, “I think you’ll find I did five.”


Some of the housemates are at the sofas playing ‘I Have Never’. “I have never fancied anyone in this house”, says Jo. Andrew and Josie drink their drinks.

Josie, Jo and Corin are in the Garden. “I think JJ can be quite arrogant”, says Josie.
Jo says her next question for the ‘I have Never’ game is going to be, “I’ve never wanted to snog the face off a current Housemate”. Corin said she wouldn’t drink to that.

Jo, Josie and Corin then return to the House and continue with ‘I have Never’ game.
“I have never used strange sexual toys” says Steve before taking a drink. The rest of the housemates notice Andrew also drinks and they all laugh. “It was a watermelon”, says Andrew. “Was it self pleasure?” Sam asks him. Andrew nods his head as the rest of the housemates laugh hysterically.


JJ and John James are in the Bathroom. JJ says that he saw a side to Corin’s behaviour this week that he didn’t like. John James says that he thinks she is more like that on the outside but tries not to be like that in the house because she doesn’t want to go up.
John James adds that the house has changed in the past week. The conversation turns to Sam. “What you see is what you get”, says John James. JJ agrees. “He is bringing out peoples’ personalities, so in a way, full credit to him” adds John James.


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