Big Brother 2010: Day 61 highlights – Andrew and JJ play Space Invaders, Corin wins Sam his suitcase back

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


Jo, Josie, JJ and Steve are in the Bedroom talking about relationships and about cheating. Josie says cheating on someone is “the most selfish thing someone can do”. JJ says he did it once but would never do it again. Jo responds: “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. JJ says: “fuck off”.


Josie says to Jo that she was wrong about JJ saying she thought he was arrogant but doesn’t now. She says that she gets protective of her friends such as Corin.
Josie says that she also thought John James was arrogant when she first met him. Jo says she keeps her distance from John James and Josie says she hopes John James isn’t arrogant in the outside world.


Some of the housemates are sunbathing in the garden. JJ says that the only romance that will happen in the House is between Josie and John James. Dave adds that there could be a romance with Andrew and an avocado after his revelation about the watermelon. Dave comments on the housemates playing ‘I Have Never’ last night. “I didn’t want to embarrass myself and lose my dignity like you guys did.” Jo tells Dave that she finds his comment offensive and the other Housemates say they didn’t lost their dignity by playing it.


Andrew is called to the diary room for his Space Invaders task. He is told by Big Brother his task is to watch JJ from the comfort of the laboratory and observe JJ as he tries to make physical contact with each Housemate. He is told JJ will do this in alphabetical order and needs to remain in contact with each Housemate for more than three minutes in order for them to be invited to dinner with the two boys that evening.

In the Garden, Josie talks about the size of JJ and John James’ balls and whether they are the same or not “I wonder if you and John have matching b*****ks and all?!” John James responds: “I don’t think we have the same size balls – not to worry”.

In the laboratory Andrew watches JJ start the task. He gets Corin to touch feet by lying on their backs with their feet touching in the air.


So far , JJ managed to stay in physical contact with Dave for only 57 seconds. Next on JJ’s list of targets is Jo.

JJ comes to see Jo in the Kitchen and he hugs her. Andrew commentates on this from his Laboratory. Jo tells JJ “it’s tougher than I thought it would be” and adds that she feels “like a f***ing idiot crying” in the House. JJ says if she wants to talk he is there for her saying: “I’m only 23 but if I can help…”


Andrew commentates from his Laboratory as JJ goes and jumps on John James and wrestles with him on the bed.

Next JJ tells Josie that he wants to make John James jealous by holding her hand. Josie asks if JJ and John James have had a bet and JJ says no. Josie tells JJ to stroke her knee and he does. Josie worries about Corin’s reaction to this. JJ responds: “I don’t fancy Corin- sorry to disappoint”. He adds: “she’s a bit scary, like when she went off at Sammy Pepper”.

John James enters and JJ is still stroking Josie’s knee. Josie says “he doesn’t give a shit”. 11 minutes later, Josie is laughing whilst JJ is still stroking her knee and John James says that Josie keeps looking at him and laughing. In his laboratory, Andrew observes that JJ managed a 14 minutes 39 seconds space invasion with Josie.


Mario massages JJ, informing him that he has “no sexual pleasure massaging men” but just likes doing it. Andrew watches from his laboratory observing that this is not space invading as it is Mario who is touching JJ and not the other way round.

In the Garden, Dave says how it is a “weird house”. He says he has never met anyone like the characters in the Big Brother House. Josie says: “I have never met anyone who said angels try to lift them”. They also remark how Corin is so happy all of the time.


John James says he doesn’t get jealous of anything. He says to Josie “even if you were my girlfriend I couldn’t care less, you can do what you want.” JJ then instigates an arm wrestle with Steve. Steve wins and Andrew remarks from his laboratory that it was “all over in 27 seconds”.

Josie is talking to John James about life outside the house. “When I get out of here I’m going straight to the gym.” She says she wants to get down to a dress size 12. Sam asks what size she is now and Josie answers a 16. Sam says to her “‘Cos you haven’t got a very fat face you don’t look that hideous.”

In the Diary Room, Andrew and JJ are told that they have successfully passed the task and will be joined for dinner this evening by: Corin, Josie and Sam.
Andrew says JJ was good at the task and refers to him as a “smooth criminal”.


JJ says to Jo he feels bad because earlier he hugged her and made her cry but was hugging her as part of his task. Sam chips in saying: “Oh Jo, you’re an emotional wreck”
Josie and Corin chat at the Carousel. Josie tells Corin that JJ was quite shocked by Corin’s anger the other day during the task but that he says Corin is gorgeous. Josie says that she thinks JJ has got Corin “all wrong”.


Andrew, JJ, Corin, Josie and Sam are enjoying their dinner reward for space Invaders. Housemates have been told that they should remain in physical contact with one another throughout the meal.

On the grass, JJ, Josie, Corin, Sam and Andrew eat their meal. Steve looks on from the Kitchen. Josie says she is “popping out” of her dress. Josie groans: “I ate so much” and lies back on the grass. John James watches Josie from the House and laughs: “They don’t know what they’re missing out on with this yoghurt.”

Josie collapses back on the grass in fullness from eating too much dinner. John James says: “Josie has ate that much, she’s passed out!”


Jo has gone to the Diary Room. Jo says that she feels like a “fish out of water” saying the cameras on her feel “daunting”. She adds that she feels she has “no particular role in the House”.

In the Bedroom, Sam hugs Dave. Dave then tells Sam “I can’t nominate you” and Sam responds: “Shit, why am I giving you a hug?!” Sam then screams on the bed as the Housemates give him a ‘wedgie’ and they all laugh.


Corin is called to the Diary Room and given the opportunity to win Sam’s suitcase for him. Big Brother tells Corin there are 9 letters in the name Sam Pepper, and that there are 9 other Housemates. She is told to try to get an item off each Housemate beginning with each of the letters of Sam’s name.

Corin is then shown collecting items off each Housemate and bringing them to the Diary Room to spell out SAM PEPPER. She succeeds and Corin enters the Bedroom, turns on the light and goes up to Sam who is in bed, singing “I got a little something for ya”. Sam smiles and thanks the Housemates and they all hug him.


In the Bedroom, Dave laughs about JJ getting “more tasks than Challenge Anneka”. Dave laughs that all of the Housemates want something from him. Dave tells JJ that he only does something if he wants something and says how Mario swapped his face last week. JJ says to Dave: “you’re the king of face swapping, mate!” adding “he tells everyone he loves them then face swaps them”
Dave laughs that Mario will go up this week in Save and Replace task saying: “sorry Mario, an eye for an eye, or in your case a button for a button”.


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