Big Brother 2010: Day 63 highlights- John James Parton ‘I don’t trust manipulative Corin!’

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


All the Housemates are in the Living Room as Sam reads out a laminate provide by Big Brother with details for this week’s shopping task.

Housemates are to become Horse mates and compete to be the Panto Horse of the Year. The housemates are discussing who will take which role and Jo suggests she would like to be a trainer alongside Steve tells her Dave should take this role and she should be partnered with Sam as a horse. “I’m not being still with Sam all day”, she says.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Jo is telling John James that she feels left out. Sam joins the conversation, “Why are you causing a fuss?”, he asks her. The pair argue. “Don’t tell me to stop moaning”, says Jo adding that Sam should, “Know your place”.


Jo and John James are in the Bathroom. “I just don’t feel comfortable”, says a crying Jo. She asks John James why Steve didn’t want to work with her. “You’ve done nothing wrong”, John James tells her. “Why keep shafting me out of it?” asks Jo. “There are a lot of selfish people in here who only look out for number one”, he adds.

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. “I’m really missing my wife and kids”, Dave tells Mario and Corin as he begins to cry.

Back in the Bathroom Josie has is talking to Jo. “We’ll have a good day today”, she tells her.


Sam has come to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother. “Is there anything I can give up of mine that would get him his message?” he asks talking about the letter Big Brother has from Dave’s children.

Josie and Jo in the Bedroom talking. “It’s not fun for me, Josie”, says Jo. She adds that she has spent time trying to get on with people and be nice to them but what Steve did to her was nasty. Josie agrees with Jo that Corin let Jo down the other day and now Steve has let Jo down too. Josie assures Jo that she won’t let her down.

The conversation turns to Corin. “She chose me for a reason”, says Jo referring to the nominations. She adds that it is all part of Corin’s manipulative game and that Corin fancying JJ was all for the cameras. “I don’t hate her, but I don’t trust her”, says John James.


Andrew, Josie and Dave are in the Garden. “I’ve had colonic irrigation”, says Josie. The group get into a discussion about how the tube is clear. “Seeing it is a big thing for me”, says Josie.

Sam is in the Bathroom. “Oi’, where’s Wally”, says the Tree. “I’ve been watching you Pepper Pot” the Tree says, adding, “I like your work, you’re a lot like me”. The Tree offers Sam the chance to win Dave’s letter for him. He is told he needs to smear stinky cheese under his armpits and pass off the odour as his own. The Tree tells Sam to get the cheese from the drawer and to “p*** off and get stinking”. Sam takes the cheese and goes and puts it in the cupboard in the Toilet.

2.54 pm

Housemates are in their pantomime pairings for today’s Horse of the Year Shopping Task. They will be put through a series of trials with one horse eliminated after each round. This will leave only one winner who will compete in an extraordinary special and unique opportunity to win up to £500 for this week’s shopping budget. Steve and Dave are the Trainers.

Housemates are sat at the sofas. Sam heads to the Toilet and smears the stinky cheese on his arm pits.

The Horse mates parade around the Garden as their pantomime horses with their Trainers:-

Andrew and Mario form ‘Kozek’ the Butcher
JJ and John James are ‘JJ Lightning’
Sam and Corin are ‘Tony the Most Curvaceous and booty-licious horse in the whole of BB whole world served with horseradish dot com’
Josie and Jo are ‘BB Bomber’


Sam is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about his secret task. “I absolutely stink”, he says. “I don’t see how Corin hasn’t said anything”. He adds that Corin will probably bitch behind his back saying he stinks.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave tells Jo that managing to be away from his family all of this time is a “miracle”.

Sam walks into the room and lies on top of John James. “I stink”, says Sam. “What the…” responds John James. Sam then goes and lies on top of Josie and Mario. “You stink of onions”, says Josie.


Sam is in the Bathroom. “Garlic was an ingenious idea”, says the Tree. “You’d make an excellent apprentice”, the Tree adds. “You are like my idol”, says Sam. The Tree confirms Sam has passed his task. “Now p*** off Pepper pot”.

6.34 pm

The Horse mates are taking part in the Bleep Test. Corin and Sam go first. The others watch from the sofas on the plasma. “That’s the most un-coordinated horse I’ve ever seen”, says John James. C

Corin and Sam manage 40 laps. Mario and Andrew do 37 laps, Josie and Jo complete 31 laps and John James and JJ in 41 laps. This means Jo and Josie must now become jockey’s and will not be taking part in any further challenges.


Sam is in the Diary Room where he is provided with the letter from Dave’s children. “Say thanks to the Tress for me”, he says.

He calls everyone to the Kitchen and reads out the letter to Dave. “That’s awesome”, says a crying Dave.


Horse mates are taking part in round two of the shopping task, A Question of Sport. Dave hosts the quiz and the trainers are watching at the side in the task room.

The first question involves watching a VT of ex housemates Ben and Ife. “I miss Ben”, says Andrew.

JJ and John James come first at the quiz, Mario and Andrew second and Corin and Sam come last and are therefore out of the competition.


Dave and John James are in the Garden. “The longer I stay here, the more I want to leave”, says John James, adding that on the other side of it he doesn’t want to leave the bubble.

Corin and Sam are in the Diary Room talking about the day’s task. “I think it’ll bring us closer together”, says Corin. “Now, she’s sniffed my bum we’ll be closer”, adds Sam.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. “I’ve had ten weeks. I’m ready to go back to my life”, says Corin.

Some of the housemates are in the Bathroom talking about Jo. “She’s really struggling”, says JJ. “It the thing with Corin that started it off”, says Josie.

“In here, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her”, says John James about Corin. They agree that the way Corin behaved with Jo makes them question if they trust Corin or not.

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