Big Brother 2010: Day 64 – JJ and John James go to public horse race – Sam Pepper’s caffeine craze

Highlights of tonight’s show 10pm on Channel 4


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave mentions that he is annoyed by Josie’s and John James constant talking and laughing through the night.

Sam walks over to Josie and John James and pulls the duvet from their bed. Josie get’s angry, “I don’t want my fat arse hanging out on television”, she says. “That’s your best bits right there, Josie”, says Sam. “You know how you said it’d be funny to get knocked out by a girl, that will be your best bits”, says Josie.


Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam is using coconut shells to make a ‘clip clop’ sound above Josie’s head. Josie kicks out at Sam who moves out of the way.

Sam heads over to the Garden and continues to make the noise. Josie also heads to the Garden and sit’s at the Carousel. “F*** off Sam”, says Josie as he claps the coconuts above her head.


John James is in the Bathroom, He calls Dave to come in. “Your eyes are tired because you’ve had no sleep”, says Dave. John James dances around him and hugs Dave.

Josie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. “I’m so angry with Sam.”, she says adding that she’s annoyed he pulled the cover off her for everyone to see her in her pants. She also adds that she’s annoyed with John James for laughing.

John James and Sam are in the Garden talking about Josie. “You just caught her at a bad time”, says John James. “She should where pyjama’s in bed” says Sam.
Josie goes to the Garden where Sam and John James are. Josie argues with Sam saying it is he who has made her feel self conscious telling her it should be illegal for her to wear a swimming costume. “That was all banter and you were bantering back”, says Sam.


Trainers, Jockeys and Pantomime Horses are gathered in the Garden for this weeks shopping task – ‘Big Bro Jumping’. The remaining pantomime horses ‘JJ Lightning’ and ‘Kulsek the Butcher’ will race around a special ‘Bro Jumping’ course. Horse-mates are unaware that the winning horse will leave the house later today to compete in the Annual Pantomime Horse race at Sandown Park race course.

The Pantomime Horses compete in show jumping in the garden, the remaining two horses take it in turns to complete the course JJ and John James and Mario and Andrew head around the course twice and the race ends in a tie with an equalling time of 9.00 seconds, the horses compete again to decide a winner with JJ and John James eventually winning with a time of 8.45 seconds.


Andrew is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about this week’s task. “I’m a little bit gutted for Mario because I feel I let him down”, he says. He also adds that he’s proud that he drew with John James and JJ as they are both quite athletic.

Josie and Sam are in the Living Room. Josie pours water down Sam’s trouser while he is asleep on the sofa, he says he will get her back and heads to the kitchen to grab tomato sauce. He comes back to the living room and squirts the sauce over Josie. “This is war”, says Josie. She heads to the kitchen herself and opens a tin of pasta sauce. “Put the sauce down, Josie”, says Sam. “Face your punishment”, replies Josie. Josie throws the pasta sauce in Sam’s face who retaliates by squeezing ketchup over her.


All of the housemates have been gathered on the sofa. JJ and John James are called to the Diary Room which is shown on the plasma monitor for the rest of the housemates to see. “Today you will represent Big Brother in the annual pantomime horse race”, Big Brother tells JJ and John James. Big Brother explains that the pair shall be in charge of winning the housemates shopping budget this week, potentially winning up to 500 pounds for the housemates. They are told they shall be sent to Sandown race course for the race. They are told their position in the race will denote how much money they will have for the shopping budget.

JJ and John James head out of the Diary Room to a waiting taxi in their costumes, they have been told they must keep their identities hidden at all times.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam has dressed in a skirt and wig and is following Josie around the house putting on a different accent asking her to look at his fashion, she get’s annoyed at him following her. “P*** off Pepper”, she tells him.

John James and JJ are in the taxi. “Woah, everyone’s just going about their normal lives”, says JJ. They continue to talk about how they find it weird being out of the house. “I didn’t think I would leave this way”, says JJ.

Corin is in the Diary Room speculating on how John James and JJ are doing saying how strange it must be for John James to see the outside world after two months.

Dave is in the Bathroom with Andrew talking about Josie. “She is one of a kind”, says Dave adding that he’s never met anyone like her.


John James and JJ are at Sandown where they walk around in costume. “We want our £500 shopping budget”, says John James. They take their positions at the starting point before the race begins. The race starts with all pantomime horses in the race sprinting to the finish line. In a tight race JJ and John James come in 3rd, they cheer and hug as the results are announced.


Steve Corin and Josie are in the Garden. “I don’t think we would have stood a chance of winning near £300 if any of the others did it”, says Corin. “I hope they haven’t met any other Sheila’s”, says Josie. Steve accurately predicts that the boys have come 3rd in the race.


JJ Lightning has returned to the Big Brother house. They join the rest of the housemates on the sofa where Big Brother places them a VT of the race.


Sam is in the Bedroom looking for his hats which John James has secretly hidden. John James claims he doesn’t even know what the hats look like. Sam cuts a lemonade bottle in half and uses it as a microphone. “Where is the hat? Where is the hat?” he repeats whilst making as much noise as possible. The rest of the housemates laugh and copy his chanting as they dance around him.


Sam is in the Bedroom. “Four cups of coffee later and I’m ready for tonight. Hyper, hyper”, he says, before jumping on Josie’s bed. He goes to the Bathroom where he sprays a smiley face on the toilet door with a cleaning spray before returning to the Bedroom to play fight with John James. John James bracelet snaps. “I’m sorry”, says Sam before heading out to the Garden. He sits under the washing rack. “Too much coffee”, he says.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!