Big Brother 2010: Day 65 highlights – John James Parton and Josie Gibson have lovers tiff!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


Josie, Sam, John James and Dave are in the Kitchen writing the shopping list and talking about whether to put non food items on the list. “No, we do all food stuff first”, says Sam. John James walks out of the Kitchen. “Sam thinks he’s the Lord of the flies in there”, he tells Dave. Dave suggests it’s because people are scared of him arguing that they don’t say anything to him if they disagree with him.

John James heads back to the Kitchen and confronts Sam telling him they should put Corin’s hair on the list.


Jo, John James, Dave and Josie are in the Kitchen talking about Sam and who will be leaving this Friday. Dave suggests that Sam could go despite his volatile week in the house as he thinks the public will like him. “I would be worried if I was him”, says John James.


For today’s task Housemates will take on Big Brother in a game of I Spy.
The Housemate who guesses what Big Brother has spied in the quickest time will win a party with five Housemates of their choice.

The Diary Room has been filled with objects which all begin with the same letter, it is up to the housemates to figure out which object Big Brother has ‘spied’ in the fastest time. Corin is first up and has to find a word that begins with the letter ‘C”, she says the names of most the objects in the room before eventually saying ‘Corin’ in 44 seconds which was the correct answer. Next is Andrew who get’s ‘Chair’ in one second. The housemates each take it in turns to take part in the game.


Some of the Housemates are in the Living Room. Josie and John James are discussing ex-Housemate Laura. “She even told me everything John James said about me in the Diary Room”, says Josie. “You made a fool out of me”, she adds. John James says he was confused at the time. “Guys, we have highlight show material right here”, jokes Sam.

An upset Josie leaves the room and goes to the Bedroom. Sam follows her and tries to cheer her up. John James walks into the room and tells Sam to, “f*** off” as he is only interested in getting air time. Sam leaves the room and John James and Josie continue their conversation. “I don’t understand why you get upset by things that have been said in the past”, says John James. Josie tells him she’s not upset but, “You’re sleeping on your own tonight”, she says.


John James and Josie are still arguing in the Bedroom. Sam is watching the argument from the windows in the Living Room adding his own commentary. “John James and Josie have been arguing for hours”, he says.

In the Bedroom John James asks Josie how she can be embarrassed with what’s going on when she says she doesn’t care what people think all the time. “I’m allowed to be embarrassed”, she says. Sam enters the Bedroom. “Get your Australian arse out of my bed”, he says before asking Josie if she’s ok. John James tells Sam to leave the room as they are having a private conversation. “No conversation is really private in the house”, says Sam. Josie tells John James to be quiet. “If you don’t sort your ideas out I’m going to run off with Sam”, she tells him.


As a reward for winning the I Spy task Sam and Andrew have won exclusive access to a party along with four Housemates of their choice. They chose Dave, JJ, Mario and Jo.

The housemates are enjoying a party in the Living Room, dancing and singing to music with Sam playing the air guitar around the room and on the floor and with Mario teaching Andrew how to dance. “Imagine the beats are numbers”, says Mario.

In the Bedroom John James, Corin and Steve are speculating on who will go on Friday. “I think people will like Sam”, says Steve. “I think Sam’s a goner”, John James adds.

John James and Josie start talking about their relationship. “I think I’m looking for a reason to push you away”, says Josie adding that this is what she always does. John James tells her if that’s what she wants to do then its fine and adds that he is concerned that they will end up hating each other in the outside world. Josie thinks maybe she is analysing their situation too much and it is causing them problems


John James, Dave and JJ are in the shower, talking about Sam. They discuss how Sam and Josie get along very well now. “It’s to the point that he can do anything (to Josie) now”, says JJ. “I feel sorry for her because she’s not very smart”, says John James.
John James adds that its because Sam is fake and as soon as he realised he was up for eviction he wanted to be nice to someone popular in the outside world and so had to be nice to Josie in order to win votes.

Sam is in the Living Room with Josie. The two of them realise they can hear the conversation in the Bathroom. Sam crouches down behind the sofa with Josie and listens to what they say about him.

“What I don’t like is fake people”, says John. “He acts like a fourteen year old kid”, says JJ adding the Sam is only two years younger than him. John James mentions how Sam is being nice to Josie now because he wants to win public votes.

In the Living Room Sam says he can’t believe what John James is saying as he thought John James was a friend. “What a f****** malicious p****”, he says.


Sam and Josie are still in the Living Room talking about what they have overheard. “This is Armageddon”, says Sam. He walks away from the window to the kitchen to try to calm down.

In the Bathroom John James notices Sam. “I think he was listening”, he tells Dave and JJ.

Back in the Kitchen Sam is talking to Josie about John James. “He’s a two faced p****”, he says. Dave walks into the Kitchen. “Why don’t you says that to his face”, Dave tells Sam.

Sam enters the Bathroom. “Do you want to stop bitching about me?” he shouts at John James. “I thought I could trust you”, he adds. John James shouts back saying Sam has been getting involved in affairs all day that don’t concern him. An upset Sam walks out of the room and heads to the Bedroom where he climbs into bed.

John James follows him and tells Sam he shouldn’t get involved with things that don’t concern him and again says how he thinks Sam is fake and how he deserves this treatment. “I do actually like Josie”, says Sam. John James tells him he wouldn’t if he wasn’t up for eviction.

John James is called to the Diary Room. “I believe Sammy is fake as f***. I don’t trust him”, says John James. Big Brother asks him to calm down.

Back in the Bedroom Sam is talking to Josie. He tells her he is worried he has shown himself up on television based on the night’s events and jokes how he would have lost a lot of street credibility because of it. Josie laughs and jokes that she has been showing herself up since the beginning of the show saying how at first she seemed like a cool girl from Bristol but now will be referred to back home as just a “desperate minge”.

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