Big Brother 2010: Day 66 highlights – John James Parton and Sam Pepper make up!

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


Dave and Sam are in the Garden talking about the impending eviction tonight. Sam says he is not looking forward to the eviction as he is worried about how he came across with the argument with John James yesterday. He adds that he is still upset. “I thought he was my friend”.

JJ, John James and Josie are in the Bedroom talking about Sam. John James tells the other that he always stuck up for Sam when he first entered the house when everyone else got annoyed with him. “Now everyone wants to jump on the Sammy Pepper bandwagon”, he says. He adds that he thinks he prefers Sam when he is angry as this is the real Sam.

Back in the Garden Sam tells Dave that he is friends with Josie and it is wrong for anyone to think otherwise, mentioning how John James said he prefers it when he is horrible to Josie. “It seems when you were up for eviction you turned your attention to Josie”, says Dave. Dave suggests they should try to mend their relationship during the day. “I don’t want any kind of relationship with him”, says Sam.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. “I can’t believe I’ve not seen my mum for 10 Fridays”, says Corin.

John James and JJ are in the shower. JJ asks John James if he is going to ask Sam today if there is a problem between them as he doesn’t want any awkwardness in the house, especially if they both survive eviction.

Back in the Garden Josie is talking to Sam about last night. “I feel a bit of a d*** for getting upset”, says Sam. “I knew you were a sensitive lad underneath”, says Mario. Josie asks him if he is going to make up with John James to which Sam says no, saying he still thinks John James is horrible for what he said.


Sam and John James are in the Living Room. Neither are talking. Josie walks into the room. “Do you want to talk about what you heard, Sammy, or not?”, John James asks. The two of them head to the nest to talk.

Jo is in the Diary Room. “Sam was really hurt and upset”, she says. “I think that John shouldn’t have gone on as long as he did”, she adds. She also says that by him letting himself get this angry he made the situation a lot more hostile than it needed to be.

John James and Sam are in the Nest. John James tells Sam that he feels bad he was bitching about him in the shower and Sam overheard, however because he did overhear he should have known John James was going to speak to him afterwards and shouldn’t have shouted at him straight away. “You would have done the same”, says Sam. He talks about how he feels betrayed as he thought him and John James were close. “I would’ve done anything for you”, says John James. “I believed you were a good person but I got really f***** off when I asked you to do something and you didn’t”, says John James. Sam says that the comment that hurt the most was when John James said he was only friends with Josie because of the impending eviction. Sam begins to cry saying he does care despite what people think. “Nothing you’ve said here has made me feel any better about the things you said about me”, says Sam. “I apologise”, says John James. The two of them hug and John James tells him that he’s there for him if he needs anything.


Sam is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about last nights events. “Just a bit embarrassed really”, he says adding that he wished he hadn’t cried on television.

JJ John James and Dave are in the Bathroom. “I regret saying anything in the shower now”, says John James. JJ agrees saying he still has a soft spot for Sam and he still wants them to get along. Dave agrees but says he still thinks that Sam can be one of the most annoying people to live with.


John James, Andrew and Josie are in the Bathroom. Josie splashes John James with water. “I dare you to the do that again”, he says. She does and he fills a jug with water. Josie hides in the toilet until JJ tells her he needs to use it. John James attempts to throw the water on her but misses. She runs to the Bedroom and lies on his side of the bed. John James pours more water over her back before pouring some arrange juice down her jeans. “You shouldn’t have done that. I’ll get thrush now”, says Josie.


Josie is in the Garden singing to herself.

Mario and Jo are in the Bedroom talking about whether John James and Josie will be together in the outside world. “Hanging out with Josie has been a good influence on him”, says Jo. She adds that she’d like to think they’ll stay together outside and she’d admire John James if they do.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom talking about the eviction later on. “I think it’s the most unpredictable eviction”, says John James adding that despite this he still thinks Dave will be safe and that Jo is a ‘goner’. He is unaware that Jo is in the Bedroom.

Jo walks out of the Bedroom and goes to the Kitchen. “I’d love to put a spanner in the works, the f****** cockroaches”, she says to herself.


Jo is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about what she has just heard. “They can’t be trusted that lot”, she says adding that she’s annoyed that the housemates think she will be leaving.

She leaves the Diary Room and heads to the Bedroom. “For my own good, I better be gone tonight”, she tells John James. John James asks her why she is upset and Jo tells him she heard everything he just said. She tells him its an arrogant way of thinking to assume she is sure to leave, finally saying that she doesn’t want to be here with people who talk like that.


Andrew Dave and Mario are in the Bedroom. The boys talk about what an amazing time they have had in the house and that even if they didn’t enjoy it they would have had no regrets about their decision to come in the house.

John James Josie and JJ are in the Bathroom . “Fancy some nookie tonight?” Josie jokes. John James says yes and that they can go slow. “No not on here”, says Josie. “Everyone thinks’ it me that’s the randy mare but it’s you”, she says. Josie says that when they do have sex though its going to be spectacular. “Are you good” John James asks her. “No, I’m like a sack of spuds”, says Josie.


Big brother has gathered the housemates on the sofas for tonight’s eviction. Davina announces that Jo is the eighth housemate to be evicted. “Told you”, she says. The housemates hug her as she says her goodbyes” This is where it starts Jo, have fun”, says Sam.

10.46pm Josie’s Route To The Final

The housemates are still at the sofas as the plasma TV opposite switches on to reveal Davina. “The final of Big Brother 2010 is in 11 days” says Davina. “Big Brother is giving you the chance to give one housemate a ticket to that final”, she continues, adding that they have one minute to decide you this should be.

The clock starts and the housemates decide to use a voting system to choose the person. Josie gets the most votes. “Josie will be in there anyway”, says Corin. Sam tells that that although it’s almost guaranteed that Josie will be in the final they would all feel guilty if she wasn’t and they didn’t give her the place after she got the most votes.

The minute is up and Andrew announces that Josie will be given the ticket to the final. Davina then announces Ultimate Big Brother. “The winner of Big Brother 2010 will not only receive the £100,000 prize fund but they’ll also re enter the house to compete in Ultimate Big Brother”, she says. “Josie, see you in the final”, are Davina’s parting words. Josie thanks the housemates for the privilege they have given her, before Steve prompts a group hug now that the end is so near.


Corin, Josie and Sam are at the Carousel. Corin and Sam congratulate Josie on reaching the final.

John James and JJ are in the Kitchen. John James says how Corin needs to relax as all she talks or thinks about is the show and says he is getting more and more annoyed at her voice. JJ says that John James really doesn’t like her but John James again says that it is just because she only ever is thinking of the show

Mario and Andrew are in the Diary Room. “Wow. 11 days”, says Mario. Andrew says that he is gutted that there is so little time left in the house but Josie deserves to be in the final. “I think it’s going to get dirtier now”, says Mario.


Mario and Corin are in the Garden talking about how far they’ve got against all the odds. Corin says she hopes they are both in the final together.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave is joking with Sam, telling him he heard lots of chants of ‘get Sam out’ from the eviction crowds. Sam tells him he knows what the public really think of him. John James laughs and says how the house is crumbling now people don’t have to nominate and be nice to each other any more

Josie has come to the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the night’s events. “I’m a bit shocked at the moment”, she says. “Everyone picked me to be in the final”. She adds that it feels amazing and begins to cry. “I’m doing it for Bristol”, she says. “It was once voted the happiest place to line in 2008.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Andrew says he has learnt so much from being in the house. Sam says it’s funny how a mere game show can teach people so much about themselves and others.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Josie speculates about how long she could last before having sex with John James, JJ says its probably three weeks at the most, she agrees and laughs.

John James is in the Diary Room. “I’m so happy that Josie’s in the final”, he says. He adds that it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person and he is rooting for her to win the whole series.

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