Big Brother 2010: Day 67 highlights – John James Parton will move to UK for Josie

Highlights of tonight’s show 9pm on Channel 4


Most of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Sam is getting ready to go in the shower. “You’ve only had one shower in two weeks”, says Dave adding that he smells. “I’ve had a shower every single day”, says Sam. Sam walks out of the room. “He is like a virus in the house. He is, by far, the most annoying person I have ever met”, says Dave.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Last night JJ lost a bet with John James over how many people will be evicted. As a result he has agreed to wear some leaf covered pants.

JJ is in the Bedroom, he puts on the leaf pants and says he is going to honour his bet, Steve reminds him of how many people could potentially be watching him put the pants on.

Sam is in the Diary room. “I don’t know if I trust people as much anymore”, he tells Big Brother referring to JJ and Dave. “Mario, I can trust”, he says. “I think JJ is in it to win it.” He says he doesn’t trust Dave because he is tactical, and uses discretion in influencing people and their decisions in the house, unlike JJ who is just ‘two faced’


Steve Corin and Mario are at the Carousel. Corin asks Steve and Mario if they would rather stay the extra two weeks or win the £100,000 prize money. “I could buy me a leg”, says Steve. Mario also says 100k as it could help fund his fashion designing.

Most of the housemates are in the Kitchen. “I’ve just told the Diary Room that I can’t trust you”, Sam tells Dave adding that he’s telling him this as he doesn’t want Dave to see what he’s said on the outside world. Sam also tells Dave that he put Mario at the top of the trust list. “You trust the mole more than me? That’s a flippin’ insult”, says Dave. Dave goes on to say to Sam that he shouldn’t be expecting the two of them to ever be taking windy walks holding hands. “I’ll be taking windy walks and holding hands with your daughter”, says Sam.


Corin and Sam are in the Bathroom. Corin asks Sam when he thinks the next eviction will be, he isn’t sure so they decide that surprise evictions are on the horizon

The rest of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Dave is telling John James and Josie about what Sam said to him earlier. “I think we’ll have week one Sam back this week”, says John James.

John James and Sam are in the Bathroom. Sam says to John James that Dave leads people into his way of thinking. Dave walks in and asks Sam why he doesn’t trust him. “I don’t understand you and I cant trust what I don’t understand”, says Sam. “But how can you not trust the eyes of love?” says Dave staring at Sam.


For today’s Taco Hell task Housemates will be competing in a Mexican eating race. Big Brother has provided a Mariachi band to add a little flavour. Housemates have divided themselves into three teams. Team one consists of: Sam, JJ and John James. Team two is made up of: Corin, Josie and Mario. And Team three comprises: Dave, Andrew and Steve

In the kitchen two Mexican Mariachi players start playing Mexican music and head into the Living Room to greet the housemates. The housemates are excited and dance around with the music and chant ‘Viva Mexico’

JJ, Dave and Mario have been selected to take part in the eating challenge. Sam gives JJ some advice by telling him to eat every mouthful with a sip of water.

1.42 pm

Dave is in the Diary Room talking about the day’s task. “I will win hands down”, he tells Big Brother. He adds that he thinks Mario will put up no resistance to him but that JJ in comparison is competitive and will push him hard, but yet he will win overall.

Andrew and Mario are in bed. Andrew says to Mario he is concerned that Mario will injure his taste buds eating that much chilli. Mario tells Andrew to stop trying to put him off.


The housemates are gathered in the Living Room in a Mexican theme fancy dress. JJ, Mario and Dave are all at separate tables with three various spicy Mexican dishes to eat. The Klaxon starts and they begin to eat Chilli, Tacos and Fajitas. The rest of the housemates cheer them on.

JJ finishes his dishes in nine minutes and starts licking his plates, and the table, clean. He then gets up and goes to be sick in the toilet.

Dave is throwing up in a bucket next to his table. He continues to eat and finished his dishes in 45 minutes and 55 seconds. Mario is also being sick in his bucket. “I’m not going to stop until this is done”, he says. Mario finishes in one hour and 26 minutes. The rest of the housemates cheer and hug him. “I’m in so much pain”, he says.


All of the housemates are in the Bedroom. “Oh mole, I’m so proud of you”, says Dave. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it”, says Andrew. Mario tells Andrew he likes cuddling him in bed, which prompts Andrew to say he is going to lie the other way away from Mario for a little while.

Josie and John James are in bed. “I just want to kiss you all the time”, says Josie. “I’m going to move here to be with you”, says John James. Josie tells him he will probably feel differently on the outside world. John James says he is not sure but that it doesn’t matter and again says he will be moving here to be with her.


Dave, Steve and Corin are in the Kitchen. Dave asks Steve and Corin who they think will be in the final. “If it goes to who deserves it then I think it would be one of us three”, says Dave. Steve says he thinks all three of themwill be on the sofa in the final week, but doesn’t think John James will be there

Sam, JJ, Josie and John James are in the pool. Sam tells them he has weed in the pool. JJ and John James jump out quickly shouting at him, Sam laughs and says he was joking.


All of the housemates are in the Bedroom . John James speculates on how they will say Sam’s name when he is evicted, Sam says he has got it wrong. “They’ll be saying, ‘And the winner of Big Brother 2010 is Sam Pepper'”, says Sam. JJ says that Josie is certain to win saying he wants to put money on at the bookies as he is so sure. Josie says not to keep saying it as lots of people are in with a chance, Sam agrees saying he is in with a chance however Josie jokes that he won’t be in there final with her.


In the Bathroom Sam and John James are talking about what car he owns, John James says he owns a Mazda. “That’s a hair dresses car”, says Sam.

In the Garden Josie tells Corin that earlier on John James had told her that he’s move to England and that he told her he in “so in love” with her. “It’s happening so fast”, says Corin. Josie agrees and says she doesn’t understand why he is still interested as she thought seeing her burp and fart would have put him off. She says she is normally so unlucky so this turn of luck is really nice.


For successfully completing today’s Taco Hell task Big Brother has provided housemates with a Mexican themed party and games. The housemates are playing musical chairs. Sam wins after a final with him and Dave.


John James and Josie are in the Bathroom talking about the size of their heads. Josie asks why John James can be so clever if he has such a small head. John James says that her theory is wrong as she has a massive head but is dumb.

Mario has been called to the Diary Room. He has taken his eviction outfit in with him. “Just in case I get evicted. I can quickly get changed”, he tells Big Brother. “It’s good for you to be prepared”, says Big Brother. “Is that it then? Am I going?”, asks Mario. Big Brother tells him not to worry. Mario tells Big Brother that he feels closest to Andrew in the house and how he is trying to get Andrew to gain more confidence in his life.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Dave talks to the housemates about his earlier discussion with Sam, saying that Sam doesn’t understand him thus doesn’t trust him. Josie tells Dave not to worry as Sam once said that she was fake and not really friends with anyone. Dave says its obvious Sam is still making friends with the favourites of the show to remain popular with the public, however he thinks this will backfire for Sam. “Eventually this will be his downfall”, says Dave.

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