Big Brother 2010: Day 68 highlights – John James Parton declares his love for Josie Gibson

On tonight’s Big Brother highlights show, 16th August 10pm on Channel 4

10.06 am

Last night some of the housemates discussed hiding Corin’s Make up

In the bedroom J.J tells Sam that Corin’s makeup is in the toilet. Sam gets the make up bag and re enters the bedroom

John James is in the Diary room

In the diary room John James tells Big Brother that if anyone deserves to win its Josie. When asked one word to describe Josie, John James says “perfect.”

In the bedroom Josie tells housemates that her breath is like a portaloo and says that she is glad John James’ breath smells too

In the diary room John James is asked if he is in love with Josie. John James laughs and says its “difficult” and he has love for her as they do everything together but ends with, “…from what I know, yes.”

John James leaves the diary room and Josie is waiting outside the door. She says she thought he had been evicted and they hug.


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom.

In the bedroom Corin asks housemates if anyone has seen her make up bag.

In the kitchen Sam talks to himself saying “I give it half an hour until she explodes…” in relation to the missing make up bag.

In the bathroom Corin says that she is annoyed that someone took her make up bag but that she won’t show it. Josie says that she couldn’t see anyone taking it.

In the bedroom John James asks J.J who took the make up bag and J.J says he knows nothing. John James says “yeah right” and laughs.


In the bathroom John James and Josie are sharing a bath. John James is scrubbing Josie’s back. The pair talk about the likelihood of her winning the show. Josie tells John James to “shut up” and John James says “if you can’t hack it, get your jacket.” Josie says that John James is getting on her nerves and they start a continuous back and forth with Josie saying “You’re rude” and John James saying “don’t bring it up then.” They both laugh and John James says that Josie lost.


Big Brother has called Andrew to the diary room.

Andrew enters the diary room and sees that his favourite meal (mushroom ravioli) is on the table. Big Brother tells Andrew that he can eat the food but only what’s left after he pulled the table cloth off underneath it. Andrew loses his ravioli and cola and is left with his dessert and cola soaked garlic bread. One by one the housemates enter the diary room and try to pull off the table cloth. Corin pulls all of her food straight on the floor. Dave manages to whip off the table cloth without spilling anything and manages to eat all his curry and Josie eats her pad tai and says Big Brother needs to tell her where they got it from as it is lovely.


It’s been 5 hours and 46 minutes since Sam hid Corin’s make-up bag in the wardrobe in the bedroom

In the bathroom Dave tells Sam that Corin is alright as long as she can use Josie’s make up. Sam says “do you think I should take hers as well?”

In the bedroom Corin asks housemates where they think the make up bag could be. Corin looks around the bedroom and finds it in the wardrobe.

Corin enters the living room and holds the make up bag up to show Dave and Sam in the bathroom.

In the bathroom Sam says “it’ll have to be the wigs…hair today, gone tomorrow.” John James says that Corin is angry and that she will start singing soon as that’s her way of coping with anger.

Corin starts singing.


John James, Josie and Andrew are in the bedroom

Josie asks John James if he would date her if she used to be a “bloke.” John James asks how long they’ve been going out before he found out she was a he and she says a month. John James says “out.” Andrew asks Josie if she still had a “ding dong” and John James says “yes, do you still have a willy?” Josie says “not anymore” and John James says that he’d have to do his research. John James says “are you saying you’re a bloke?” Josie says “used to be.”


Josie and Corin are in the bathroom

Josie tells Corin that they now have wax strips and Corin retrieves them from the cupboard. Josie tells Corin that she needs to wax her belly and Corin says that to do that she might need the “big ones.” In the mirror Corin puts the wax strip over her upper lip and tells Josie that she used to do it so much that she’d get a scab. As she puts it on her upper lip she moans “oh, it feels good already”.

Josie is laying down as Corin waxes her stomach. Corin says that Josie has one hair left and may need an industrial remover to get it out. Josie says she didn’t have hairs on her stomach until she entered the Big Brother house.


Some of the housemates are in the kitchen

In the kitchen Josie tells housemates that John James had never had a jacket potato until he entered the house. Andrew asks John James how many times a day he would eat McDonalds and John James says “6 times a week, sometimes twice a day.”

Mario and Sam are in the bedroom

Sam is stood on John James and Josie’s mattress

In the kitchen John James says “what is he doing now?” As housemates observe that Sam is putting cling film on John James and Josie’s mattress.

John James enters the bedroom and asks Sam what he is doing. Sam says that he is trying to cling film himself to their bed as he is bored.

In the kitchen J.J asks Josie what she would be like if she re entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother. Josie says she thinks it would be hard as she has “relied” on John James a lot. Josie says that she might feel like the “odd one out” but that her personality may come out more. J.J asks Josie what she would do if she fancied another guy in the new house and Josie says that she wouldn’t; she is very “loyal.”


All of the housemates have been gathered on the sofas to play Davina McCaws Puzzling Words game.

Davina McCaw has nine clues for the housemates to solve and complete the word grid. Each answer is a word one housemate has used to describe a fellow housemate.

If housemates correctly identify all nine words and decipher the central vertical keyword they will win a Thai takeaway and puzzle game

Davina McCaw asks what the end of Steve’s sentence is “I don’t like Dave drunk its irritating…” Steve reveals the answer is “poppy cock” and Dave says “its all coming out now.” McCaw reveals that Mario said John James had “two personalities” John James said that Josie was not a “smart cookie” and that Dave said Sam was like a “virus.” When trying to think of how J.J described Corin, John James suggest “false” J.J reveals that the answer is “scary.”


Mario and Corin are in the garden

Corin and Mario are in the garden. Corin says that John James annoyed her when he suggested that J.J may have described her as “false.” Mario says that he wondered why John James said that.

Some of the housemates are in the living room

Housemates discuss the revelations from Davina McCaw and Andrew says that he doesn’t think Mario liked that he called him a “bad loser.” John James says that Josie tells him all the time that he has two personalities. Josie adds that “one is a prick and one is nice.”

In the garden Corin says that John James should “say what he thinks to my face.” Mario says that he sometimes cannot wait to leave the house and that he knows who he will stay in contact with.


In the garden Steve tells Dave that if they had more time he wouldn’t have picked Josie to go through to the final as she was going to be their anyway. Dave says that if anyone it should have been himself, Andrew or Corin as they are going to be fighting to stay.


Sam and Dave are in the kitchen

Sam and Dave talk about Sam stealing Corin’s wig. Dave tells Sam not to scrunch it or Corin “will pop”

Some of the housemates are in the garden

In the garden Corin says that she wants to find out who took her make up bag so she can get them back.


Most of the housemates are asleep.

Dave, JJ and Sam are in the living room.

Sam talks to J.J and Dave about getting dressed as a ninja to steal Corin’s wig. Dave eggs Sam on and Sam creeps towards the bedroom door. As Sam enters the bedroom J.J says “he’s crackers that boy.” J.J says that sometimes Sam “takes things too far” but that he is “hilarious.”

In the toilet Sam changes into his borrowed ninja attire, all black clothes and black material on his face.

Sam enters the living room and jumps over the sofa, J.J and Dave laying on the sofas laughing.

In the garden Sam jumps and kicks and rolls on the floor in costume.

Sam re enters the living room and tells J.J and Dave that he is going to get under the covers and assess the situation in half an hour.


Sam has been crouching under the hammock in the bedroom dressed as a ninja for 24 minutes.

Sam is crouched next to the hammock and starts to crawl out heading in between Dave and Mario’s bed. Mario sits up and watches as Sam creeps over to Corins bed and takes the wig off the table. Sam put the wig in a make shift swag bag and tip toes away.

Sam runs into the kitchen and puts the wig in the cupboard above the oven.

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