Big Brother 2010: Day 7 highlights

In tonight’s show…

Day 7

Big Brother has gathered all the housemates at the sofas to announce the results of the first ever nominations. Sunshine, Dave, and Shabby are all nominated. Upon hearing his name Dave comments, “There’s a surprise”. Big Brother announces that there will be a task, and the winner can save themselves from eviction. “I can’t be bothered” Shabby says.

All nominated housemates are called to the Diary Room. As they make their way Shabby comments that this means that, “even my friends nominated me.” “I didn’t”, Dave says. In the Diary Room Shabby, Sunshine and Dave receive mouse costumes which they must put on straight away.

In the Living Room, housemates speculate about the task. John James thinks that the winner will get to replace themselves with someone else for the eviction.


All housemates are in the garden. For being up for eviction Shabby, Sunshine, and Dave must take part in the Hickory, Dickory, Dock task. Each of them must transfer four pieces of cheese from one end of the clock to the other by crawling over the rotating cogs.

The housemate that completes the task in the quickest time will save themselves from eviction.

If a housemate drops their cheese or falls off the clock they must begin that part of their attempt again.
Dave is the first housemate to take on the course. As he prepares to start the task the other housemates shout words of encouragement. Dave easily makes his way across the course and does not fall off.

Sunshine goes next, and has more difficulty crossing the course. She is thrown off a few times. Nathan comments that she shows, “a lot of heart”. Sunshine eventually gives up the task.

As she prepares to go up next Shabby comments, “after watching that I’m sh***** myself.” Shabby begins the course well until she rolls around the course, and says she finds it “exhausting”.

Big Brother announces the results. Dave finished in one minute 31 seconds, Sunshine failed to complete the course, and Shabby finished in three minutes 45 seconds. As the winner Dave is told he must choose another housemate to replace him to be up for eviction. “Oh my goodness”, Dave says. He sits down and looks at the board for a very long time. “I wish I’d won”, Shabby says. “I’d just choose someone I don’t get along with”, says Corin.

Dave is told he must state his decision so he stands up. “You understand I don’t want to do this”, he says, and takes Rachael’s face off the board. “I’m sorry Rach”, he says as she begins to cry.

In the garden Dave says that he thinks Rachael is one of the people’s favourites. Rachael says she’s not. “I’m sorry for crying” she says, adding, “I knew he’d pick me”. Rachael says she is worried because she got booed going in.

12.27 pm

All of the housemates are at the garden. At the Carousel, Rachael says she’s not ready to go yet. Shabby promises it won’t be her. Dave explains that that he had to do it, and that he thinks Rachael is one of the people’s favourites. Ben gives Rachael a hug and says that everyone loves her. Rachael and Dave hug, and Rachael says, “I’m just going to enjoy the next couple of days”.

12.44 pm

Shabby is in the Dairy Room discussing the days events. “I just don’t like seeing any of my friends upset”, she says of Rachael. She adds that she doesn’t think Dave made the right choice and that she thought he would’ve chosen Govan after their arguments this week. “He’s game playing, picking the most vulnerable”, she adds.
If she had won she would have picked Ben she tells Big Brother.

In the bedroom, Mario and Ben discuss that if Shabby had won she would have chosen Ben. John James asks why and they explain the row they had yesterday. “Where am I?” John James asks wondering why he always misses out on all the big rows in the house.

In the Diary Room Shabby says that there are two groups in the house, and that two from her group of friends are up for nominations. She thinks they will be picked off one by one, and has underestimated the power of the other group. Shabby says that if she stays in for another week, “things are going to change around here” and that she will be keeping her friends close but her enemies closer.

1.22 pm

Govan, Ben and Dave are in the kitchen discussing the events of the day. Ben thinks Big Brother is trying to stir things up.

Govan tells Dave he expected to be chosen by him to be up for eviction. “I want to get on with you”, says Dave. Govan says he can’t exactly say thank you, but he appreciates it. Dave says he was surprised by Shabby’s nomination and that he “certainly didn’t vote for her.” Mario tells Dave that’s a rule break, Dave says he didn’t realise it was.

3.13 pm

Shabby and Ben are in the kitchen. Ben says that he and Shabby are similar people but temperamentally different. Ben says that Shabby can sometimes be calm and then flare up. Ben adds that this used to confuse him but now that he knows her better he understands it.

Shabby tells him that that is, “an integral part of who I am”. She says she’s like a yo-yo in the outside world, and that its magnified and exaggerated by being in the house. Ben tells her, “I also feel that because you’re an actress I don’t know if you’re hamming it up”.

Shabby tells him, “That’s very unfair” and that it’s hurtful. Shabby gets up to leave. “Please don’t walk out”, Ben says. Shabby says that she’s feeling angry, and wants to take a minute to cool down.

In the bathroom, Shabby tells some of the other housemates what Ben said to her was a deliberate attempt to sabotage her.

Ben is talking to Caoimhe in the living room and tries to explain himself. Caoimhe encourages Ben to tell Shabby exactly what he told her. Ben isn’t sure if he’s “allowed” to go in there and talk to Shabby. Caoimhe tells him to just go anyway.

Ben comes into the bathroom and says “I really apologise to you”, adding that Shabby misinterpreted what he said. Shabby tells Ben that, “it’s a really bad time”, and that he should get out of the bathroom. “I think you should give people the benefit of the doubt of letting them explain themselves”, Ben says.

4.08 pm

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Dave is talking to Corin and John James about his experiences with religion. Dave says he’s seen deaf and blind people cured and discusses times he believes he has cured people. “I remember seeing a tumour” he says, “It was the size of a golf ball. I commanded it to go away in the name of Jesus and I saw it vibrate. I’ve actually got video footage. ”

Shabby and Ben are in the bathroom. Shabby says she felt belittled by Ben. She admits she can be irrational at times but that other people agreed with her. Ben admits, “I goofed”. He adds that he does not think that any of the viewers would think that he was trying to call Shabby fake. He says if he was calling someone fake he would use that word; there aren’t many synonyms for fake.

Shabby thinks that if Ben were to call her fake, “actress” is exactly the word he would use. Ben says that he is accused of hamming it up constantly in the outside world by his friends so he does not consider that a particularly offensive thing to say, but he realises it wasn’t a very good time to say it. “I’m going to choose to believe you”, Shabby tells him. Shabby says that if anyone else has an issue with Ben after this point that it has “s*** all” to do with her.

7.11 pm

Dave has been called to the Diary Room where Big Brother is waiting to punish him for breaking the rules regarding discussing nominations. In the Diary Room a podium has been set up. Big Brother explains that because Dave broke the rules, he must be punished. His punishment is to deliver a presidential-style apology to the housemates, and read a pre-written speech word for word.

The housemates watch on the plasma in the living room. “Today I flaunted the Big Brother rules and regulations”, Dave starts before adding that he is deeply regretful for telling other housemates he hadn’t nominated Shabby.

7.36 pm

Rachael is in the Diary Room. She is upset that she is nominated. She tells Big Brother that she wants someone to cuddle and tell her everything will be ok.

Rachael says she’s upset because she’s used to being able to flirt with all her mates but in the house, “no one fancies me and I find it dead weird”. Rachael adds that she is sad that she has no one to flirt with. She finds John James quite good looking but she knows he has no interest in her and it’s getting her down.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. John James comments that girls are funny, and that, “the more you don’t like someone the more they like you”, nodding in the direction of Rachael. He adds, “It’s working already”. He says he’s not playing a game with her, but he knows that she likes him. He says if he had been all over her she wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with him, but because he doesn’t like her she likes him more.

Josie says she thinks John James has a “little crush” on Rachael. John James says he’s serious he doesn’t like her. John James says he know that Rachael’s feelings for him are getting stronger because Govan told him. “It doesn’t bother me that she likes me, it bothers me that she doesn’t pay anyone any respect. She looks down on people” he says. He adds that he hates her filthy looks she gives to people and that he tends to protect other people. He adds that he didn’t like it when Rachael made faces during Dave’s apology speech.

12.04 am

Corin is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about her official BB photograph. “My face looks like it’s been ironed”, she says, adding, “I can imagine that picture in a sun bed shop saying beware”.

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. John James asks Rachael if he can talk to her in the living room. John James asks her why she always makes faces and gives him “degrading” looks. John James adds that he thinks she dislikes him. Rachael says, “I’m only messing around. I guess I do that horrible face to hide what I’m really feeling. I think you’re really good looking.”

“It’s just a really arrogant face”, says John James. Rachael thanks John James for bringing it to her attention, and hopes that John James will give her a second chance tomorrow.

After they finish talking, Rachael goes into the bathroom alone and starts to cry.


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