Big Brother 2010: Day 70 highlights – Flood, task, John James and Mario bully Corin!

Highlights from tonight’s extended show, 10pm, Channel 4

Day 70


The housemates are gathered at the sofa’s for the reveal of this weeks shopping task. They watch a VT of “real life” Bob Righter roaming the house. Josie says that Bob looks like Mario. “I knew it would come to life some day”, says Mario.

Housemates watch as Bob Righter gets a briefcase out of the Tree of Temptation and takes it into the Kitchen. Bob takes out pieces of paper and puts them back into the briefcase. When the VT is over Andrew says that maybe Bob Righter is going to make predictions.

Bob’s music starts and instructions are given to housemates. Sam reads a rhyme to housemates that says that they must “beat predictions” and that the housemates may go from “pretty to ugly and polite to obscene.” Housemates sit in silence.

Bob Righter has made 15 predictions about how housemates will act over the next three days. To pass the task housemates must act as unpredictably as possible.

Bob has predicted that:

Andrew will crack three very weak jokes.

Dave will refer to ‘the glory’ more than fifteen times and will complain that he is being persecuted by Big Brother.

Corin will say “Im lovin’ it” more than fifteen times and will spend more than ninety minutes applying her make up.

John James will spend at least twenty minutes ‘snuggling’ with Josie and will wear women’s eye make-up.

Josie will suck her thumb on more than five occasions.

JJ will agree with three things that John James says.

Mario will walk around in only his pants.

Steve will refer to himself as ‘The Baron’ and will sit alone on the sofa.

Sam will question John James and Josie about their relationship and will play three or more pranks on housemates.

And finally that all the housemates will speculate about the Big Brother final.


The housemates are in the Living Room discussing what Bob may have predicted. “We are all going to have to make some changes”, says John James. Corin says that she thinks hers is that she must not sing and John James says that it will be her not wearing makeup as well. Corin says that she would still wear makeup and John James replies that they all have to make changes and participate. Corin adds that she will participate but will still wear a bit of makeup. “Who are you to say she can’t wear make up”, says Josie. “As much as you try to belittle me, I am going to wear my make up”, Corin tells John James. Sam gets involved in the argument by saying that they will all fail because of Corin and Corin says that she feels ‘unconfident’ without it. Corin adds that John James can’t change is arrogant attitude and that he bothers everyone in the house.

Josie asks John James why he is getting so angry about the situation and John James says that he doesn’t “give a rip.” John James then tells Corin that he has never met someone so “fake”.


The housemates are still in the Living Room discussing Bob’s predictions. Corin says to Sam that she feels uncomfortable without makeup. “So you don’t care?” asks Sam. “We only have three days in here and I am not going to spend it crying”, says Corin.

On the sofa Josie says to John James and Sam that if her brothers acted like they have she would be so upset. And John James says they have to put in 100%.
Dave adds that four out of five of the housemates have predictable habits and that John James and Josie “hanging out” would be one of them.

Andrew asks the rest of the housemates what they think the predictions would be and Mario says that Corin’s could be sunbathing. J.J asks housemates what they think John James predictions would be. “Arguing”, says Mario. “Guy liner and that”, says Sam and Dave adds that it could be, “washing up. You don’t do squat”. John James asks Josie what she thinks and Josie says “being a bitch?” Corin says “being argumentative and stop being rude”. “That has already been said”, says John James.

As part of this week’s shopping task two housemates must guard Bob Righter’s suitcase at all times. This is hanging in the Garden. Andrew and Mario are guarding the case. Mario straddles Andrew. “So tell me a story”, says Mario. “Well, this is awkward”, replies Andrew.

Bob’s music sounds and housemates rush to Bob Righter to get his note. John James and Josie get the note and say that it says Sam is to go to the Diary Room. .
John James and Josie hug for the first time since their argument. “Sorry”, says John James. “That’s ok”, replies Josie.

Sam is in the Diary Room. “You look smart for once”, says Big Brother. Big Brother tells Sam that he has to choose between being a butler for all the housemates except Josie or be a butler just for Josie. Sam chooses to be a butler for Josie. Big Brother tells Sam that he has to give Josie a bell and when she rings it he has to be there within 30 seconds and respond with “you rang my lord.”

As Sam leaves the Diary Room Dave laughs. “He has to wait on everyone” he says. John James laughs as Sam enters the garden and tells John James that he has to serve Josie. Sam approaches Josie on the bench and tells her he chose to be her butler only. “This is the best day of my life”, Josie. She rings the bell and Sam asks what he can do for her. “Shut your mouth for the rest of the day”, Josie says.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. Mario is talking to Corin who is wearing a black tutu. Mario asks Corin if she likes the tutu and Corin says “I like on me not on you, its cute though.”

Bob Righter has summoned Josie to the Diary Room for another meaningless individual challenge. Big Brother tells Josie that she can either propose to George Lamb or turn John James into a crab in which he can only be referred to as crab eyes. Josie laughs hysterically and says that she thinks Bob would predict she would choose George Lamb, Josie chooses the crab costume and laughs again.


Most of the housemates are in the Garden. Josie and John James are in the Nest. She tells John James that she had a choice of him wearing either a thong or the crab outfit and she picked John James dressing up as a crab and everyone has to call him the “C” word. “No way”, says John James adding that he will never to speak to her again if she is lying. Josie eventually tells him the truth that the other option was to propose to George Lamb.

Josie says that George is not the love of her life and John James is so she couldn’t have proposed to George Lamb. She also says that they thought she would choose George so she chose the opposite. Josie says she’s a ‘one woman man’. John James says that Josie is “selfish” and that he never would have put Josie in that position.
Sam peeks into the Nest and asks what John James has to do. John James says that they want him to dress up as a crab. Sam says he thinks she made the right decision. John James says they cannot make him wear the suit.

John James leaves the Nest and Sam asks if Big Brother is trying to make John James look like an idiot. John James is then called to the Diary Room to collect his costume. “Love you”, shouts Josie. “f*** off”, says John James.

In the Diary Room Big Brother tells John James that he has been chosen to wear the crab costume. “Not a chance”, says John James. He adds that he will not be humiliated and that they can fail him. “There’s no need to get crabby”, says Big Brother. John James says that Big Brother can kiss him where the sun don’t shine.


Corin and Josie are in the Kitchen. Corin says that John James made a fuss about her wearing makeup and now he won’t wear the suit. Corin says she hopes that John James realises that she’s insecure without makeup.

In the Garden some of the housemates are talking to John James about not wearing the crab suit. “You’re not much use to us are you?” says Dave. Sam says that he can’t believe John James wouldn’t wear the costume after the fuss he made with Corin. John James says that is why he wouldn’t wear the costume as Corin isn’t giving 100%. Sam says that they should all do what they can and to go and get the costume. John James adds that Big Brother has no power over him and there is nothing he wants so the only winner is him. Dave says that it’s nice to see that John James is putting the effort in and Sam says “you’ve failed Josie…crab eyes.” John James says that it’s like asking Josie to wear a thong bikini all day and Josie says she would not do that.

Corin enters the Garden and tells John James that he feels how she felt this morning. John James tells Corin that he isn’t wearing the crab suit and that if everyone gave 100% so would he. Sam asks John James what he is fighting for and John James says it’s the “principal’ and that he doesn’t want to be told what to do. “You come on a f****** game show you’re gonna be asked to do ridiculous things”, says Sam. “It’s a joke, I’m wearing the butlers outfit”, he adds. John James responds, “Sammy you can suck my d***”. Sam calls him ‘Crab eyes’ and adds, “You are fighting something for the sake of fighting it, it is only a bit of fun”.


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. John James and Josie are discussing his view over Corin not wearing makeup and him not wearing the crab suit. John James says that Corin was not willing to give 100%

In the Bathroom Corin starts to cry to Mario saying that she can’t believe the last few days and that the rest of the time in the house is going to be, “s***”.

Mario and Corin go into the toilet as she doesn’t want anyone to see her cry. Corin said she thought she had friends in the house and the only person that stuck up for her was Josie. “If he wants to make himself like an idiot let him”, says Mario. Corin says that she is ready to go home and that John James is so arrogant.


Mario and Sam are in the Bathroom talking about John James. “He has a split personality. I don’t like been around him when he is like this”, says Mario.

JJ has been called to the Diary Room. Big Brother asks him to choose between being a lightweight or a heavyweight. “Is this to do with boxing?” asks JJ. He chooses heavyweight and is told to enter the task room. JJ enters the task room and laughs at the sumo wrestler suit he has been provided to wear.

As JJ leaves the task room the other’s notice him. “Let’s roll him, Sammy”, says John James. John James and Sam run after J.J and jump on him in the Garden, they play fight and roll on the floor.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. John James tells housemates that Big Brother has said that J.J may need help with his food and that someone should help him. Sam suggest that John James helps J.J as they are friends. John James says that J.J has Corin and Andrew and that it “doesn’t matter”. “J.J is your friend…people will see what you’re really like.” Says Sam. “Let them vote me out then”, says John James.

John James enters the Garden and sits opposite Corin, he says that Corin can go in if she wants. Corin says she’ll stay. J.J says being in his costume is like being surrounded by a pillow. Sam enters the Garden and John James says that he should have got in the costume. Sam says that Big Brother would let him in and John James says he doesn’t want to beg. Sam says that he would think much better of John James is he does.

John James heads to the Diary Room to ask Big Brother if it’s too late for him to wear the crab costume. Big Brother tells John James that it is in the task room. John James enters the task room.

After putting on the costume John James enters the house in the crab costume and the housemates cheer. Josie says that she is proud of John James.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. “It looks like it’s going to get p*** it down”, says Sam.

John James and Josie are in bed. Josie asks if the noise is the air conditioning or the rain. John James says it’s the rain and Josie says it’s nice to snuggle when the weather is like that. “Oh my God, John”, says Josie as she notices water coming in from the ceiling and onto their bed. “The house is leaking”, says Mario.

Dave calls housemates from the Garden to the Bedroom and Sam thinks that Dave is joking. Water starts to leak into the Living Room and causes a pool of water on the carpet. Dave dives on his stomach in the water and Corin walks through the Living Room with her umbrella up.

Big Brother tells housemates that they need to go to the small task room.

Due to the floods Big Brother has decided to evacuate the house. Housemates leave the task room and are escorted through the camera runs. Housemates cheer as they leave the house.


Due to flooding in the house, Big Brother has created a makeshift bedroom for housemates in the large task room.

Housemates enter the large task room and Corin says “I love it, wow we have cookies and stuff.” Andrew says that it is so good to be home. John James says “I can’t sleep like this” and Josie jumps on the bed and says they are really comfortable.

Lisa McGarry

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