Big Brother 2010: Day 71 Highlights! John James threatens to walk, old housemates return!

by Gerard McGarry

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Lots of juicy Big Brother gossip for y’all this evening, as old housemates return to the house for a while, John James puts his foot in it and we learn what the aftermath of the flood damage was! Check out the show tonight on Channel 4!


Last night the Big Brother house suffered water damage as the result of a flash flood. Until repairs are completed to the Bedroom and Living Room, BB has set up a temporary dormitory for the housemates in the large task room in the garden.

Most of the Housemates are in the Dormitory. Sam notices that someone has filled his shoes with shaving foam and accuses Josie. Josie is in her bed and says it wasn’t her. “I find it hard to believe”, says Sam before leaving the room. Josie admits to putting the shaving foam in Sam’s shoes. “That was a bit harsh”, says John James. “So, he does it to everyone else”, is Josie’s response.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Sam asks housemates who put shaving foam in his shoe. Sam says that his shoes are ruined and that he does take stuff but doesn’t damage them. Corin tells Sam that he damaged her wig a little and Josie asks Sam how he feels now. “You reap what you sow”, she tells him. Corin tells Sam that he has ruined her last days in the house as she has to carry her stuff everywhere with her and Sam says he never would have damaged her things.


Some of the housemates are in the Dormitory. J.J, Dave and John James are talking about Corin and last week’s nasty nominations. JJ says that Corin had a chance to put the bucket over John James but instead chose her friend in Jo. Dave says that he didn’t realise how “bad” Corin was. John James says that Corin really wants to win and that when housemates say that Josie is going to win “she’s not happy.”

In the Garden Sam tells Corin that she is the only person that has annoyed him, Corin suggests that Sam stay away from her if that is the case and for Sam not to speak to her. Josie tells Sam that she thinks he doesn’t have issues with Corin. “You have your head shoved so far up John James’ arse you don’t like her cos he don’t”, says Josie. Sam talks over Josie saying that she just wants John James all to herself. Josie says this is not the case and tells Sam to cast his mind back and remember who was there for him when he was upset referring to Corin. Sam tells Josie to mind her own business and Josie tells Sam to “get back to reality.”


Some of the Housemates are in the Garden monitoring Bob’s briefcase and talking about Sam. Corin says to Josie that she hopes Sam will “stop now”. He took it too far”, says Josie.

In the Dormitory Sam tells John James and J.J about his discussion in the Garden with Josie and Corin. Sam tells them that Josie said Sam is “up John James’ arse”. “That’s b*******”, says JJ.

John James enters the Garden and asks Josie what she said to Sam and asked if they “ganged up on him.” Josie raises her voice and tells John James that he needs to remember where his loyalties are and if he wants to take Sam’s side he can “jog on.” Josie says that Sam needs to “get his memory back.”

“I don’t know if I should get involved, Sam says to Dave in the Dormitory. Dave says ‘No, this has been bubbling for a while” .

Back in the Garden Josie tells John James that he shouldn’t need to ask her whether they ganged up on Sam. John James says that she didn’t need to intervene between Corin and Sam. Josie says that she wishes someone stuck up for her when Sam called her a “fat s***”. John James says that he did stick up for Josie. “It took you long enough…don’t speak to me for the rest of the program”, says Josie.


Josie is in bed in the Dorm and Sam sits on her bed. “This is what you do, go away. You stir it up and play the victim”, Josie tells him. John James tells Sam to leave Josie and Josie tells Sam “I’m not falling for it.”

John James approaches Josie in bed and Josie tells him to move beds. “So, you’re taking my mattress?”, asks John James. “Fine, I’ll move then”, says Josie.

Josie moves to another bed and Sam crawls up to her. Josie tells Sam to go away as he is a trouble maker and that the only reason John James likes Sam is because viewers are behind him. Andrew says that he doesn’t think it is because of the viewers and Josie shouts that it is. “Okay, sorry”, says Andrew. John James asks why Josie thinks it’s about the viewers as she voted him “least desperate to win.” Josie says that she doesn’t want to argue in front of the housemates as its making them uncomfortable. John James tells her to stop starting the argument then.


Bob Righter enters the Garden and leaves a card on the stand. Mario enters the Garden and sees that his name is on the card so goes to the make shift Diary Room in the Nest where he discovers his mole suit. “No, no way. I thought I told you to burn this”. Big Brother tells Mario to return to his roots. “I thought we were friends”, says Mario.

Mario has the mole suit on and Big Brother tells him that he has to choose between a day hand cuffed to Ben or being a guest on “the Ben Show.” Mario chooses to be handcuffed to Ben.

Ben is in the Task room preparing to reacquaint himself with Mario. Mario runs in and gives him a hug. Mario says that he missed Ben a lot and apologises for nominating him. Ben says not to worry about things like that and asks if housemates will be pleased to have him back. Mario says that Dave will be pleased.

Mario pokes his head out of the task room door and tells housemates that Big Brother wanted him to go back to his roots. Mario walks out with Ben and housemates cheer and run to hug Ben. Ben shakes Sam’s hand and says that he is a fan and that he’s spiced things up a bit.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Ben and Mario talk about the task. Mario says that he always would have chosen the handcuffs. Ben says he thought that Mario would never choose the Ben Show and that he’d like the idea of the handcuffs. Ben says that whilst waiting to come in he thought that John James might think Ben was a plant and mimics his accent and says I’m getting angry now. Josie gives John James a look and Ben says that they “shouldn’t bully crab eyes.”

Bob Righter music plays and he enters the Garden. John James, Andrew and J.J enter the Garden and see that the card says “John James”

In the Diary Room Big Brother tells John James that as he has a way with the ladies they have a task for him. John James’ options are to have a massage from first Rachael or be massaged by second Rachel. John James laughs and says as Rachael went in the first week that he would choose her.

John James leaves the Diary Rood. “They’re all coming back…getting a massage from Rachael”, he shouts to the other housemates.

John James enters the task room. “I thought I’d give you another go”, he tells Rachael. John James asks Rachael if she did a Nuts magazine shoot and Rachael says she did. “When people tell me not to do something I want to do it even more”, she says. Rachael tells John James that he has a “weird back” and asks if he’s a bit tense. John James says that he is tense. “I don’t like it when a person I don’t like is rubbing s*** into my back”, he tells her.

John James tells Rachael that she is not as attractive as she makes out and Rachael says that she has a boyfriend who loves her for who she is. Rachael tells John James that she has been busy since leaving the show and says that he and Josie will be too when they leave. John James tells Rachael that the only thing she probably wouldn’t do for money is have sex. Rachael says that is the most disgusting thing she’s ever heard and that his fans will probably be shocked. Big Brother announces that the massage is over and Rachael says that she would like to say it was nice to see John James but it wasn’t. “She can’t come in and not expect me to ark up”, says John James. “Good luck, babe”, says Rachael.

John James enters the Kitchen. “She called me crab eye”, he tells the housemates. Dave asks if Rachael cried. “Nearly”, says John James. John James says that he said the only thing she would do is refuse money for sex. Housemates gasp and Josie says “John!”


Andrew and Mario are in the Garden guarding Bob Righter’s briefcase. Mario asks him what he’d do if a girl asked him out. Andrew says that he would not take the lady out for dinner on a first date but just casual drinks. And the next date maybe dinner or a picnic.

Bob Righter has called Corin to the Diary Room for her part in the task. Corin is asked to pick between a date with J.J where she can dress up or a dinner with Nathan and she has to wear a bin bag. Corin chooses Nathan and is told she has three minutes to fashion a dress from bin bags.

Corin enters the Task room and is reunited with Nathan. They hug and Corin says that she misses Nathan and that it’s been “well s***” without him in the house. Corin asks Nathan if he can tell her anything and Nathan tells Corin that Rachael is his girlfriend. “Oh my God”, says Corin before asking if Nathan has seen her since the massage. The conversation turns to John James. “He’s a d*** head”, says Nathan. Corin says that John James thinks he owns the house and that the other housemates pander to him and his attitude.

After her date, Corin re-enters the house and tells housemates that she had dinner with Nathan. John James says that is why Ben mentioned Nathan earlier in the day as he was around. Corin tells John James that Nathan is with Rachael and that he is going out with the most beautiful girl and that she felt ‘gutted’, especially as she was still wearing yesterdays knickers.

John James says that Nathan must be raging about what he said to Rachael earlier in the day. Corin says that Nathan thought John James was disrespectful. “You can’t get worse than what John James said to Rachael”, she says. Corin asks Dave what he would be like if someone spoke to his wife like John James did to Rachael and Dave says “yeah.” Dave says that Nathan is “level headed” and wouldn’t do anything rash.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden Corin, Steve and Josie talk about John James. “Why should I be with someone who has no respect”, says Josie. Corin says she would be ashamed if she was his mother.

In the Living Room John James talks to J.J and Mario about Nathan and his massage with Rachael. John James says that it got heated and he wasn’t sure who said what but at no point will he apologise. JJ says that if someone said what John James said to his wife or girlfriend “I would smash my way through the mirror”. Mario says that John James is the new Ben who refuses to do task and that he has to “dig out” of situations. John James tells Mario he can look after himself.

John James goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that he wants to leave


John James is in the bedroom collecting his things, he asks housemates to appreciate where he is coming from and Josie asks him to think about it. John James says that he is “stressing” and that he really wants to stay but he can’t.

In the Garden Corin talks to Steve and says that in her brain she thought she was right and that John James only picked on people that wouldn’t give it back. Corin says that when he said that Rachael was nearly in tears housemates laughed even though a lot of them wouldn’t have found it funny.

John James is back in the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that if he can’t leave he will jump over the fence or go out of the fire exit. Big Brother tells John James to think about his decision and John James says “I’m stressing out” and starts to cry. John James requests to speak to Nathan and that he would stay if that could happen. Big Brother says that his request has been noted.

In the Garden Mario and Sam are lying in camp beds. Mario notices that John James is out of the Diary Room. Sam asks how John James looks. “Well, he’s not gone”, says Mario.


Corin is in the Diary Room talking about John James. Corin says that the situation today relates back to what she knew, John James only “picks on women or people that won’t answer back”. “He was proud of himself for nearly getting her to tears”, she says. “Now he’s worried when a boyfriend is involved and steps-up”. Corin adds that she has never met someone so rude.

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