Big Brother 2010: Day 72 highlights – John James and Nathan talk about Rachael White

Highlight’s from tonight’s Big Brother show – 9pm, Channel 4


Corin and Dave are in the Garden guarding the briefcase containing Bob Righter’s predictions about the housemates. The two of them are discussing John James after his treatment towards Rachael and his subsequent actions after discovering Rahceal is now going out with Nathan. “The whole think is a farce”, says Corin. Dave suggests that the public may now hate John James. “He’s scared Nathan will give him a hiding”, Dave adds. Corin goes on to say that John James had Rachael in tears and it was only because Rachael and Nathan are together, he wants to apologise but wouldn’t if she was single.

John James is in the Diary Room. “Nathan has no intention of violence”, Big Brother tells him. “How can I be sure this is true?” asks John James. Big Brother tries to assure John James who is still saying that he would like to leave. Big Brother tells John James that they are available to arrange a phone call with Nathan to resolve and settle the possible issue; he agrees to this and leaves the Diary Room.

John James comes from the Diary Room and is immediately asked by Josie what Big Brother said to him. “You should speak to Rachael, not Nathan”, she tells him once he has explained. She adds that she hopes both John James and Nathan have learnt their lesson from how they speak to women. She then tells John James that he shouldn’t be so selfish to think of leaving.


V/O – 12.24pm

JJ, Steve and Sam are in the Garden guarding the suitcase and talking about John James. “I think he will go”, says JJ. Sam disagrees.

Big Brother has called John James to the Diary Room for a phone conversation with Nathan. “I just heard some stuff yesterday and I don’t know if it’s been exaggerated”, says John James. “There are no problems from my end”, says Nathan. “The only issue I got with you is your upsetting people very close and dear to me. You’ve not given Rachael a chance, you hardly got to know her”, he adds. He continues that John James doesn’t know how much he cares for Rachael and that John James has done the same with Corin. “I am not going to come over there and kick your arse John. I just want you to apologise to someone very close to me”. “Yeah, alright”, agrees John James. “Just keep your head down and stop rowing mate”, says Nathan.

Nathan leaves the conversation and John James talks to Big Brother. “I never had a problem with Nathan”, he says adding that all will be sorted on Friday when he leaves.

John James leaves the Diary Room and goes to the Garden. “There’s no hard feelings at all”, he tells the rest of the housemates. Dave asks him if he will stay. “Yeah, I will”, says John James.


Bob Righter has called Steve to the Diary Room for part of this weeks Prediction shopping task. Big Brother informs Steve that he will be reunited with his greatest adversary, Titan the robot. Steve has to choose which challenge he wants Titan to say in front of all the housemates. Either reasons housemates nominated him or reasons he should stay. He decides on housemates reasons for nominations.

Steve leaves the Diary Room to find Titan in the Living Room. The housemates move from the garden into there. “Welcome back, bud”, says Steve. “Affirmative”, says Titan. Mario asks about their possible date together. “Negative”, replies Titan.

Titan quotes Mario nominating Steve saying that he “leers at the girls to much”. Titan then quotes Andrew and Josie saying he makes him feel “uneasy” and that he is a “bit bossy” respectively. Titan finally quotes Dave saying that it’s “less of a loss if Steve wasn’t here” rather than other housemates leaving.

4.41 pm Andrew Stone returns to the house

Bob Righter has summoned Dave and Andrew to the Diary Room as part of their task. Big Brother informs Dave and Andrew that they will have their old mentor back, Andrew Stone. They both burst into laughter. “That doesn’t sound good”, says Dave. “He hasn’t bee watching the show, has he?” asks Andrew in reference to the fact that he has bitched about Andrew Stone countless times. They continue to laugh.

Big Brother then asks them to choose a challenge: either dance with Andrew Stone or sing with Andrew Stone. “I can’t dance and you’re a good singer”, Dave tells Andrew. They decide on singing with Andrew Stone.

Dave and Andrew go into the large task room and meet with Andrew Stone and a guitarist called Jesus. “Run it, Jesus”, says Andrews Stone. Jesus plays guitar and they rehearse together.


Dave, Andrew, Andrew Stone and Jesus are in the Living room where the housemates are gathered. Mario greets Andrew Stone with a cuddle saying that it’s good to see him again. Dave introduces everyone to Jesus playing guitar with “glory”.

Dave, Andrew, Andrew Stone and Jesus do their song. They dance around the housemates who are sat on the sofa, Andrew grinds on to Sam. At the end Housemates all dance along.


Big Brother has gathered all of the Housemates in the Living Room to announce the results of this week’s shopping task. If Housemates behave unpredictably and disprove 8 of his predictions, they will pass this week’s shopping task.

Bob Righter walks into the Garden and gets the briefcase. Josie gets the briefcase, opens it and looks at the envelope inside. She tells the housemates Bob Righter’s 15 predictions.

Big Brother announces to the housemates that they have failed 11 of the 15 predictions and therefore failed this weeks shopping task.


Big Brother has supplied Housemates with three bottles of Champagne as this is the last night they will all spend together. “Let’s open a bottle, it’s my favourite hobby”, says Sam.

John James and Josie are in the Bedroom. “It might be the last night we spend together in the Big Brother house”, says Josie. “How do you feel about that?” she adds. “I’m alright”, says John James. “Have a little cry if you want to”, jokes Josie.

“I’ll probably be busy in my hotel room and that” says John James talking about if he will watch the show if he leaves on Friday. “By romping with birds”, he adds. Josie tells him he doesn’t know what he is missing.

John James and Josie go to the Kitchen where all the other housemates are. “Toast for everyone”, says JJ. Steve takes the lead. “It’s been a priveledge to meet everyone of you”, he says. They all cheer and toast.


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