Big Brother 2010: Day 74 highlights – Josie gazes at John James Parton’s picture!

Highlights from tonight’s Channel 4 show.


Mario, Andrew, Dave, JJ and Josie are in bed. “What do you think John Jame’s eviction song was?” asks Josie. Dave tells her it probably wasn’t heard through all the boo’s. Josie says that when she leaves the house she will have no friends. J.J reassures her saying that she’ll have more friends. Josie looks at John James’s picture at the back of her bed.

Mario is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. “I’m in the final. Woooo”, he says. Mario says he is shocked to be in the final but he wanted to come in at the beginning and leave at the end and he has done that. Mario says that he will walk around the house naked as he told housemates if the public kept him in he’d go nude.


Andrew is in the Bathroom. “Oi, Mr Muscle”, the Tree says. The Tree adds that as Andrew did so well in his Bauer mission, he’s got another task for him. Andrew must answer ‘yes’ to everything that is asked of him throughout the day. The Tree asks Andrew if he is a geek, if he has a man crush on Mario and if he lucked out getting into the final. Andrew laughs and answers yes to all of the questions. The Tree asks Andrew to give him a kiss which he does. “Urgh, get off”, says the Tree. Andrew is told that if he completes the task he will be given the perfect day tomorrow.


Andrew and Josie are in the Garden. “You okay?” asks Josie. Andrew says that’s its great to be in the final and that he is with four “lovely people.” Josie says that they are all lovely in their own special way.

Mario is in the Bathroom when the Tree explains Andrew’s task to him. He tells Mario he can use this knowledge to his advantage and make Andrew do what he wants.


Mario is in the Bathroom. He takes his towel off and starts to walk around the house naked. “Oh my God”, says JJ. “It looks shrivelled”, says Josie. Mario tells her it’s because it is cold. Mario then walks into the Kitchen and dances in front of Andrew. As Mario walks into the garden Andrew tells Dave that he thinks Mario’s left bum cheek is bigger than the right.


Some of the housemates are at the Carousel. Mario is still naked. “We’ve seen enough flesh”, says Dave adding that he is quite impressive in the trouser department. Dave suggests the housemates play ball and Mario says that he has a ball. “No one wants to touch that”, says JJ.

J.J is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. He says he is very surprised to be in the house and that being part of the final show is “amazing.” J.J talks about Mario being naked, he says that Dave is intrigued by Mario’s nakedness and keeps complimenting Mario. JJ says he doesn’t know where to look. “The sooner he gets his clothes on the better”, he says.

In the Bathroom Mario sits on Andrews lap with no clothes on. “It’s awkward”, says Andrew. Mario tells him he is trying to help him with his confidence.


Josie is in the Diary Room. She tells Big Brother that she feels a bit better than the night before. “Last night I turned into a right soppy cow”, she says, adding that she now feels a bit empty. Josie says that she has now let her guard down and that her self esteem has grown. Josie says that even her friends would say that she is unlicuky she’s never had so much luck.

All of the boys are in the Kitchen. Mario is telling Andrew to make him some food. “Give him a break”, says JJ.

Back in the diary room Big Brother asks Josie to make a fairy tail out of her experience. “There was once a Bristolian”, says Josie says. “She met a lot of lovely people in a house and she hooked up with a hunky Australian who cared about her and loved her as well”. Big Brother asks her how the fairy tale ends. “And they lived happily ever after”, she says.


Andrew and Mario are in the Garden. Andrew is using the mangle. “Will you do that in your boxers?” asks Mario. “Yeah, lets have a laugh”, says Andrew removing his clothes.

JJ and Dave join them in the Garden. They ask him why he is only in his boxer shorts.
Mario explains that Andrew is self conscious and he is trying to bring Andrew out of his shell. J.J tells Andrew not to listen to the mole and that Mario just wants to see him in his boxers.

In the bathroom the Tree tells Josie about the task that he has given to Andrew. The Tree says that Moley is being a bit obvious and that she has to get involved and be subtle.

Josie leaves the Bathroom and enters the Garden where she promptly asks Andrew to make her a cup of coffee.


JJ and Josie are at the Carousel playing a game. JJ gives Josie the choice of John James, Dave and Nathan. “Which would you have sex with, suck their toes and let p*** on you?” asks JJ. She says she would have sex with John James and suck Nathan’s toes. “So I’d let Dave p*** on me”, she says just as Dave joins them. “I’ve come in at the right time, thanks Jose”, he says. J.J tries to direct the questions at Dave and Dave tells J.J to be nice and not make it sexual.

Mario and Andrew are cleaning the Bathroom. “Well done guys, it looks amazing”, says Josie. Josie tells Andrew and Mario about the game that she was playing with J.J and how the conversation turned to having a “finger in the bum”. Josie asks Andrew if that’s ever happened to him. “Yeah”, says Andrew. “I told you he’s a dark horse” says Mario.


Andrew and Mario are still cleaning the Bathroom. “If you’re with a girl and she cheated would you stay with her?” asks Mario. “Yeah”, says Andrew.

JJ, Dave and Josie are in the Garden. JJ tells Dave and Josie that Andrew and Mario could be the latest blossoming relationship. Andrew enters the Garden and JJ asks him how he and Mario are getting on. Josie asks Andrew if he fancies Mario. “Yeah”, says Andrew. Josie says she thought they were just mates.


Josie and Andrew are in the Diary Room. Andrew is wearing John James football shirt. “I’ve got a message for John James. I don’t want him to worry. I’m taking good care of her. Very good care”, he says. “But Andrew fancies Mario”, says Josie. “Yeah”, says Andrew. When Josie isn’t looking he shakes his head towards the camera.


JJ is in the Bathroom. The Tree tells JJ about the yes task he has set Andrew. The Tree advices JJ to take full advantage. “Now p*** off, JJ2”.

The housemates are in the Bedroom. J.J asks Andrew if he’ll help him wax Josie. “Yeah”, says Andrew. “I know. We should wax you, Andrew”, says Josie. “Yeah” says Andrew.

In the Bathroom the Tree tells Dave about Andrew’s task.

Back in the Bedroom Andrew asks housemates to hold him down whilst they wax his legs. Andrew screams are they rip the wax strips off.


Mario is in the Bathroom. “I want you to get everyone to the Bathroom”, the Tree tells him. Mario runs out. “Quick. Come into the toilet I just heard all the ex housemates talking”, he tells the other housemates.

The housemates are all in the Bathroom. “Well, well, well”, says the Tree. “If it ain’t the final five of Big Brother 11. Not a pretty sight”. The Tree tells Andrew to confess his secret task. Andrew tells them and in return the housemates tell Andrew that they knew about his task. “So you don’t really fancy Mario”, asks Josie. “No”, says Andrew. The Tree tells housemates that they have won a perfect day tomorrow and will receive booze that night.


JJ has come to the Diary room to talk to Big Brother. “It’s been a little bit hard, a little bit slow because there’s only been five of us”, he says.

Josie & Andrew are in the Kitchen. Andrew asks Josie which biscuit she’d like to nominate. “Well, I’ve had a serious think about this and it’s a really hard nomination but this week I’m going to nominate the custard cream”, says Josie. She adds her reasoning behind this saying it is “greedy” as it has “two wafers and custard.”

Andrew asks for Josie’s second nomination. “Rich tea…there’s nothing to him, no chocolate, no icing. There’s nothing very rich about it”. “Thanks Josie, you may now eat the biscuit”, says Andrew.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. “When do you think John James started to like me?” Josie asks Dave. “About three week’s ago, when you started to share a bed. I think you connected on a personal level”, he tells her. Josie tells Dave that John James said he was in love with her and Dave says that John James told him that to. “John James is a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really……..good kisser”, says Josie.


All of the housemates are in the Garden. Housemates hear shouting from over the wall and realise its John James and Sam. “Come back”, shouts Josie and the other housemates cheer. Big Brother tells housemates to return to the house and Josie shouts “I love you…” to no reply. As they enter the house Dave says “that was amazing.” Josie repeats that John James didn’t say I love you back and housemates try to make her feel better.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!