Big Brother 2010: Day 75 highlights – Josie Gibson gets waxed and pampered

Highlights from tonight’s Big Brother show.


As a reward for Andrew passing yesterdays Tree of Temptation Yes Man challenge, Housemates are going to experience a Perfect Day, beginning with breakfast in bed, as served by Anthea Turner.

The housemates are in bed and are woken by the song Perfect Day (by Lou Reed). Mario looks up and notices Anthea outside the bedroom and says “someone’s here”. Anthea enters to a screaming Josie who shouts “Andrea! GMTV! Wow”.

Anthea serves the housemates tea and coffees. She tells Andrew and Mario that they “look so cute together”. Andrew quickly replies “we aren’t together”.

Anthea reads instructions to the housemates informing them that they will have a perfect day and “treats throughout the day”.


Anthea asks if anyone would like a refill, Mario has one. Dave tells Anthea “you look great. You haven’t aged at all”. Anthea tells him “you’ve said that twice now”.

Anthea leaves and says goodbye. Josie asks the others “did that just happen?” Dave says “that was amazing” and that he “had a crush on her”. Josie jokes saying “Anthea just served me breakfast. Who do I think I am these days?”

In the bathroom Andrew is getting unchanged exposing his bare backside, which Mario then spanks.


Josie is smoking at the Carousel and JJ walks over as Big Brother announces that they will have a pampering day of hair styling, waxing, manicure and pedicures.

JJ tells Josie that “manicure is hands” and “pedicure your feet”. Josie then goes on and says “not about getting your fanjita waxed on TV, is it?”

Mario and Andrew go into the salon. Mario asks “do you do back, sack and crack?” for Andrew. Andrew gets his legs waxed.

Josie comes to the diary room with face strips on her face. She says how she was “down yesterday” as it was the “first day without John-James” but “todayI feel right as rain”.

Josie tells Big Brother what her perfect day would involve. She says “get up in the morning, shower” go to the hairdressers and have her hair done as only has ever had her friend come round and do it. Then “hire a boat” and go on a “boat trip”, and finishing the day off “end with John-James in my bed naked”.

Meanwhile in the salon Andrew has both his legs waxed, a spray tan and Mario has his stomach waxed and a multicoloured manicure. Once they’re finished Mario slaps Andrews legs and tell him: “your legs look like a chicken.”


JJ, Dave and Josie are in the Big Brother spa, enjoying some pampering and preening.

JJ asks “will this really hurt?” as he prepares to have his leg waxed. JJ doesn’t enjoy his leg being waxed and says “that bits horrible”. He tells them beauty therapist that Andrew is “obviously more of a man than I am”.

Andrew talks to Mario in the living room about what he has said about Josie in the diary room in the past. He says to Mario that he will tell her before they go as doesn’t want her to see it when out. Mario tells him “pretty sure Josie knows”.

JJ has his stomach waxed. Dave wants to do it to JJ and asks “only one little pull”. Dave then waxes a section of JJ stomach. Josie jokes to JJ that “looks like you have got a hard on”.

Dave then has his armpit hair waxed.


Housemates sing Perfect in the living room.

In the bathroom JJ shaves his other leg after not being able to bear the pain of waxing.

Andrew goes to the diary room. He says that he might go to spray tan and waxing salons when out of house. He says that when “no one’s looking” he will “get my legs waxed and manicure” done. Andrew goes on to say that he would love a “chef to come in” and have “cocktails to finish off” or just a “date with Carol Vorderman”.

Josie and Dave joke at JJ about him getting a boner in the salon. JJ tells them “I didn’t get a boner”. Dave tells him that it was “right up dude… it was like a wig wam”. Josie puts her hand down her trousers and makes a fake erection, saying: “who am I?” She continues to mock JJ “I love those two girls they were amazing… really nice girls”. JJ laughs about it saying “f****** hell”.

02.33pm .

In the living room Josie tells JJ she can see herself coming third. JJ tells her that she will win it.

Dave, Mario and Andrew are in the kitchen as JJ walks in. Dave says that he has “never touched my under arm hair”, the others say how drafty it is now they have had their hair removed. JJ then says about the reason we have hair is because of “evolution”. Dave immediately makes an incorrect noise, he then says “God created man and put him on the earth”. They then dispute evolution and JJ says that it’s because Dave still hasn’t evolved as he “still look(s) half like a monkey”.

Josie alone in the living room looks directly in the camera and pulls a strange face, crossing one eye.


As the next surprise part of housemates’ Perfect Day, celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford has set up his own salon in the Big Brother spa with his assistant, Jo.

Jo talks to Lee saying “Josie will go crazy when she finds out she has her hair done”.

The housemates are all in the kitchen. Josie talks about the roots in her hair. Mario says that the “roots are timeline of time in the house”. Josie and Andrew then are called to go to the salon.

Andrew and Josie meet Lee and Jo. Andrew says to Josie how it is “exactly what you wanted”.

Lee tells Andrew that he is going to go for “geek chic” with his style. Andrew jokes saying “that will go with my look”.

Josie asks Lee if he has a “Mrs.”, Lee tells her he is “seeing Jess from The Real Hustle”. Andrew reacts with sheer admiration “wow, lucky you”.

Lee asks Josie if any “goings on” happened under the covers. She replies that “I tried”.


Andrew comes in to the house with his new haircut, informing them that it’s Lee Stafford cutting their hair. Dave asks “who’s that?”

In the salon, Josie asks Jo “how do you get rid of bags [under your eyes]”; Jo replies “Botox”. Josie tells Mario he looks a new man.

JJ has his haircut. Jo asks what made the housemates pick him to come into the house. Josie says it was John-James. Lee then asks JJ about Corin saying “didn’t you have a little fiddle?”. JJ says “nothing happened” it was a “cuddle and that was it”.

Lee asks Dave “what do I do with you then… lets ask the customer”; Dave replies “do whatever”.

Dave has his haircut and Josie tells him that “you’re actually quite good looking”.


Josie has hair finished and says that she will “try and leave it like it till Tuesday”.

In the bedroom the boys talk about Andrew and his love for watermelons. Dave tells him that “Ben said” they had pictures of him with watermelon backgrounds and takeaway apple pie stalls. Andrew worries that the crowd will throw apple pies at him. JJ says that they are “winding you up, it’s a piss take”. Andrew asks “Dave tell me”; Dave replies “ok, he didn’t”.

Josie comes back into the house living room and all the boys come and see her. JJ says “wow, f****** hell… you look so good Josie”. Josie says that she feels “a million dollars”. JJ says that there is a “shine about you now Josie”.


As part of their perfect day Housemates will receive cocktails before a special dinner cooked by celebrity chef Nancy Lam.

Housemates are in the living room having cocktails and notice that Nancy Lam is cooking in the kitchen.

The housemates then move through into the kitchen. Nancy serves them their starters. She then says that the “main meal served when you get naked”. She also tells them that they are the “ugliest people that are left over” but she likes them.

Josie says to Nancy that her “husbands a lucky man”; she replies her 7th husband.

Big Brother announces that Nancy has to leave the house now. Nancy throws water around the room and tells them she “wish you all well… nice meeting you all” then adds “you’re all arseholes”. She leaves to the housemates chanting her name.


Housemates have been gathered on the sofa for a special musical performance by Simon Webbe.

Dave says “what a day”. The housemates contemplate what is going to happen next. Simon Webbe walks in with two guitarists. JJ says “It’s Simon Webbe from Blue”.

They introduce themselves. He tells them that he will sing a new song. Josie says “an exclusive. Wow”.

Simon Webbe sings, aiming some of the lyrics flirtatiously at Josie, who laughs and tells him to “stop it”. Dave jokes saying he is “smoothing you right over” and that it took “one song”, yet “took John-James 7 weeks”.

Simon congratulates the housemates and wishes them luck. Josie tells the guitarist she “played guitar when I was younger”. He asks her what made her give up; she replies “I was s***”.

Simon Webbe gives his glasses to Josie and leaves with his guitarists.


Dave is in the diary room saying that Big Brother is “not that bad after all” and Big Brother has “smoothed me over with the perfect day”.

Josie and JJ talk about how great the day has been with the celebrities coming in. Josie says “Simon from Blue… singing my name in an exclusive song”.

Andrew and Mario talk about Josie at the Carousel. Andrew says that “Josie looks amazing today”, Mario agrees saying “old Josie was back today”. Andrew tells that he wished he knew her from the start. Mario says that her “glow has come back” which had gone whilst with John-James. Mario says to Andrew he is “suffering from a big crush” on Josie.


Josie goes to the diary room.

Josie tells Big Brother that today was “the best day of my life”. She goes on to say that if John-James doesn’t want her then she will “run off with Simon from Blue”.

In the bedroom Dave says to JJ that he wished that the last two eviction announcements weren’t done from the studio as he would have “like(d) to have heard the crowd”.

In the bathroom Mario sprays shaving foam on Andrew. They chase each other around and into the living room.

The other housemates see this in the bedroom and question whether Andrew is straight or not. Josie says “that’s not playing that’s flirting”. Dave thinks that Andrew is gay. JJ says that Andrew is straight.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom.

Dave says that “it’s the last full day today” and how that even if you wanted to stay you can’t anymore. JJ says “show has to end sometime”. Dave agrees and says that the “experience is irreplaceable”.

In the living room, Andrew says to Mario that he is “sad time is coming to an end”. Mario asks “what’s on your mind kiddo?” Andrew replies that he hopes all the housemates will stay in touch with each other when on the outside world. He finishes with: it’s a “new chapter” of the Big Brother experience them being out of the house.

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