Big Brother 2010: Day 9 highlights – Is Corin pregnant?

In tonight’s show…

Day 9


Mario and Sunshine are in the kitchen. Mario is singing Sunshine’s name. He says that she’s brought the sun today. Sunshine says she’ll take it away if she’s evicted. Mario doesn’t think she’ll be going.

John James and Dave are in the garden. Dave says, “I think this is the most volatile week in Big Brother history”. John James asks if he’s blaming him. Dave replies, “Not just you”. John James says he’ll take them all.

Dave says that if Shabby was to get evicted then the other girls would have to mingle more. John James says he knows what’s going on.


All of the housemates are in the garden talking about animals. Josie says, “I’m trying to picture a wombat”. John James tells her that they’re like her but furry. The discussion moves to the most dangerous animals. Josie says Shetland Ponies are the most vicious animals and that she got attacked by a hermaphrodite cockerel. John James looks bemused. Sunshine agrees cockerels are nasty.

Josie tells a story of how a Shetland pony used to run after the kids and smashed the patio door down. Govan laughs. She says, “They have little pony syndrome”.

Josie also tells a story of how one day she came home and the pony was in the front room watching the TV.


Josie and Rachael are in the Bedroom talking about John James. Rachael says, “I wish me and John James could get on”. Josie says that in a Diary Room chat she was asked why John James and Rachael did not get on and said, “He’s going on his three month cycle”, because Rachael’s done nothing wrong.

Josie says, ” I reckon it’s sexual tension”. Rachael feels she can’t join in as, “Everything I say he disagrees with”. Josie concludes that she thinks John James likes her but doesn’t want to.


Shabby enters the bedroom. She says she’s got the horn and fancies Caoimhe. Josie says, “I get the horn in the sunshine”, adding that she thinks Shabby is falling in love with Caoimhe. Shabby says Caoimhe is straight and has a boyfriend but she would tell her if things were different.

Rachael asks that if Shabby was evicted and Big Brother gave her 30 minutes to say goodbye would she then tell Caoimhe how she felt. Shabby says yeah. Caiomhe enters and asks, “What are you talking about?”

In the garden John James and Josie are talking about Rachael. Josie tells him that Rachael’s upset. His reply is, “Still?… I’m not scary”. Josie tells him, “Sometimes you are”. She adds that Rachael might not be here much longer and wouldn’t he like to make peace with her. John James says he doesn’t like arrogance. Josie tells him she doesn’t think she’ll be arrogant again after what he said to her and she just wants them to be able to have a conversation.


Today housemates are taking part in the Totally Rubbish Quiz to bring their shopping budget up to £400. John James and Caoimhe are standing in rubbish bins and need to guess what their teammates are throwing over them.

The game starts and various items are thrown over John James and Caoihme by Ife and Mario.

When the game finishes Caoimhe is covered in custard and soup. The reds are announced winners (Ife and John James).

Rachael whispers to Govan, “I really fancy John James so much, I hate it”.

Ife and John James take part in the final round of the task – Binyata. Ife answers five answers correctly and so John James has five swings at the ‘Binyata’. Josie says to him, “Take your aggression out on it”.

John James has five swings at the piñata but fails to release the token inside. Big Brother tells them that they have failed and have won no money. John James walks off looking down towards the floor.


Govan, Caoimhe, Shabby and Josie are at the Carousel, talking about Rachael. Josie says, “The John thing is really getting to her”, Govan reckons it’s a personality clash.

Rachael and John James are in the bedroom. John James asks Rachael if she thinks the situation between them is his fault. Rachael says she’s not saying that. John James said he heard her whispering to Govan earlier and that he knows she wanted him to hear that.

Rachael tells him, “You hate me”, to which John James replies, “I don’t hate you. You over react over everything”. Govan enters the room and John James questions Rachael’s whisperings to him. Govan says, “It was only compliments”, John James replies, “She admitted it”. Rachael exits. Govan says to John James that this is going to affect his time here.

Rachael is in the Diary Room crying, “I’m not feeling very happy, John James hates me”. She says she feels stupid because she likes him and she’s annoyed she’s crying as she could be going home tomorrow and wants to be happy.

John James is talking with Josie in the Bedroom. John James says, “I didn’t say f*** all”, Josie says, “I don’t understand why you’re so angry”. Govan says to Josie that they should just leave them. Josie tells John James that he’s upsetting her and to give Rachael a chance.


Nathan, Rachael and Govan are in the garden. Govan says they are making it worse by getting involved in the Rachel and John James saga. Rachael tells Nathan that John James shouted at her.

In the Bedroom Shabby says that no-one else sees the problem with Rachael and maybe it’s to do with John James. John James agrees and then gets called to the Diary Room.

John James in the Diary Room, he says he’s so p***** and can’t take it anymore, “She annoys the s*** out of me”. Big Brother asks if he was out the outside looking in what he would advise someone to do in this situation. John James says, “Relax”, Big Brother asks if he can take that advice, he says he can.


Corin is in the bathroom. The Tree of Temptation whispers to Corin. The Tree tells her that if she tells 13 lies before 10pm someone will receive their suitcase back. Corin chooses Rachael. The Tree tells her, “If you fail, the wrath Rachael receives will be fierce”.

Corin spends the next few hours telling lies to each of her fellow housemates. These include, “I’ve never used a washing machine”, “I’m allergic to washing powder”, I’m allergic to nail varnish”, “I got a job as a lap dancer and got fired on the first day for being too friendly”, and, “I’m allergic to mushrooms”.


Corin is in the Bathroom talking to the Tree of temptation. The Tree tells her that her lies weren’t good enough and she has to tell one big lie now for Rachael to get her suitcase.

Corin walks into the Kitchen and asks Sunshine to go outside with her. In the garden Corin tells Sunshine she’s waited four weeks for her period and she might be pregnant. Sunshine says, “But your girlfriends a girl”. Corin tells her not to say anything.

Corin exits to the bathroom and the Tree congratulates her and says Rachael will get her suitcase. Corin says, “Everyone’s going to think I’m pregnant”.


Some of the housemates are in the Nest. Steve and Ben say they like it in there. Ben suggests, ” We should have a boys club here”. Mario replies, “No smelly girls allowed”.

Shabby and Caoimhe are in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks how it would feel if Shabby got evicted. She replies that she wouldn’t live it down and that she has a temper but means well and has been real. Caoimhe starts singing but Shabby interrupts her and says, “Ssh this is my bit now”.

Rachael and John James are in the Bedroom. Rachael asks, “Can we be normal?” John James says he doesn’t’ want her to be uncomfortable and that he must be stronger mentally than her. He tells her, “I can handle the situation much better than you can. I’m aware I’ve said some things I shouldn’t have said.” Rachael says she doesn’t hate him and tomorrow could be her last day and she feels awkward. John James says he feels bad and he doesn’t want her to feel left out.

Rachael says that she just chooses to not be around when he is, and even if he doesn’t like her she wants to be able to be able to be in the same group as him. John James agrees. The pair of them hug.


Sunshine and Corin are in the bathroom. Corin asks Sunshine to say nothing about her pregnancy.

Big Brother says the storeroom is open. Housemates ask why. Corin says, “I wonder what’s in there”. Corin does some ballet Ben says, “You look like Lorraine Chase”

The housemates, including Corin, go to the kitchen to see what is in there. Steve gets Rachael’s suitcase and reads the note saying she has been chosen by one housemate to receive her suitcase. Rachael is happy and asks who’s done that. Corin says, “Oh my god…no-one else has got theirs”, she then walks over and hugs Rachael.

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