Big Brother 2010: Mario wins save and replace task – puts Dave up for eviction!

This afternoon the nominated Big Brother Housemates John James, Mario and Rachel took part in a task called Bug Off to try and spare themselves from eviction. All three housemates were dressed as bugs, covered in Velcro, and had to remove themselves from a giant sheet of super sticky bug paper laid on the garden floor.

The winner of this task is the housemate who manages to crawl themselves along the sticky paper commando style (along their stomach on elbows and knees) in the fastest time, and replace themselves with any Housemate who has not been nominated this week (excluding Sam).

On the sound of the buzz, all three housemates had to turn himself over on the bug paper, then army crawl on their belly along the bug paper and over the ‘end of roll’ logo.

After their first attempts, it was clear housemates hadn’t understood the rules of the task so Big Brother gave them all a second attempt to complete the task correctly. Their first attempts were declared null and void.

John James completed the task in 49 seconds
Mario speed along the paper to complete the task in 27 seconds
Rachel was last to attempt the task but struggled to even get off the starting blocks as she got stuck on her arms and legs. She completed in over 4 minutes.

So Mario was the winner and the housemate saved from eviction this week. He chose Dave to replace them and face eviction by the public on Friday night.

Before he made his choice he explained his reasoning:

“I can’t pick the girls, because I just can’t. I won’t pick JJ because he’s new, I won’t pick Andrew because I couldn’t do that to him two weeks in a row. So that leaves Dave and Steve. And I still can’t choose between you two so I’ve got a button – one side is red the other is white and I’m going to flip it.”

When the other housemates asked which side was for which housemate Mario said he wouldn’t say. He flipped the button and it was decided Mario’s decision should be Dave.

To confirm, the housemates facing the public vote this week are:


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!