Big Brother 2010: Meet the new housemates!

On tonight’s show Big Brother will be upping the tally in the House by adding three new housemates to the mix. But this is Big Brother and nothing is ever as it seems. Big Brother has invited 50% more potential housemates down to the house to plead their case for housemate status.

The six potential new housemates will be joining Davina during the live Channel 4 show all with the hope of becoming the latest residents of the most famous house in Britain.

With only three places up for grabs each of the six hopefuls will spend today filming an audition tape. They will need to plead their case for why they should join the house and become a Big Brother housemate. They will also have to state which of the current housemates they like …and who they can’t stand.

During the second of tonight’s live shows these audition tapes will be played into the house and the current housemates current housemates will have one minute to decide which three of the hopefuls will join them and be given full housemate status.

The potential new housemates are:

Name: JJ
Age: 23
From: London
Occupation: Professional Boxer / Barman

Pro boxer JJ is goal orientated and driven to win, especially when it comes to money. He hates losing with a passion and admits to being vain and cocky.

He got into boxing at the age of 13 and has had 12 professional fights – winning five, losing five and drawing two. His dream is to become a World Boxing Champion…or a television presenter. To support himself he’s currently working as a barman.

JJ is scared of potatoes and octopus’s which he can’t even look at. He claims to be a compulsive liar, telling porkies when he doesn’t even need to. He’s also a risk taker, once gambling a whole months pay on a horse race after a tip from a friend and claims that he is rubbish at keeping any secrets.

On his competitive nature JJ believes winning is everything, “it’s first or nothing.” He’s also always looking for new ways to get money and claims he’d sleep with someone for £100k…it’s probably good that he’s single then.

He’s got a celebrity friend in JLS’s Aston but worries that when he meets new people they will look down on him. JJ claims that he doesn’t hate anyone as hate is a strong word although he would hate someone who threatened to leave the Big Brother house once they were in there.

Name: Jo
Age: 41
From: Luton
Occupation: Make Up Artist

This independent woman has never been in a relationship as she’s got too many things she wants to achieve like DJ’ing under the moniker of DJ Naked and getting into the Big Brother house.

Jo has lived alone for seven years and thinks she’d be a nightmare to live with because she’s lazy, a bit messy, scatty and is moody when she doesn’t get her own space.

Jo claims that people think because of her age, she should behave a certain way, but she thinks they should butt out. She can often be found in clubs like Movida in London and admits she likes a drink with the girls and a flirt with the boys – particularly the twenty-something ones!

Willing to be labelled a “cougar”, Jo doesn’t think that everyone in the House will like her, but she’d rather be a joker than someone who’s argumentative.

The most significant moment in her life was when she was baptized as a born again Christian and describes the best relationship so far as being with God, however she confesses she has since fallen by the way side.

Name: Joel
Age: 33
From: London
Occupation: Busker

This steel-drum-playing East-Londoner declares himself the “sexiest fat man” and states that winning is very important to him because “[he] wants to make little fat girls and boys proud” and show the world that fat can be sexy!

Currently engaged and living with his partner, Joel describes the birth of his first child as the most significant moment of his life so far, stating “I had never been so happy and scared at the same time.” Although he was 21 at the time, he embraced it and states that being a father gave him direction.

With an apparent IQ of over 130, Joel claims to have loved school, but was too lazy to finish and states that he’s often starts things but doesn’t finish them.

The most outrageous thing Joel has ever done is jump the counter at KFC at give people free chicken and chips. He says his worst habits are being windy, loud and mimicking people. A lover of “curvalicious women”, Joel would most like to see Big Brother 6’s Makosi in the house as he “loves big breasts.”

Name: Laura
Age: 20
From: Stratford-Upon-Avon
Occupation: Sales Assistant

Single Laura has a tattoo reading live, love & laugh’ on her hip and she says this is her motto for life. She thinks everyone should laugh everyday and ‘your eyes will go like testicles if you mean it’.

When she was younger Laura rebelled by getting her tongue, ears & belly button pierced then filmed her mum’s reaction. She is a self described life and soul of all parties adding ‘I’m the funniest person; people say ‘is that the girl who dances on her own?’

Once called ‘a greedy, selfish, stuck-up, nasty piece of work’ Laura feels that people, girls mainly, who dislike her are probably just jealous of her. She counts her personality and boobs as her best features.

The longest she held down a job is 8 months admitting ‘I’m always fired’. Laura spends her earnings on clothes, alcohol and funny sex toys like willy warmers. She loves going into sex shops and buys books, vibrators, cock rings and dice.

Laura admits that she has no idea about political parties stating ‘I support all parties’. People on benefits annoy her but she ‘loves to talk tramps’. She once asked one to live with her as she felt sorry for him. She can’t stand boring people and thinks ‘if you don’t drink what is the f**king point’.

The last book Laura read was Karma Sutra.

Name: Megan
Age: 20
From: Liverpool
Occupation: Bar Assistant

Megan is a bubbly, lively bar assistant from Liverpool. This Scouser may look like a Wag but she’s a self confessed prude who dreams of becoming a nurse. Although she does admit she would sleep with “anybody for a million pounds”.

Currently living at her home where she’s treated like a princess by her Mum and Dad she loves having no responsibilities, “my mum thinks for me”. She admits to being lazy, can’t cook and won’t do the dishes.

She loves to play pranks and thinks “taking the mick” is what she does best. She once pretended to be in a girl band when she was in Amsterdam to get into the VIP area. It worked and she got free drinks all night.

Single Megan rates herself 10 out of 10 for attractiveness and claims her hair is her pride and joy…or is it her sense of humour…or her pins, “I’ve got great pins”.

If she gets into the Big Brother house she thinks the reasons she may be nominated would be because she, “can be bitchy, ignorant and opinionated”.

Name: Sam
Age: 21
From: Kent
Occupation: Graffiti artist

Laid back Sam lives with his grandparents who do all the cooking and cleaning for him as “they do it properly” but, he says, he’s very easy to live with as he’s always on his best behaviour.

Sam has worked across Europe including as a hotel entertainer in Greece, where he had to put on shows. His biggest achievement at school was being awarded student of the year for art which has led him to his current career choice of a graffiti artist. He doesn’t know where he’ll be in five years time but just likes to go with the flow.

Sam is a vegetarian although it’s not for sentimental reasons, “I just hate the taste and texture, I don’t care about animals dying”. He doesn’t drink believing it’s a waste of money. He hates celebrities claiming to have no interest in them at all, “my celebrity knowledge goes as far as David and Victoria Beckham”.

Sam says close friends see him as the joker but those who don’t know him often dislike him and find him annoying but luckily he doesn’t care what people think. Sam is currently single but says he goes for cute, innocent girls.


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!