Big Brother 2010: New task ‘Commission Impossible’

It’s the final series of Big Brother and today housemates are being tasked with filling up the air waves for Channel 4. For this week’s shopping task, George Lamb will be asking the housemates to try out some new pilot shows to take Big Brother’s place.

Housemates will be taking part in three new game show formats over the next two days. Two will take place today, and the final one will take place tomorrow.

Housemates will be the contestants and each pilot will present an opportunity to win money towards their weekly shopping budget. In addition, the individual winner of each game show will win a very special individual prize.

George Lamb will introduce the task via the plasma screen in the living room, and will then introduce each game show. Housemates must then decide who wants to become a contestant in which game show. All housemates must take part in one of the three game shows.

The two tasks taking place today are:


Two housemates will take part in this task. The contestants will watch clips of pensioners talking about the following topics:
1) England football team
2) Big Brother
3) Cabbage
4) Cheryl Cole
5) Gangsta Rap
6) Davina
7) Blue Rinses

The contestants will watch each VT and then guess what the pensioner is talking about. This will take place on the plasma screen in the Living Room – all other housemates will watch from the sofas.

For every hot topic they guess correctly, they will each receive £10 towards the shopping budget, meaning they can win a maximum of £140.

The individual winner will also win a mystery special prize.

(NB: In the event of a tie break, contestants will be asked to guess the age of one of the pensioners.)


Six housemates will take part in this quiz where contestants have to literally eat the answers.

The six contestants will stand behind a table in the large Task Room. Set before each contestant will be a plate displaying an identical array of foods – some nice, some nasty.

All contestants will be asked a question. The answer is one of the foods in front of them – to answer the question, they must eat that item. Any contestant who fails to eat the correct item, or who eats nothing at all, will be knocked out of the quiz.

To win their £150 for the shopping budget, at least one housemate must eat all ten items correctly.

The final contestant also wins themselves a very special mystery reward.

(NB: In the event of a tie break, contestants will be asked to eat everything remaining on their plate.)


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!