Big Brother 2010: New task – What the Dickens! .

This morning Housemates woke to find the Big Brother house has been transformed into a Dickensian scene. For this week’s shopping task Housemates will be submerged in this colourful world of grime and gruel and take on roles in homage to some of the novelist’s most famous characters.

The task consists of 6 challenges. For each challenge Housemates successfully pass, they will receive £50 towards next week’s shopping budget.

The challenges:

Consider Yourself (Fagin’s Gang – Andrew, JJ, Josie, Jo, Sam)
Fagin’s gang must learn a song and dance routine for Consider Yourself from the musical Oliver! and will have to perform the number at the end of today. The video will be uploaded to the Big Brother website later tonight and must receive 100,000 hits for Fagin’s gang to pass their part of the task.

Bill Sykes’ Bullseye (Steve)
Steve becomes Bill Sykes for the duration of the task. Whenever he hears the theme music from the TV show Bullseye, Bill Sykes must head to the dartboard, set up as part a Dickensian saloon, and throw his darts until he scores a bullseye, at which point he must shout, “bullseye!” at the top of his voice.

Mr. Bumble (Dave)
Dave becomes the parish beadle in charge of the workhouse, Mr. Bumble. He will be provided with the ingredients and implements to make gruel, which he must feed to all Housemates three times a day. While Housemates are permitted to eat other food, they must polish off their entire bowl of gruel at each sitting.

Great Expectations – Miss Havisham (John James and Rachel)
Two Housemates will become Miss Havishams, the old woman who was spurned on her wedding day and has given up on life. The Miss Havishams must take part in an endurance wedding dress sit-in, in the large task room, which is dressed to look like Miss Havisham’s living room. Miss Havishams must remain in the room for 24 hours (apart from during designated breaks), but will be able to receive visits from other Housemates at specific times, as set by Big Brother.

A Christmas Carol – Scrooge (Corin)
Corin will become Scrooge for the duration of the task and will control the House purse strings. Scrooge will have a purse of coins which housemates will need to gain access to the bathroom, kitchen and smoking area for the duration of the task. Once the coins are spent there will be no access to these areas. Corin must make sure that housemates don’t run out of coins over the three days so they can spend a penny!

David Copperfield – David Copperfield will be played by Mario
One final Housemate will become David Copperfield; however there has been some kind of mix up. It’s not the autobiographical Dickens character but instead is American illusionist and stage magician David Copperfield. He will learn and perform a Las Vegas style levitation illusion. David Copperfield will not receive his magical props until Day 2 of the task.


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!