Big Brother 2010: What the Dickens – Scrooge’s challenge

This morning Housemates woke to find the Big Brother house has been transformed into a Dickensian scene. For this week’s shopping task Housemates will be submerged in this colourful world of grime and gruel and take on roles in homage to some of the novelist’s most famous characters.

The task consists of 6 challenges. For each challenge Housemates successfully pass, they will receive £50 towards next week’s shopping budget. Each housemate has been assigned a role and a prop which must be carried around at all times. These are:

Nancy (Josie) Black feathered Spanish style fan
Oliver (Andrew) Large silver locket
Artful Dodger (JJ) Silk handkerchief
Charley Bates (Sam) Gold pocket watch
Tom Chitling (Jo) Wallet
Bill Sykes (Steve) Bullseye the dog
Mr Bumble (Dave) Staff
David Copperfield (Mario) Wand
Miss Havisham (John James) Silver keepsake box
Miss Havisham (Rachel) Lace handkerchief
Scrooge (Corin) Candle holder with candle

The first part of the task has already started – Corin’s Scrooge Challenge.
For her challenge, Scrooge must control the purse strings of the House for the duration of the task. Scrooge has been provided with 78 coins to last for the entire three day duration of the task. Dickens’ Scrooge was an infamous miser and therefore Big Brother has decided upon a specific number of coins that should remain unspent at the end of the task – if Scrooge has less coins remaining than the specific number of coins Big Brother has decided upon then she will fail her challenge.
Each coin permits one Housemate to take one shower, prepare food in the kitchen, or enter the smoking area. Each time a Housemate wishes to either: have a shower, prepare food or visit the smoking area they must ask for a coin from Scrooge. They should do this by taking Scrooge to Scrooge’s desk, where Scrooge should then be seated on the stool. Once Scrooge is seated, the Housemate should ask Scrooge for permission. If Scrooge decides to grant that Housemate permission to either: have a shower, prepare food or visit the smoking area, she must put a coin in the money box.


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!