Big Brother 2013: Innocent eviction talk leads Dexter Koh to tell Dan Neal he has “everything I like in a man” – AWKS!

dexter koh


We all know that Dexter is a little bit of an odd-ball, but tonight he admits that if he was gay, hunky ex-copper Dan Neal would certainly float his boat.

In a conversation in the garden, Dan teases Dexter saying he thinks Dexter is more camp than him sometimes.

It all begins with an innocent conversation about the impending eviction… and we all know how pear shaped these conversations can go, especially when Dexter is on the gabbing end of things.

Dan says: “At the end of the day, we should be happy we are still here and get on with it for now. We have all got our reasons for coming in here and what we want to achieve. Whether you finish first or second or fifth or sixth you can still achieve things you want to achieve when you come out of here”.

Dexter replies: “Winning the show is f***ing hard work. You have to be liked in here and liked outside and the public have to be on your side… you don’t have to be worried at all because you are immune this week”.

In another conversation in the garden between Dan, Jack and Joe Glenny, Dexter, Gina Rio, Callum Knell and Sam Evans, Dan teases Dexter saying he is sometimes more camp than he should be.

Dan tells Dexter: “Sometimes, I think you are more camp than I am”.


Dexter defensively replies “But I am comfortable in who I am and this process has taught me that. I know I am camp, I know I wear make-up, I know I mince about a little bit but at the end of the day I know I am straight. I like females and that is it”.

Dan replies: “I am teasing you”.

Dexter tells the housemates: “If I was gay I would find Dan attractive because he has got everything I like in a man. He has got a great personality”.

The group of housemates scream: “AWKWARD!” and awks indeed it was. I say, put that spade away Dexter because you ain’t convincing anyone.

Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5/HD

Nick Barnes

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