Big Brother 2013: Ex-Copper Dan Neal becomes fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house!

Dan Neal has become the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house this evening, in a shock eviction twist.

Last Friday, Big Brother handed the power over to the housemates to name who they would like to live a life of luxury in the Safe House located at the bottom of the garden. The housemates chose Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans, in which they were told they would be immune from this week’s eviction… but little did they know it wasn’t as it seemed.

Of course, as part of this week’s shock nominations and eviction twist, Sam and Sophie weren’t immune from eviction, instead they were up for eviction and knew nothing of it. On Monday, the duo had the opportunity to extend an invite to the safe house to one other housemate in which they chose ex-copper Dan Neal – he was also told he would be safe this week.

Big Brother made the rest of the house know that they would face eviction this week with Dan, Sam and Sophie all safe until next week, but little did evil Big Brother tell them that it was the opposite way around this evening.


When asked how he was feeling, he said: “No, I’m actually fine, the whole thing is surreal anyway. I suggested this may happen tonight but I didn’t make a thing of it. I knew if I was up against them two I knew I’d go. Sam and Sophie are two of the favourite’s”.

He also went on to say that if the nominations process went ahead as normal, he doesn’t think he’d be in the position he’s in now.

On ‘Detective Dan’ he said: “I couldn’t switch off from it, as soon as I got Michael right I was like ‘What next?’ I got Wolfy wrong, but there was something about Wolfy anyway. I do think too much about things anyway and you have too much time to think about things in there anyway. You realise you can’t second guess everything”.

“I love Dexter, but I don’t want to love him. I think Dexter doesn’t even know who he is, he’s working out who he is himself. Outside he says he is ruthless in his job but underneath all that there is a soft guy”.

Speaking about Callum he said: “He was the person I least connected with, it was awkward about the niceness in the beginning, then he turned into being cocky as people were confronting him. He ever came across as natural as he tried too hard to be nice”.
daniel neal
“At least everyone knew where they stood with me as I always said what I thought, so I’m quite happy knowing that coming out” he said after being shown a VT.

“Sometimes they feel they know everything about life already, not that they need an education in it, they don’t take advice on board. They’ve very sure of themselves, which is nice at their age, but they need to learn that and they will in years to come. Joe is more deep than Jack is.” he said when asked about the Twins.

Speaking about his BFF in the house, he said: “Hazel came in the house as a model, models aren’t liked in the house, she is beautiful, intelligent, driven and she has been successful in her career so far, she has a sense of humour and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. We will be very good friends when she comes out”.

Finally, he said he would like Gina to win the show.

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  1. granny di on July 27, 2013 at 8:28 am

    Well Dan’s gone and I think it will be strange without him. I think he was the glue that held things together. I didn’t want him to win but hoped he’d be in the final week. I will miss him.

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