Big Brother 2013: Jemima Slade becomes second housemate to be kicked out of the Big Brother house

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Jemima Slade has become the second housemate to be given their eviction notice from the most famous bungalow in Britain, and well, it starts with immediate effect!

Following on from Sunday’s first proper nominations process, it was revealed that Dexter Koh, Gina Rio and Jemima Slade would all face the public vote this Friday, but as of Wednesday it was revealed that Gina Rio had been let off the hook.

Emma spoke live to the house during Wednesday evening’s highlight’s show, in which she revealed that Gina had received the least number of votes thus far and that she was safe from the second public vote this week. Gina said she was the happiest she had ever been in the house.

During Wednesday’s live segment, Dexter and Jemima had to make a plea to the public to say why they should vote to evict their opposition.

Dexter said: “They should vote to evict Jemima because everything I have done on this show has been real. I have not double crossed anyone and I am under no illusion that I’m a winner but I am just here for the experience.”

Jemima added: “Save me because I still haven’t got to show what I’m all about, I think Dexter should go because he creeps up behind people and chats amongst the groups. I have been real from day one, [so you should] save me and evict Dexter!”

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However, it was still doom and gloom for Jemima and Dexter, and it got even worse for one of them tonight as Jemima was given her marching orders.

But, before all that, Big Brother gave both of them the chance to give a little message to the rest of their fellow housemates.

Dexter said: “I would just like to thank you all for inviting me into this wonderful family, the true feelings of friendship outweigh the hatred. I walked in a boy and I’ll walk out a man”

Jemima grovelled: “I’m sorry if I’ve offended anybody with my ways, views and opinions, I come in being myself from the start. If stay tonight I’ll help to change people’s perspective of me.

Upon leaving the house, Jemima was greeted with a blanket of boos from the crowd!

In her interview with Emma Willis she said: “I didn’t think I would get that many boos. I didn’t think I was going to go. I thought Dexter was going to go. We all did.” Jemima went onto say that ”The days are so long in there… up and down its a rollercoaster. Nobody holds grudges… its an intense environment”

After being shown her nominations Jemima told Emma that she was really surprised that Charlie and Daley had nominated her.

Speaking about Gina’s nomination about her being fake, she said: “That’s what I said about her. We feel quite mutual about each other.”

jemima slade big brother 2013

When asked about the tension between her and Dan in the house at times, she added: “Both our personalities are strong, characters are strong, we have a love/hate relationship. He speaks his mind and what he thought of me.”

Speaking about her weird relationship with Sam, Jemima explained: “I really saw him as a boy mate.”

“I am so much wittier and entertaining in real life,” she claimed.

Big Brother continues tomorrow at 8:45pm on Channel 5/HD.

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