Big Brother 2013: Busy Bee Shopping Task – The worker bees are kept buzz-y as they must fill jars with honey (DAY ONE)


This week’s shopping task sees the housemates become worker bees in which they must work on a honey production line filling jars of honey over the next two days.

Meanwhile, Queen Bee Gina Rio and her guard Charlie Travers will live a life of luxury as they can trick the housemates into making more jars than required so they can get special treats.

Day One

Today is the first day of the task and one housemate must stand on a raised platform filled with sticky honey. The worker bee must walk in circles pushing a bar that stirs the honey and pushes it out through taps further along the assembly line.

The rest of the worker bees are stood next to the conveyor belt waiting for jars to be dispatched and for honey to be filtered through the taps.

As soon as the worker bee has done enough turns on the platform, honey will begin spurting from the taps. At the same time, jars will be fed across the conveyor belt. The housemates must then grab the jars and fill as many as they can with honey that is spurting from the taps.

charlie travers

The speed of the honey and the amount of jars on offer throughout the day will vary, making it either easier or harder on the housemates to pass the daily amount.

Of course, the daily amount has been set by Queen Bee Gina and her guard Charlie. It could be that Big Brother sets two amounts – 100 and 150. 100 is the quota but if the housemates fill 150 jars, Gina and Charlie could win a luxury meal. It is up to the Queen Bee and her Guard to decide whether they are going to be selfish or not.

You can see the fallout from day one of the shopping task tomorrow night at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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