Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell warns there’s “going to be fireworks” between him and Dexter Koh, and Hazel O’Sullivan thinks there’s a “childlike mentality” in the house

Callum, Charlie and Dexter.


As we saw on last night’s highlight’s show, a storm was well and truly brewing between Callum Knell and Dexter Koh.

As part of this week’s Nemesis shopping task, Dexter and Callum had to “trash talk” each other, and things got a little bit personal and then a little bit weird when Callum recalled that Dexter said he would shove it up him.. hmm… but this evening Callum tells Big Brother that there’s “going to be fireworks” between him and Dexter.

In the Diary Room on this evening’s show, Cowboy Callum tells Big Brother: “The reason I am so strongly disliking Dexter is because when he pipes up on his opinions of the house and of me, he subtly puts me down. He uses little psychological words and tricks…Dexter sees me as competition and as an opponent that he can beat. He is constantly chipping away. I am trying not to be beaten…I don’t like him…there is going to be fireworks, a storm is brewing”.

The house atmosphere isn’t going down too well with Hazel O’Sullivan and Deter Koh either as Dexter says he is used to being on his own and Hazel thinks there’s “such a childlike mentality and aura” in the house.

dexter koh, hazel o'sullivan

Dexter tells her: “Not being condescending but I just think we are made of different stuff… I am used to being on my own”.

Hazel agrees: “To be surrounded with such a childlike mentality and aura, it is sometimes frustrating. I would love now to read a big massive book on brain science or neurology. Something in depth that I could actually put some brain cells into”.

Hold on a sec Hazel, do you really think you’re cut out for that sort of stuff? Stick to the day job…

Big Brother continues at 10PM on Channel 5/HD this evening.

Nick Barnes

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  1. Annie on August 1, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Dexter & Gina are really funny, Callum is a head case and Hazel is a nasty piece of work, I bet some stories will come out after she gets evicted.

  2. granny di on August 2, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Annie I totally agree. Spot on.

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