Big Brother 2013: Celebrity PR Guru Dexter Koh preaches about celebrity status and… Jedward! “All you have to do is be a t**t” – Right, ok…

Dexter and Gina.

It was an odd evening in the Big Brother house yesterday as the majority of the housemates discussed the thought on everyone’s mind… celebrity status and who better to be taught by than world renowned celebrity PR Guru, Dexter Koh. Ok, we’re being sarcastic with the latter…

Dexter ended up bringing the tone down when be started banging on about Jedward, telling the housemates “all you have to do is be a t**t”. We’re wondering whether Dexter has learnt from past experience – and we don’t mean from his clients.

Dexter started harping on about Jedward in which Charlie asked: “What do you mean Jedward are rolling in it, they have been branded like that”.

Dexter explained: “Literally anything that comes their way they will take it, take it, take it until there is literally nothing else to do”.

Sam asked: “Is that why they’ve made it do you reckon?”

Dexter added: “Well think if you are young and given the chance to make more money than in a normal job and all you have to do is be a t**t. It’s a no brainer really. Because when it runs out as long as you haven’t sp**ked your money up the wall, then you have done the correct thing. Who cares what people think of you?”

… “All you have to do is be a t**t”… I’m saying nothing Dexter.


Jack seemed to be the most grounded out of the lot saying it is about “self-respect” sometimes and not just money.

He preached: “Money is not everything though…it comes down to a level of self-respect at the end of the day. If you don’t respect yourself enough just for the fact of money then what’s the point of doing it? Because without respect what is the point of money? You have got nothing to live for. You have lost the respect and you’ve got empty money. What’s the point?”

It’s like the blind leading the blind…

Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on July 23, 2013 at 8:25 am

    Dexter is spot on. Who wouldn’t try to make some money while they can. If Jedward look after their money they should be set up for life. That’s what Dexter was saying.

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