Big Brother 2013: Chalie Travers, Dexter Koh, Jack & Joe Glenny and Sam Evans face final evction, Gina Rio, Sophie Lawrence secure place in final

by Nick Barnes


This evening, Big Brother sprung a round of surprise face to face nominations on the unsuspecting housemates.. well, maybe not too unsuspecting.

After the final round of nominations from the Big Brother 2013 house, it has been revealed that either Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Jack & Joe Glenny or Sam Evans will fall at the final hurdle during Friday’s final eviction of the series.

Therefore, since Sophie Lawrence and Gina Rio will not face the public vote this week, they have made it through to the finale which is scheduled to take place one week today (August 19).

Here’s now the surprise face to face nominations went down in the house:


Jack & Joe – Sometimes she feels uncomfortable around them, but there isn’t really a problem with them.

Gina – She thinks everyone will be up this week, therefore to be fair and even things out she voted for Gina.


Jack & Joe – Even though the twins & Dexter have got along in the house, he feels the least connection with them out of the other housemates.

Sam – Again, same reason, he doesn’t feel there’s as much of a connection between them as there is between him, Sophie, Gina and Charlie.



Jack & Joe – She loves them both and thinks they’re fun and hilarious but Jack was insensitive about Hazel’s comments toward her and acted like he didn’t care.

Charlie – For the simple reason that she gets along more with Dexter, Sam and Sophie.

Jack & Joe

Charlie – They don’t feel that Charlie is the same as them. They went into the house knowing who they were but Charlie didn’t know who she was.

Dexter – They nominated him in the first week, so they’re nominating him in the final week.

jack and joe glenny big brother


Dexter – He finds it hard to trust Dexter and feels he is playing a game.

Sophie – They had their spat last week and feels she is insensitive and disrespectful following her “sympathy vote” comment.


Sam – Again, due to the argument they both had, but she hasn’t got anything bad to say about him.

Dexter – She adds that she has nothing bad to say about Dexter but feels she gets along with the other housemates better.

Charlie and Sam.

Jack & Joe and Dexter received the most number of nominations with three each, and Charlie and Sam had 2 nominations each.

You can see the fallout from tonight’s live nominations on tomorrow night’s show at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on August 13, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Sophie kept changing her vote and was still writing when sam was giving his nominations. She was one of the last to vote so she had obviously worked out the numbers and voted accordingly. She also rubbed out the name before she gave the board to Dexter who was collecting them after the votes. This is blatent cheating and she should be punished. As we don’t know who her original vote was for BB should cancel the whole thing and they should all be up.

  2. Lancashirelass on August 13, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Sophie was blatantly cheating!! She was still writing when Sam nominated and then didn’t show her board to everyone. She then rubbed out something before handing the board to Dexter.
    Think they should have all been up this week, but at the very least Sophie should be punished and her votes not counted!!

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