Big Brother 2013: Charlie & Jackie Travers, Dan Neal and Gina Rio sent to jail for using the pool and Gina has a sensitive side..apparently



As we saw on last night’s highlight’s show, Charlie and Jackie Travers, Dan Neal and Gina Rio were all rebellious and broke the rules by using the Safe House pool. Tut, tut!

Wherever Big Brother is concerned, a rule break doesn’t go unnoticed and tonight, viewers will see the four-some get sent to jail for their antics, in which Dan insists he sees a “sensitive side” to Gina… apparently!

Before being sent to jail, the four housemates are hauled into the Diary Room by Big Brother to be given their punishment.

Gina says: “I didn’t even jump, I didn’t even go in the pool so why am I here?”

Big Brother asks: “Why do you think you are here Gina?”

Gina sheepishly replies: “Because I accidentally put my feet in the pool”.

gina rio, dan neal, big brother 2013

Big Brother sarcastically replies: “Precisely”.

Whilst in the Jail, Charlie, Dan and Gina discuss Dexter and the way he has told different housemates different stories about the footage both he and Gina saw whilst staying in the Safe House.

Charlie said: “He’s different now to what he was in the first two weeks, he’s softened from being sharp, on-point. Since he’s been in he’s warmed or softened”.

Dan snarls: “Because he doesn’t want to be up”.

Gina retorts: “Exactly. Do you feel you could have a romance with him on the outside”.

Charlie replies: “No, I just get on with him very well. He’s one of my favourite people in here”.

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After being let out of the jail, Dan and Gina go for a smoke in which he insists he saw a “sensitive side” to Gina whilst they were in the jail.

Dan compliments Gina: “I saw another little side to you in there, a nice side, a sweet side”.

Gina laughs: “A nice side, so what are you trying to say, you mean a sensitive side?”

Dan replies: “Yeah”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10PM on Channel 5/HD.

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