Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers cries herself to sleep after Callum Knell tells her she’s “quite drunk” and Dan Neal snaps at her

charlie travers, big brother 2013


This evening, Charlie Travers is seen shedding a tear or five in bed after Callum tells her she’s too drunk to finish their conversation.

Dan also snaps at her and tells her she should go to bed as she’s had quite a bit to drink. That mixed with the fact she thinks Dexter is using her a nominations tactic and her mum had also been eviction, it’s a wonder she didn’t cry a river.

As we all know, Dexter, Charlie and Callum are embroiled in some sort of weird, sickly love triangle and none of them seem to know what they want.

During a conversation with Charlie, Callum tells her that he will continue speaking to her in the morning as “you’re quite drunk”.

Dan adds: “To be fair Callum’s right, I think Charlie’s too drunk so she should just go to sleep. If people wanna talk about it tomorrow fine, if not just leave it, and I think Callum has done nothing wrong”.

Charlie replies: “Dan, I just don’t understand and I’m actually p***ed off about it”.

Dan snaps: “Well be p**sed off about it, but don’t have a go at Callum for no reason”.

It seems things get on top of Charlie on tonight’s show as she is seen crying in her bed after the lights go out in the bedroom. It probably doesn’t help that good ol’ Jackie Travers has been evicted from the house and she thinks Dexter is using her as a nominations tactic as he tries to comfort her upon Jackie being evicted from the house.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

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