Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Hazel O’Sullivan, Jack & Joe Glenny and Sophie Lawrence to face seventh eviction this Friday

It has been revealed that Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Hazel O’Sullivan, Jack & Joe Glenny and Sophie Lawrence will face the public vote this Friday evening, in which one of them will become the seventh housemate to be given the boot from the most famous bungalow in Britain.

This week, there was an almighty twist with the nominations process as friends and families nominated on behalf of our dearest housemates, and their nomination choices have just been played live into the house.

Here’s how the nominations went down:

Hazel’s Mum

Gina – Gina has a hate campaign against Hazel, she had her opportunity to talk to Hazel during the interview task but laughed in her face.

Sophie – She seems a nice girl but she put Hazel up twice for not having a connection with her. If she wasn’t as influenced by Gina and sat down for a conversation with Hazel, then maybe she’d have a friend for life.

Charlie’s Friend

Hazel – Didn’t like the way she behaved when Daley was in the house, and it made the show very uncomfortable to watch.

Jack & Joe – Liked them to begin with but then found them too full of themselves and very sarcastic as the weeks went on. They should learn to be more tolerant of people.

Dexter’s Mum

Jack & Joe: Very bitchy towards Dexter and she can tell they don’t like him. She doesn’t like the twins anyway.

Hazel – Doesn’t really trust her, she has a habit of talking to other housemates and getting them to open up to her, but then uses the information against them. She could be a threat towards Dexter.

Jack & Joe’s Mum

Dexter – The boys and Dexter have clashed, she doesn’t understand why Dexter said Joe is the evil twin and she doesn’t like him undermining the twins.

Charlie: She manipulates the house, she’s nice to the twins one minute then talks behind their backs and she likes to talk about herself to much.

Sam’s Mum

Dexter – Dexter has been rude to Sam and he doesn’t communicate enough with him. Sam says he feels Dexter ignores him if he asks him to repeat a question and Dexter doesn’t understand how to communicate with him.

Sophie – She doesn’t speak clearly like the other housemates and Sam has a hard time understanding Sophie.


Sophie’s Nan 

Hazel – The housemates are getting bored with Hazel now. Now all the men have gone she doesn’t have anyone to play with and when she has a drink she overdoes things. When something goes wrong she tries to wriggle out of it.

Sam – He’s “so boring” and he’s like watching pant dry. Apparently he has it in for “my Sophie”, she has tried with him but he doesn’t want to know, possibly because she isn’t interested in him.

Gina’s Boyfriend

Hazel – Doesn’t believe she is a genuine housemate, she puts the “F in Fake” and she is jealous of Gina.

Charlie – She’s a sly housemate, she isn’t genuine and he doesn’t like how she treated Dexter and Callum in the love triangle. She has said stuff about Gina but then expects when she says sorry she can brush it off!

Following the eviction, it all kicked off as Hazel wasn’t best pleased with Charlie’s friend for bringing Daley into the situation saying it isn’t relevant to nominations.

The seventh eviction takes place this Friday at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on August 6, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Oh dear, Hazel didn’t like that. She thought the Daley incident was forgotten. Maybe now she realizes why she got so many boo’s. Dexter listened carefully to what Sam’s mom said about him not speaking to Sam clearly enough and I think that hit home and he understood that when talking to Sam he needs to make more of an effort. I think Dexter might give Sam a little more time now if Sam will let him. I expect if he does he will be accused of it being a game plan but Dexter likes to be told where he is going wrong so that he can correct it.He took the nominations on the chin as usual, after all he’s used to it by now. I think Charlie was quite shocked to be up, I can’t make my mind up if she is as confused about things as she appears or if she’s putting on this little girl act to slip under the radar. The twins didn’t like it but Sophie didn’t seem to bother.

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