Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers gets emotional over the finale pass task as she receives no votes; “I know I’m the next to go”

by Nick Barnes

charlie travers, big brother 2013

Oh dear, it seemed good ol’ Charlie Travers had a bit of a meltdown last night following the finale pass task in which the housemates had to unanimously vote for who they think should be given a pass to the final in one week’s time.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t come to a unanimous vote so nobody got the pass to the final. However, each housemate received at least one vote, but it seems Dexter changed his mind on his vote and therefore, Charlie received absolutely no votes during the task.

She got a tad emotional over it last night, and went to the bathroom to have a little cry and a whinge.

Sophie Lawrence says: “Are you alright? What do you feel like you’re not loved in here? You’re the nicest girl ever, you know I tell you that all the time. I thought Dexter was going to put you up because it was going to be neutral”.

Charlie explains: “I hate feeling unwanted, like I hate feeling unloved – it’s my biggest fear feeling unloved and like when everyone got someone and I didn’t get anyone, it just feels crap. It’s nice if one person gets you and loves you – everyone got one and I just… I believe in equality and I suggested ‘I think we should get the public’ and the twins agreed and I was the one who suggested we should leave it up to the public and I thought we were all gonna be fair and give each other one vote. I just feel a bit embarrassed that on the outside no-one wants to give just one person something”.

Charlie and Sam.

Gina Rio adds: “It might well working your favour and then you’ll be laughing”.

Charlie states: “That’s the thing, it’s not about that for me, I know I’m the first to go, I know my place, I’m not stupid…”

Gina tells her that things change on a daily basis in the house, so you never really know where you stand with the public, but, Charlie is adamant that she will be the next housemate to be given the boot.

She tells Sophie and Gina: “I’ve been booed, I’ve been chanted, me and Hazel were the top two to be voted out – of course I’m next to go”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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